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( Honored trainer of the USSR and Russia)

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Biography TARASOVA Tatiana
photo TARASOVA Tatiana
Born February 13, 1947 in Moscow. Father - Tarasov, Anatoly Vladimirovich (1918-1995), an outstanding strategist of the Soviet school hockey, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of the USSR, Ph.D. in Education Sciences. Mother - Tarasova, Nina G., gym teacher. Spouse - Very Vladimir II, People's Artist of USSR, USSR State Prize laureate and international competitions, professor of Hanover Conservatory.

. The father of Tatiana Tarasova - Anatoly V. Tarasov - made an invaluable contribution to the development, establishment and win international recognition of national hockey
. Beginning with the first hockey season and ending mid-1970's, for nearly 30 years, he was at the helm of the Soviet army and hockey and was the unquestioned leader among hockey coaches.

Sam AV. Tarasov played for the team: VVS MVO (1946-1947), CDKA, CDSA (1947-1953). As a player three times, was a champion of the USSR (1948-1950), spent 100 matches, which gave up 106 washers.

Coaching career began in 1946, during the season leading the Air Force command CVM. From 1947 to 1975, he - head coach CDKA, CDSA, CSK MO, CSKA Moscow - USSR Champion 1948-1950, 1955-1956, 1958-1960, 1963-1966, 1968, 1970-1973, 1975's, USSR Cup 1954 -- 1956, 1966-1969, 1973.

In 1958-1960 and 1962-1972 respectively AV. Tarasov - senior coach of the USSR. It led a. V. Tarasov and A. I. Chernysheva USSR team won nine consecutive world championships (1963-1971) and three Olympics (1964, 1968, 1972), eleven became the strongest in Europe (1958-1960, 1963-1970).

Tarasov's trainer was not the usual. No wonder his school and studied and studied until now in Europe and overseas. Course - Personality. The tremendous energy, creative exploration, a remarkable flair for the players and - the ability to squeeze out of them all in the game to the maximum. He chose the best unmistakably. And just as accurately, he created links in which each complementing companion, became a star

. Those who saw him during the competition, will remember his passionate gestures, addressed to his wards, his tiger vyshagivanie along the bench players.

. "In sport, in any case impossible to stop, - said Anatoly V.
. - When the opponents are equal, the result may be accidental. Must be a cut above. Only then can we put down, conquer, destroy any opponent. I am very fond of his children. It is therefore demanded from them something that could never make anyone else ".

According to observations of another prominent Soviet coach Aleksandr Gomelsky Jakovljevic, AV. Tarasov was a very tough, tough coach: "He broke the people, but this fragile indeed, and he was able to create unique characters.

. In 1977, . in Artek, . during children's Start Hopes Anatol constantly spoke to the pioneers, . and one of these statements inadvertently resulted in a training session: directly on the asphalt, . the blood of skinning knees and elbows, . rebyatnya with hockey coryphaeus twisting somersault, . ran barbell, . jumped through the bench and if at this moment Tarasov said, . that we should jump into the sea and sail to Turkey, . sailed to all, . including counselors, . and just the audience ...,

. Today, his daughter - Tatiana Tarasova - almost as famous as her father
. It is called a man obsessed profession. She raised 11 Olympic champions, her students won a total of 38 gold, 15 silver and 5 bronze medals in the competitions of the highest class, including 6 Olympic golds. Among her pupils were Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev, . Irina Moiseeva and Andrei Minenkov, . Natalia Bestemianova and Andrei Bukin, . Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko, . Pasha (Oksana) Grishuk and Evgeny Platov, . Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov, . Ilia Kulik, . Alexei Yagudin ..,

Sports she loved since childhood, went to his father's training, and when his students won at the world hockey championship, rushing to the television screen and all peretselovyvala. At 5 years old my father brought her to figure skating: "If we are born a girl, then at least learn to stand on skates". He raised her sternly, like a little boy. "I will never forget how one time, my dear and tender mother on the orders of his father every day at seven in the morning and in all weathers was driving my sister Galya do exercises on the street - told once Tarasova. - I think my father a long time could not understand that he had two daughters, not two sons.

Skate Nour began with Ludmilla Pakhomova, later known figure skater, winner of every conceivable title in figure skating. We were engaged at the Stadium of Young Pioneers. Then they were considered not very capable skater, but the actresses excellent. But father was categorical - actresses in the family was not and never will be. At his insistence, Tanya went to the Institute of Physical Education (1964-1969), although the dream to study in GITIS on choreography.

. In tandem with George Proskurin Tatiana Tarasova won the World Student Games, but on the threshold of 19 years because of severe injuries, she was forced to leave the ice
. Then, perhaps, the first time she realized that skating without it would be very difficult. One day, she informed the father that she decided to become a trainer, and began to work.

The girl bravely undertook to train craftsmen have enough high-class. In the first of its group engaged Elena Zharkov and Gennady Karponosov, Tatiana Voytyuk and Vyacheslav Zhigalin, Sergei Volgushev, as well as beginners Irina Moiseeva and Andrei Minenkov. My father never praised Tatiana. This was not accepted in the family. That's when he snorted in disbelief, and publicly, in print: first de with beginners it would be tricky, to gain experience. But Tatiana has proved that it forces on this important work: a twenty-five she became a deserved trainer of Russia, and in twenty-eight - Honored coach of the USSR, the youngest in the country. The only daughter of the same job evaluation came from the mouth of Anatol only after the victory Klimova and Ponomarenko-92 at the Olympics in Albertville, when, turning to his daughter, he said: "Colleague" ... And for Tarasova, it was the sixth Olympiad (!) And a third Olympic gold medal!

Of course, my father always helped her board. He liked to give her daughter the beautiful thick notebooks and demanded that she led a rigorous record of their plans, drawing invented sport exercises. However, these notebooks are mostly empty, because the talent of his daughter, a bright and generous, has a special property: it burst, rather than logic. She is looking for a figure skating beauty of spiritual impulse. And it is here stem its selfless courage and disregard for the dogmas and canons.

The total lack of pragmatism gives her the courage and audacity, where another might be satisfied with careful considerations of common sense. When Rodnina and Zaitsev asked her to become their coach, she was very touched and very disturbed. Her situation was more complicated because they came from such an eminent specialist as Stanislav Zhuk.

The world used to the fact that Rodnina and Zaitsev - fireworks on ice, the pace, complexity, Sturm und Drang. In all countries on their likeness prepare hundreds of duets. It would be logical to work with them to develop already discovered images. Logical and calm. The experiment is, search for something new was a risk, whose consequences are immense - who in the audience, in love with this glorious duet, Tarasova would forgive his failure?

But she knew that athletes have come to her not for repetition. She knew that they were demanding the artists included in the time of their sporting maturity, heart yearn for even deeper to reveal themselves, their spiritual world. And for that we need new techniques and colors.

Among other things, Tarasova Tarasova would not have been if it had not dared to risk. She immediately suggested that those two new solution for the short program, based not on mere support, jumps and rotations, but on the fact that every step and gesture lay the note along with the music and singing. Program for melody specially composed by Alexey Mazhukov, caused a lot of grievances and misunderstandings: what, they say, is ballet? Rodnina would later confessed that they just do not have coped with the fact that she wanted them Tarasova ...

. "The most difficult thing in figure skating - recognized Tatiana - selection of music, these four minutes of music, which should shake all, to torment the soul you and your student
. Because the music is primary, and the program, which should cause trouble, is secondary. "

Another quality inherent Tarasova. She can not abandon any of the inmates because, for example, that he sees his sport prospects. They are all for it not just athletes, they are native to her people, and she spends lavishly on them, its broad nature, caring about each, for each experiencing, for each struggling. She had recessions, had dazzling highs, and all because of its enthusiasm for the idea and is admired personalities of performers.

. Tatiana Tarasova twice left the big sports, and both times it returns to the side "on their own athletes
. They found, called, asked ... Somehow, the already established masters, misunderstood or rejected, but still dreaming of a great victory, and followed it through to her. That was in 1976 with Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev, in 1992, Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko, in 1996, with Ilia Kulik in 1997, Pasha Grishuk and Evgeny Platov.

. When asked whether she was afraid to take "disgraced" athletes, Tatiana, once said: "No
. I know how to cook Champions. There are many things that most coaches do not even suspect, and most importantly - in such preparations are no trifles. It is important to all: how and where to train, to pick music, what to leave at the start and even what words to say an athlete at that particular moment and. But the most important condition - absolute faith in each other. "

. In the face Tatiana Tarasova is always possible to see how the ride her students: she is burning with enthusiasm and tenderness, unbearable suffering, it is wary, the bliss.

. Olympic champions has consistently appear in only a few coaches in the world
. Among the elected - Tamara Moskvina, Stanislav Zhuk, Elena Chaikovskaya, Alexei Mishin, and, of course, Tatiana Tarasova. It is eight times participated in the Olympics, and six times exasperated at a higher level of their charges: twice - Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev (Innsbruck, . 1976; Lake Placid, . 1980), . Natalia Bestemianova and Andrei Bukin (Calgary, . 1988), . Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko (Albertville, . 1992),
. In Nagano (1998) of its pupils got the victory in two of the four types of programs: Ilia Kulik became the champion in single skating, Pasha Grishuk and Evgeny Platov - in dance.

TA. Tarasova set a record not only on the number of medals collected by her students, she managed in such a conservative sport like figure skating (in the dance of the seven elements), to establish its direction. And on this path now goes almost all the dancers of the planet.

In mid-1980's Tatiana Tarasova and Elena Chaikovskaya created an ice theater "All Stars" in the troupe, which included many famous and favorite skaters. The idea of creating theater prompted Tarasova her husband, Vladimir Krainov. The theater lasted 14 years. Tarasova stood there in several capacities: was and coach and choreographer, and director. During this time, artists have traveled almost the whole world, spent hundreds of concerts in London, Washington, Melbourne, were under the roof "Medisson Square Garden.

. In the world there are dozens of ice shows, ballets and ensembles, but the "All Stars" are different from them because only here to create true classical ballet performances: "Night on Bald Mountain," "Sleeping Beauty," "Cinderella," "Scarlet Flower"
. The repertoire was also raised Tarasova series "Russian on Broadway, the famous Broadway productions:" West Side Story, "" Phantom of the Opera, "" Cabaret, "" A Chorus Line, "" Cats "and others

. Today, Tatiana Tarasova is working on two continents - in Europe and in America (unfortunately, in Russia failed to create decent conditions for the professional work of the Master), and always her for two workouts per day
. The first half of the season, from September to December is held in the U.S.. Second - is invariably in Moscow. Since it works a whole team: Athletics coach Nikolai Morozov, costume designer Natella Abdulaeva, Elena Danilova, which embodies her ideas. Tatiana is working today and with foreign couples. Among them - Barbara Fusar-Poli and Maurizio Margaglio (Italy), Sheng-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz (Canada), Cheyt Chait and Sergei Sakhnovski (Israel), Nakako Tsuzuki and Rinat Farkhutdinov (Japan), Alyssa Di Karbonnel and Alexander Malkov ( Byelorussia).

. "I would never abandon his coaching job, for the happiness that you feel when you work with students, it is impossible to convey in words."

. TA
. Tarasova - Honored coach of the USSR (1975), Honored coach of the RSFSR (1972). She was awarded two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1984) and "Badge of Honor" (1976).

Among her hobbies - cooking.

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  • Djaks for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • in 19 years - coach? - Bullshit. The coach may be just the man himself has reached the World Cup championship or masters level, and not the parent of the patronage. As for her, such as students, zavoevashih medals, they all came to have champions or well-known artists from different schools. And the venality of the women shown on the first channel in each project of the Ice Age.
  • Svetlana for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • Tatiana, why are you such a neobektivny man. You have a great coaching experience mnogoletnyya experience. It's time to learn how to correctly evaluate. I mean the project "Ice Age". As dance couples Ilya Averbukh, you decrease your ratings. Conversely, when couples go out Alexander Zhulin, always higher ratings. Just a shame. Think and try to be more equitable.
  • Anonymous for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • Sasha for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • you have a great coach and a person you low bows.
  • Alexan for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • friends what a great coach vy.tatyana A. patriot of his country at last she simply brilliant woman, . low you poklon.vy pride of the nation and you have long been on the same level with our brilliant contemporaries, . while there are people we can be proud of their stranu.dobra you, . happiness, . but on the fools pay no attention is the envy of the ordinary, . low you bow.,
  • Lena for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • Tatiana great coach! And a wonderful, kind man. love to watch athletes ride it! I love "Ice Age" Thank you very much and salaam!
  • Tatiana for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • Tatiana! You are a great woman! Do not leave Russia, train our athletes. Wins you strength, health, patience, lyubvi.My you love and respect!
  • 12345679 for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • Why is it always neck scarf or shawl?
  • Nastia Novosibirsk for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • HELLO Tatiana. You are a great Coach and I respect you very much. WANT TO ASK A QUESTION. WHY THE RECENT you train only to foreigners? REALLY WE HAVE NO TALENTS IN RUSSIA? OR YOU AGREE ONLY TRADE material so SAYING SUCH CREAM skater from Japan who act on what / PEACE IN AMERICA THIS YEAR. KANECHNO FOR THIS QUICKLY CAN I GET MONEY. And what about the vaunted PATRIATIZMOM which you argue. Surely NOW PAY LITTLE RUSSIAN COACHES. In the past, you surely have done a lot FOR RUSSIA But why not now practice RUSSIAN WTO IRINA VINER a true professional who did not seek easy solutions, but was SPOTSMENAMI DIFFERENT AGES AND LEVELS. NOT BOITSYA CONSTRAINTS. SO RUSSIA Artistic Literature \ GYMNASTICS ALWAYS ON HIGH. At some point was the same with Figure Skating for example, when Yagudin BLESTAL ON ICE AND ALL RUSSIA with bated breath to wait for him PRESENTATIONS AND NOW PATIENTS AND SEE WHAT a shame \ WORLD, . Euro and even more OLYMPUS \ GAME, . WHERE IS OUR COACHES sick and the heart and soul SPOTRSMENOV.BEZ TEARS FOR OTHER TO SEE THAT CAN NOT,
    . So certainly would say YOUR PAPA.VOT true patriot YOUR HOMELAND AND CASES. Tatiana IT WAS cry from the heart. Please take into their TALENTED HANDS TO RUSSIA skaters in Sochi, be proud of their athletes AND GREAT RUSSIAN COACHES. And I should also like to say something about PROJECT ICE \ period this is starting to outlive RAZDROZHAT And despite the fact that I love Figure Skating. I would be happy IF YOU READ THIS
  • Svetlana for TARASOVA Tatiana
  • Tarasova's amazing how such an excellent program 'Ice Age', you were able to turn into an arena of conspiracy and intrigue. Evidently, your nature and objectivity - two incompatible things. Do you not that there is no citizenship, you have no conscience. Drive you need to program a broom, . to not rotten beautiful sight, . who invented Averbukh, . and which you, . for some reason do not like. Envy gnaws? But how would you not tried to drown Ilya, . he is still the best for us - the audience. And you all (including Sihurulidze, . which is also why it does not like Averbuch) - prilipaly to his idea. disrespect for your audience in Kazakhstan.,
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