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Gorokhov Galina

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, Honored coach of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion and the USSR)

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Biography Gorokhov Galina
photo Gorokhov Galina
Born August 31, 1938 in Moscow. Father - Gorokhov Yevgeny (1918-1941). Mother - Monarhovich Antonina S. (1917 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Maria Tkachenko Stepanovna (1973. born.).

Father Galina Gorokhovaya he volunteered for the front and died in December 1941 near Smolensk. In 1945 my mother married a second time. The family grew up three children - Galina, brother Gennady (1940-1997) and sister Tatiana (1948. born.). Lived in the old Moscow, in a wooden two-story house with no amenities, with furnace heating, in a room area of 12 square meters. Together with them lived stepmother father Panfilovskaya Moor Yakovlevna, which played a major role in the formation of the older granddaughter was her dearest and closest person. In 1960, when my mother with her husband and her two youngest children moved into a new apartment, Galina with her grandmother stayed together. (Moor Yakovlevna lived with Galina until the last days of his life.)

Galina studied in 319 first female general secondary school. Her enthusiasm was not quite normal for girls - naval affairs, she even enrolled in the appropriate circle in the City House of Pioneers. Impressed classes in a circle, finishing 7 classes, 14-year-old Galina entered the Moscow River College on the chart department specialty skipper river and lake swimming. During the practice swim on cargo ships to Ufa, Ryazan, Gorky.

. At the beginning of 1955 by Galina neighbor TV (in the happy owner of the famous "KVNov") accidentally saw the transfer of "Learn to fence" from the fencing hall stadium "Dinamo" and immediately lit up the desire to engage in fencing, . she liked very much this sport,
. The next day she shared her impressions with fellow students in college, and one of them, M. Zavadsky, was once engaged in fencing, and just at Dynamo. He explained in detail where to go and where to enroll in the section.

Do not postpone it indefinitely, the next day 16-year-old Galina appeared on the stadium and enrolled in a section of fencing, she was given the cherished rapier and mask. At the first stage individual classes were, . Gorokhov only performed group exercises and conducted voluntary fighting, . and after the spring session in her college studies were interrupted for several months, . because it was directed at the practice in the position of steering a ship, . who went on the route Moscow-Ufa-Moscow,
. During this time she was a little tempered by fencing, and almost forgot about him. So when in September she came postcard with an invitation to classes, Galina bit surprised, but resumed training.

One evening to engage in fencing came a man and began to observe a training process. As it turned out, it was Ivan Ilyich Gerevich - the same coach, who was an aide-transfer "Learn to fence". He was a versatile athlete: playing for the national team in Kharkov in hockey, football, fencing for all types of weapons involved in the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952, where he showed the best result among the Soviet fencers. After Helsinki he so wanted to be at the Olympics has always sounded the Soviet anthem, he was in the prime of his athletic career has decided to leave the sport and go to coaching. He has trained a galaxy of prominent athletes - Olympic champions and world: A. Zabelin, V. Rastvorovu, J. Rila, Yu Rudova, L. Romanova, N. Arsk etc.. He became the best coach in the world and a personal trainer Gorokhovaya.

That evening, when he visited a training session and watched as the battle waged fiercely Gorokhov, her fate is finally decided. Ivan Ilyich was asked to begin fencers transferred to the adult section, where her coach was a master of sports, the future Olympic champion, YV. Rudov. At the very I.I. Gerevich in that period was a lot of students - members of the national team, and he practiced tying newcomers to the leading masters of. This helps you to quickly train a new generation of trainers and even leading masters better comprehend the training process. Subsequently, and at the very Gorokhovaya were such students, one of them - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Leonid Romanov.

. In 1956, Galina Gorokhov successfully graduated in college, and among only 5 percent of graduates earned the right to admission without examination in the Leningrad Institute of Water Transport Engineers
. But came to learn not to LIIVT, and GTSOLIFK (State Central Institute of Physical Culture and Sports), who graduated with honors in 1960.

. In 1957, Galina Gorokhov successfully performed at the tryouts in Lviv, and first came to national team
. Together with world champions V. Rastvorovoy, E. Efimova, V. Yagodin she was sent to an international tournament in Carlsbad, where she took 4 th place. This was her first successful performance abroad.

In the same year she took part in the World Championships in Paris and reached the quarterfinals, which for its level was not bad. Then she still did not have even a master of sports (a rare case!). This standard athlete performed only after the World Cup - in the USSR championship in Lugansk, where he took 2 nd place after the world champion in 1957 Alexandra Zabelina.

. Galina Gorokhov quickly progressed and the following year won the first gold medal in team competition at the world championships in Philadelphia (USA)
. As part of team, she participated in tournaments at the highest level until 1973, including four Olympic Games. It was a great team of associates for many years, speaking almost in a different composition: V. Rastvorova, A.3abelina, T. Samusenko, V. Prudskova, G. Gorokhov. Each of them became world champion in the individual competitions, and Zabelina and Gorokhov able to do it twice.

The main rivals of the Soviet team in the team competitions were in those days, athletes from Hungary. In the individual competition were also strong competition from athletes from Italy, Romania, Germany, France, Poland. Therefore, even reaching the final is seen as an outstanding success.

Fencing - quite a subjective sport where so much depends on the judging. The level of domestic fencing was that Soviet athletes could win all eight of the eight gold medals is playing at the world championship. So it was they were under the greatest pressure from the judges, which is particularly felt in the individual competitions at the Olympics. This, incidentally, is largely due to the fact that among the local athletes of the Olympic champion in the individual competitions considerably less than the world champions, though the competition at the world championships was much higher. Given all this, the senior coach I.I. Gerevich taught their charges to the fence "one fire" to deprive the judges of the opportunity to interpret the events are not in favor of Soviet athletes.

The first major success in the individual competitions have come to Galina Gorokhovaya at the world championships in Budepeshte in 1959, where she took 2 nd place after E. Efimova. In 1962, in Buenos Aires, she again became the second.

Luck smiled at her in 1965 at the World Cup in Paris. The victory she was given difficult. In the battle for reaching the final of the Romanian athlete, one of the best fencers of the world, Olga Szabo, Gorokhov conducted with the advantage of 2 injections, but then got injured - the blade was rip the hand between the little finger and ring finger. The wound had to sew. However, the doctor have missed the allotted time to assist, and Galina credited defeat. In the final she had to fight their way through battles comforting. Despite the pain, the desire to win was so great (tired of being always the second) that she managed to win gold.

The second victory in the competitions of such high rank was won Gorokhovaya at the world championships in Ankara (Turkey) in 1970. This victory was the most memorable in her sports biography. The last final battle taking shape for it is not entirely successful: Galina losing with a score 3:0. However, for 1 minute before the end of the fight happened then, . that to this day Galina can not explain: "I suddenly felt an amazing peace, . and the inner voice clearly said: "You will defeat, . conquer, . sure victory and what do you think? End, I held with such certainty, . that only a minute struck four critical jab! ",

. Galina Gorokhov participated in four Olympics, and everything came out four times in the finals of individual events
. This kind of record has not yet been able to repeat, no domestic athlete. At the Olympics in Rome (1960), Mexico City (1968) and Munich (1972) in the team, she became the strongest in the team competitions, and in 1964 at the Games in Tokyo, won a silver medal. In addition, in 1972 in Munich, not fully recovered from a serious injury of the knee joint and speaking practically on one leg, she won the bronze medals in individual competition

. In addition to the Olympic medals in its kitty medals - two gold at the world championships in 1965 and 1970, . silver world championships in 1959 and 1962, . Bronze World Championships 1966, . and 7 gold medals in world championships team competition (1958, . 1961, . 1963, . 1965-1966, . 1970-1971),
. 22 times it became the strongest in the championships of the Soviet Union, including 7 times in the individual competition.

. In 1973, after the birth of his daughter Galina Gorokhov again began to train and prepare to speak at the Sports Day of the USSR, but got in a car accident, broke her arm and decided to finish his racing path
. She graduated from the graduate department of history of Soviet society, the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee (1969-1974), . thesis for the degree of candidate of historical sciences on the theme "Cultural Relations of the USSR with the countries of Western Europe at the present stage of the 1965-1970 years",
. In 1975, . yielding to the persuasion of the then chairman of the Sports Committee of the USSR Sergei Pavlovich Pavlov, . Galina has agreed to return to sport, . became the state coach of the USSR fencing and worked in this capacity until December 1992,

In this capacity, she dealt with the development of fencing in the USSR, to improve the professionalism of trainers from different parts of the Soviet Union, traveled to all charges, hard to read with children. Largely thanks to her efforts, the geography of fencing in the Soviet Union has expanded. In this period the national team is enriched by athletes from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia, which was previously impossible due to lack of sufficient qualified trainers.

In 1991, G.E. Gorokhov, along with other famous athletes T. Press, LA Latynina, AA Vinogradov, T. Sarychev, A. Kavazashvili become one of the founders of the Union of Soviet athletes in the same year was elected president Rossiyskogo Union athletes. The main objective of this education is the social protection of athletes and coaches. Over the past decade, union much stronger and gained deserved authority

. Much has been achieved and in social terms: Olympic champions retirement age have a 50 percent premium to the basic pension, . in veterans of sport (more than 600 people) receive an additional pension from the state pension fund "Tradition", . veterans receive the material and humanitarian support, . become a good tradition charity events: "The Olympic Women's Day", . "Meeting Friends", . "Our hearts - idols of sport", . Mediterranean cruises, . including on the 100 anniversary of the Olympic Games and the 850 anniversary of Moscow,
. Veteran sports participated in the specialized groups in the Summer and Winter Olympics.

. Union Members Rossiyskogo athletes are actively involved in spreading the ideas of Olympism, . in promoting the achievements of Soviet and Russian athletes, . speak to students, . at major competitions, . enterprises, . in the media.,

. In 1998, Congress passed the Greek Olympic winners, which was established by the World Association of Olympic Winners
. In the composition of the Board of the new organization has been elected and Galina Gorokhov.

G.E. Gorokhov - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1961), Honored trainer of the USSR (1992) and Russia (1998), Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia (1997). She was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1965), the medal "For Labor", two medals "For Labor Valor", is awarded the highest award of the International Olympic Committee - "Olympic Order for his loyalty to the ideals of Olympism.

. Free time Galina starved
. A lot of hobbies: she likes to communicate with many friends, in summer - walk in the woods for mushrooms and berries. As a fan of the national theater and cinema, especially singles out the work of outstanding artists Tarasova, Zuev, Marecki, carpenter, Zharov, Mironova, Galina Ulanova, Lemeshev.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Gorokhov Galina, photo, biography
Gorokhov Galina, photo, biography Gorokhov Galina  Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, Honored coach of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion and the USSR, photo, biography
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