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Bubukin Valentin Borisovich

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Coach of the USSR, holder of the European Cup, Cup of the USSR)

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Biography Bubukin Valentin Borisovich
photo Bubukin Valentin Borisovich
Born April 23, 1933 in Moscow. Father - Bubukin Boris (1905. born.) worked as a driver. Mother - Mary Bubukin Andrianovna (1902. born.). Wife - Bubukin Zoya (1933. born.). Sons: Andrew V. (1957. born.), a graduate of the Institute of Foreign Languages, Alexander V. (1961. born.) graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture.

Homestay Bubukin had five children - four sisters and only son, Valentin. Lived with Danilovsky market. In 1940 his father was given an apartment not far from the current underground Vojkovskaja. 10 minutes from the stadium it was a factory "Wings of Soviets, where 12-year-old Valentin came to playing football. Teams of young men have already been staffed and led the game in the championship in Moscow. Bubukin asked happened to meet the coach SN Shapinskomu. Having listened carefully to the request of the boy, Sergey said: "I heard about you. They say you're the best team in the yard. Well, let's see what you're capable. Take the ball, stand on the line of the penalty and Bey. Coach Sam stood at the gate. Beat in Bubukin was raised well and he scored five goals, four, and then Shapinsky immediately took him to the team and included in the v. Frazier, a game which was to be held three days later.

. In the championship game at Moscow Bubukin scored many a goal in each game, and for three years, grown into a good player
. Ahead of their peers, he began playing in the adult team. In addition, he was still playing in the basketball team and even was a team of students of Moscow. (Subsequently played for the team of MAI.)

In 1949, after graduating from the seven years, Valentin Bubukin went to work at an aircraft factory apprentice turner and at 6 months was 4-th digit. At the same time continued to actively engage in football and basketball. Once there was a lining: in the same day were assigned to games in both sports. Valentine decided to play football. And when the next workout basketball coach Nadezhda asked him why he did not come to the game, Valentine honestly confessed that he preferred football. Nadezhda had brought them together with their friends coach and player of Dinamo Tbilisi Tamazov Dzhedzhelavoy Ivanovitch, who at the time recruiting young people into adult team VVS. He was invited to participate in the selection Bubukin. He coped with the task, and was included in the team.

The team consisted of the Air Force Outstanding players: Krizhevsky, Korshunov, Fedorov, and, of course, great Bobrov, who recently was appointed player-manager. They Bubukin, . received at the factory without pay, . went to the first time in his life these charges in Sochi, . after which he and the future Olympic champion Anatoly Isayev included in the Candidature coveted list of 28 players, . eligible to play for national championship,
. However, upon arrival in Moscow Bubukin nearly arrested. In those days, even for a 10-minute delay to file criminal charges, and he, an employee of a military factory, late from leave for a whole month! Rescued all the same Bobrov. He called Vasily Stalin, he - the director of the plant, and the issue was resolved.

In 1952, the USSR team, which comprised the backbone of players from CDSA, badly acted at the Olympic Games in Helsinki. By order I.V. Stalin CDSA team was disbanded. Officers sent dosluzhivat in the army command, including the Air Force command. And the rank and file players these teams demobilized. So Anatoly Isayev was in "Spartak" Yuri Volodin - in Moscow "Dynamo" and Bubukin - in "Lokomotiv", for which grateful. She brought him a long time with an outstanding coach and just a good man - Boris A. Arkadieva.

While Arkad'ev was in disgrace - it was he who led the team in the Olympics. After the failure of the head coach was fired, took away the title of Honored Master of Sports, banned his books. The then patron of the "Locomotive", the Minister of Communications VP. Beschevu was worth the tremendous efforts made to him in the government permission to lead the club.

BA. Arkad'ev adopted the "locomotive" in 1953. Just a year under his leadership Bubukin has become a leading player in the first team, received the title of master of sports of the USSR, and soon his name first appeared in the list of 33 best players of the country. Three years later the team won the USSR Cup. It was a sensation, because in the championship affairs at "Lokomotiv" were not the best way. Also in the finale was defeated himself "Spartacus"! In the first half Bubukin scored a goal, which proved decisive. So Valentine Bubukin became the youngest in the Soviet Union Honorary railroad, which VP. Beschev appropriated for joy to the whole team.

Victory in the Cup of the Soviet Union opened the "Locomotives" journey abroad. Played in Indonesia, India, China, Burma, Canada. On a trip to Indonesia, one related story, more like a legend. But it is based on real facts. Before the game with the local club was a tropical downpour. On the muddy field the ball, which was then made of pigskin, great weight by. As if anticipating evil, several players asked to replace him, but the referee did not pay any attention. And in one scene Bubukin struck a powerful blow at the gate - and the ball landed just in my head fragile Indonesian footballer. He immediately collapsed on the lawn. Mouth started frothing at the hospital doctors pronounced him clinically dead. Fortunately, the guy managed to save. But across the country immediately burst into the news Bubukin, whose iron leg. And left to return to Moscow, the days have turned to him in clear pain. On the street every Indonesian strove to pinch his leg, to be sure of what she made. Later he learned that some smart operators have established in Indonesia, the release of goods under the name "Bubukin - toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream. They say they were in great demand ...

In 1959, "Locomotive" won the silver - it is the supreme success of the club championships in the history of the USSR. In those years the fans are not spoiled "Lokomotiv" attention. Material conditions in the team were an order of magnitude worse than in other metropolitan clubs. But the notion of "patriotism", "after the club were then not empty words, so from the" Lokomotiv "no one left, although the proposals were a lot. Even when the "Lokomotiv" flew out of the highest in the first league, the players have promised not to flee and return to the elite club. And kept our word!

"We were close-knit team - says Valentin Borisovich. - Thanks to Viktor Voroshilov, for example, I was able to gain a foothold in the national team. He led me to it again to the side and said: "You play right. But at this place in the team already Isaev with Fedosov has. But the left and Dementiev, and Salnikov - at the gathering. So it's too late, I advise you to move to the opposite flank. I listened to Voroshilov, and then do a lot of matches in the team held a position on the left insiders ".

In team Valentin Bubukin first appeared in 1958 at the invitation of head coach G.D. Kachalina. The most memorable in my life Bubukin began in 1960. Then took the European Championship in Paris. The Soviet team was represented by outstanding masters: Yashin, war, Ivanov, Krutikov, Hoste, Maslenkino, Metreveli, Monday, Bubukin, Cheheli, Meskhi. USSR squad won, perhaps one of the most brilliant of his victories, becoming the first in the history of the Cup of Europe.

According to his senior team coach of the USSR G.D. Kachalina, the team was not more cheerful and sociable player than Bubukin. Even in difficult moments, after a heavy workout or match it with a joke, some gay story raised the spirits of comrades. In France it was called a tireless worker. Another outstanding coach, BA. Arkad'ev, said that Bubukin renowned ability to see the field accurately assess the situation, has a strong sighting blow.

. These characteristics Valentine Bubukin were due to his peculiar creed player - wherever he may have played, he was always concerned first and foremost in order to be fit, helpful team
. I tried not to give the coaches no reason to indict him on any claim. And later he became a coach, always told his pupils: "Not giving way to the first team! Every year should add technique, physical fitness. Only through these qualities plus volitional training is growing skill.

In 1961 Bubukin still left the "Lokomotiv". The reason was more than good: Vsevolod Bobrov, invited him to CSKA, and Valentin Bubukin simply could not refuse this man had once taken him to double the Air Force is literally on the street. Manual "Lokomotiv", of course, did not want to let go and even threatened to disqualification and deprivation at the same time the title of Honored Master of Sports. No one knows what could have happened, if the case did not intervene, Marshal AA. Grechko. But moving to CSKA did not bring good luck Bubukin. Bobrov soon removed, and with his successor Beskova not converged nature of. Promuchavshis season Bubukin returned to the "Lokomotiv". A few years later his rudder suddenly appeared ... Beskov. He soon invited him to finish his career. "You are 32 years. It's time to become a coach ", - said Konstantin Ivanovich with his usual categorically. Many partners Bubukin to that moment arrived in the High School coaches, and he decided to follow their example. Having a trainer's diploma, all scattered towns and villages. In the life of Valentine Bubukin started a new band.

In 1966 he was appointed senior coach of the Moscow "Locomotive". When Valentin Bubukin took office, Minister of Communications has set the task: to be in top ten. The first round the team has completed more than convincingly, entering the three strongest. But a little later surrendered and settled on the 8 th place. Despite the initial task, this result was regarded as a failure. Bubukin demoted. He considered the decision unfair and in 1969 left the team.

During the year V.B. Bubukin worked as a trainer of the Central Stadium VI. Lenin, and in 1970 received an invitation to lead the team Simferopol Tavria. For the year of the team climbed to the championship of Ukraine from 10 th to 2 nd place in the second division and began to prepare to fight for access to the first. But then something unexpected happened: the team "Karpaty" (Lviv) was on the verge of departure from the highest league in the first. Under pressure from the Communist Party of Ukraine Football Federation of Ukraine in 1972, immediately appointed Bubukin head coach. In this capacity, he worked the entire next season. In 1974, he returned to Moscow, joined the football club CSKA, which worked for a coach until 1990.

"I was very lucky in the football life - says Valentin Borisovich. - As a player I worked with the best coaches of the country and Europe - BA. Arkadiev, G.D. Kachalina, MI. Yakushkin, NP. Morozov, E. Eliseev, KI. Beskova. Then for nearly 15 years of coaching in CSKA fate brought me to a great AV. Tarasov. I have worked with famous army trainers on. Bazylevych and S. Morozov. Among students in. Bubukin - Honored Master of Sports Fokin and Tatarchuk, dozens of other famous players. Under the leadership V.B. Bubukin Army team CSKA (Hanoi) in 1978, won first place in the championship Vietnam.

Since 1990, Valentin Borisovich at retirement. But to sit on their hands not in his nature, and since 1997 he is the coach "Rosich" under the Government of Russia.

V.B. Bubukin - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1960), Honored Coach of the USSR (1989), winner of the European Cup (1960), winner of the Cup of the USSR (1957), silver medalist of the USSR in 1959. Over the years football career as a player he spent in the USSR championships 252 matches and scored 67 goals. Speaking for the national team in 1958-1961 years, spent 11 games and scored 4 goals.

He was awarded the Order of Friendship (1997), the medal "For Labor Valor, the Medal of Friendship of Peoples Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Registered marks of honor for his services in promoting the Olympic movement in Russia "and" For merits in development of physical culture and sports. "

. In his spare time, Valentin B. loves to read classical and historical literature, music retro
. Favorite author - A.P. Chekhov. From the artist allocates L. Bykov, C. Farad IN. Vinokur, L. Leshchenko M. Evdokimova. He was keenly interested in any innovations in the theory of his favorite games - Football.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    Bubukin Valentin Borisovich, photo, biography
    Bubukin Valentin Borisovich, photo, biography Bubukin Valentin Borisovich  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Coach of the USSR, holder of the European Cup, Cup of the USSR, photo, biography
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