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MARKAROV Edward Artemovich

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored coach of Armenia, USSR champion, twice winner of the USSR Cup, World Championships bronze medalist)

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Biography MARKAROV Edward Artemovich
photo MARKAROV Edward Artemovich
Born June 20, 1942 in Baku. Father - Markarov Agalarovich Artem (1907 - 1964), a famous football player and coach, master of sports of the USSR. Mother - Markarova Bertha G. (1915 g. born.), swimmer. Wife - Markarova Stella V. (1968. born.), the teacher of ethics and aesthetics in school. Son - Markarov Ernest (Eric) E., graduated from the Moscow Veterinary Academy behalf KI. Scriabin, lives and works in Moscow, to play for the Football Union of Veterans of Russia ". Daughter - Markarova Eric E. (1974. born.), a graduate of the Law Faculty of Yerevan State University, works in a Moscow travel companies. Granddaughters: Ella (1995. born.), Alla (1995. born.).

Father Edward Markarova - Artem Agalarovich Markarov - was one of the best players of the Caucasus and the Soviet Union 1930-1940-ies. In the USSR championships played for the team "Temp" (Baku), "Dinamo" (Baku), "Dinamo" (Yerevan), "The Oilman" (Baku). He played for teams of Transcaucasia, Azerbaijan, Baku. As a result of the USSR championship in 1935 was named in top ten forwards in the country, in 1943, he, the first in Azerbaijan, was awarded the honorary title of Master of Sports of the USSR. After completing his playing career in 1949 Artem Markarov switched to coaching in Baku "Locomotive", continuing to advocate for the club in the championship of the city until 1957. He has trained many players, two of them have become famous all over the country. This is - his son Edward Markarov and Kazbek Tuayev, which became one of the best players in the USSR, and in the 90 years led the national teams of Armenia and Azerbaijan, respectively. AA. Markarov died February 23, 1964.

The first lessons of football skill Eduard Markarov was watching her father - in those days a player Yerevan team Dynamo. In the end, he borrowed a lot from his father. Filigree technique and the constant striving for the gate allowed the prestige of football, like H. Kachalin, S. Salnikov, V. Lahonin, Yu Vanyat, IN. Sinyavskii, called Markarova Baku "Pele", and he himself to become the best player in the history of the Armenian Republican football and build an impressive collection of various titles and ranks.

. Moved to Baku, Markarov continued their universities under the guidance of his father
. Artem Agalarovich brought his son to the stadium, sat on a bench near the gate and said: "Look and Learn". Three years later Edik the mere servants of youngsters running around in the matches Baku "Locomotive", which continued to play a father. After these games the boys staged in his yard, which is half of the Armenian city in the "Zavokzalnaya" real football performances. These fights were for them this battle school. These neshutochnye game came to watch the inhabitants of neighboring houses and how to present games, rooting for the boys, cheered, and sometimes criticized. Yard novice players spent whole days: the game, learned techniques, strikes, learned rims, dribbling, grazing, competed for the best performance of various methods. Edward was by no means the last in these competitions. It laid the foundations of his future excellence.

In 1954 Markarov first put on the player's jersey youth team "Lokomotiv" (Baku). In 1958 at the All-Union Sports Day for students in the national team of the republic, he took 4 th place and becomes the best scorer of the tournament, scoring 9 goals. In the same year his father - Artem Agalarovicha - are invited to work in the North Caucasus, and in a few years, he coached soccer teams Nalchik, Armavir and then Maikop. Together with his father and goes Edik, where from 1959 to 1960 in favor of State Farm team "Novokubansky (Armavir). Even then, about a young footballer Much has been written in the local press.

Game Markarova specialists pointed out, and in 1961, the legendary coach Boris Arkad'ev invites him to Baku "Oilman". Here Edward was playing close to the wonderful assailants, great masters, such as Yuri Kuznetsov, Alakbar Mammadov, Adamas Golodets. The next year he became the best scorer of the USSR, and this, in his view, great service, Yuri Kuznetsov, who almost with your eyes closed sent the ball at the very point where at this moment was Markarov. He instilled a taste for the combination Edik game, helped develop the tactical thinking, and the national press noted the birth of a remarkable tandem - Kuznetsov - Markarov.

. At the end of 1962 authorized by the Sports Committee of Armenia in the Baku left the veteran of the Armenian football, friend Artem Markarova - Ghazaros Teknedzhyan
. He was invited by Edward to Yerevan. Artem Agalarovich Teknedzhyanu explained that moving her son could have a negative impact on their family. While Irina, sister of Edward, was a major player in the volleyball team "oilman", one of the strongest in the then Union. Therefore, the only correct solution in this situation - to move the whole family. But the leadership of the Sports Committee of Armenia had not agreed to solve the housing problem, and Markarov remained in Baku.

In 1961, Edward Markarov was first included in the youth team of the USSR. Prior to 1968, he defended the honor of the USSR team: youth, youth, Olympic and national. In the first three teams were recognized as a leader.

Speaking of "oilman" (Baku), he paired with Anatoly Banishevsky perfectly understood each other, were remarkably teamwork and the team could beat an opponent. This observation of the great footballer Sergei Salnikov: "The team have a clear leader - E. Markarova. This player is fast, especially briefly, very technical, rather aggressive and for all that has remarkable Raman stroke, allowing it to rightfully be a genuine organizer of the game. And his gentleness in handling the ball sometimes just, virtuous, and in a manner to match the Brazilians. Would like to think that the senior coach of the USSR N. Morozov did not remain indifferent to the skill shown Markarova ".

Many newspapers were asked if the question: "Do such forward the national team before the World Cup?.. Why coach did not dare to experience the true power of Edward Markarova, why include it in the number of applicants on a trip to England, do not set up for matches?.. In 1966, the coach of the Soviet Union under the pressure of the press yet released its second-half friendly match against France when the score was 1:2. The game ended in a draw - 3:3. Correspondents noted again his game: "Edward Markarov, . came out on the field after the break, . introduced a more critical and creative diversity to the game of attack "" The Soviet team had achieved a draw thanks to a wonderful offensive spirit and good quality of their strikers ..,
. Center attacks A. Banishevski and his mate E. Markarova, which entered the game in the second half "

. One of the best forwards in the Soviet football Anatoly Banishevsky once said: "I have eight years of great football, I saw many of our players, but I think that the Raman technique and talent Markarov was the best in the country."

. On the eve of the World Cup in 1966 followed by a tour of the USSR national team in Denmark and Sweden, where Markarov played brilliantly, scoring in five games 6 goals
. But in England at the World Cup in the first match Markarova on the field does not have, . and in the next match against a bunch of Chileans Banishevsky - Markarov disconnected: Edward played a couple of Serebryanikov and especially manifest itself failed, . as Banishevsky paired with Malofeeva in the remaining matches,
. Nevertheless, a statement by the USSR national team became the most successful at the world championships in the twentieth century: the team won the prize-winning 4-th place.

Returning from the world championship, Markarov and Banishevsky found his club team in the second ten. Largely thanks to their efforts to end the country's team championship went to the 3rd place, defeating national champions - in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

. In the spring with the national championship in volleyball returned sister Markarova - Irina with a bronze medal, . and Edward sadly joked: "Lucky you, . but if I ever have a medal? "Then he did not know, . that in front of him waiting for the silver and gold medal champion of the Soviet Union.,

. In 1968, Edward Markarov played his third game for the USSR national team against Sweden's national team
. At the last minute of the game after its filing Murtaz Khurtsilava equalized the game, which was, alas, the last in the team for Markarova. To a large extent - caused by drunken Baku police that a dark night not knowing Markarova, inflicted injury, and he lost an entire season, being in peak fitness and at the zenith of fame.

. In the prime of his talent Markarov received invitations from many clubs in the country: Dynamo Moscow and Kiev, "Spartacus" and other commands
. But remained faithful to "Oilman". However, the time has come: he still thought up moving to Yerevan in 1971 tried the first T-shirt with the emblem of Yerevan "Ararat".

The new team met its warm and friendly, which is not surprising, since polkomandy were his countrymen, people of Baku. Since his arrival, Yerevan became the bigger the game, the attack has become a tradition not only sharp local injections, but in different directions, with a continuous and smooth change of zone pressure defenses. Mastery Markarova individually obygryshe opponent allowed him, who sees the field well, who know Paz, engage in group play, find themselves in situations objectively favorable for interaction with partners. However, he did not score lower, perhaps even vice versa.

Powerful "Brazilian" jet injected Markarova in Armenian football, gave results. "Ararat" became one of the leaders of the USSR championship in 1971. Near the outstanding master of new faces shone game Zanazanyana, Andreasyan, Ghazarian, Ishtoyana, revealed the talent of these players, they were invited to the various teams of the Soviet Union.

USSR Championship 1971 "Ararat" finished brilliantly, for the first time in its history by becoming the silver medal. In dispute Markarov was leading scorers all season and finished it, with the second result in the country after Edward Malofeeva.

. October 30, 1971, scoring their next opponent's balls into the goal, this time in Leningrad "Zenith", Edward Markarov entered the symbolic Club G
. Fedotova, reaching the cherished milestone of 100 goals in official tournaments.

. In the same year, Edward Markarov was recognized as the third soccer player of the Soviet Union, yielding only champion Kievites E. Rudakov and V. Kolotova.

. The outstanding success of the "Ararat" came in 1973 when, under the leadership of the legendary H
. Simonyan first time in the history of football team made a "double", winning the championship of the USSR and won the Cup. As before, the contribution Markarova was a weighty. At the end of the "golden season" Eduardo Markarova was awarded the honorary title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR.

. Second time USSR Cup Armenian footballers won in 1975, and a considerable merit in the top two football teams - Edward Markarova and Alexander Mirzoyan
. His excellent play in the finals they forced the surrender Voroshilovgrad "Dawn". In the same 1975 E. Markarov sets a record for the Soviet clubs, not beaten so far: in the matches of UEFA club competitions with Anorthosis Famagusta FC, he held the gates of the opponent 5 goals! A total of 13 European games soccer player has scored 12 goals.

At the end of football season, "Ararat" left a great head coach Viktor Maslov. Sports executives Markarova republic was persuaded to lead the team. By the time he has exceeded 33, of which 15-16 years were given the active game. Regular patrols and house as a guest, eternal injuries ... And he decided.

The debut was unusually successful. Led by Markarova "Ararat" has reached the final of the USSR Cup in 1976 and again won the silver medal championship. But, unfortunately, later the coach did not have enough experience, and support from the republic's leadership is not followed, and Markarov left the team.

Nearly two years, in 1978-1979, E.A. Markarov worked for a football coach in the national football school in Yerevan, which is on the All-Union Competition in 1979 won the bronze medal. In 1979, three years left to work under contract in Algeria, and has lectured at the Department of football at the Institute for Science and Sport. In 1983, after returning to Armenia, he worked as a trainer in a sports boarding school, a year later took his second return to the "Ararat" - this time as a second coach, which again led by Nikita Simonyan. Markarov figured that sooner or later, as if studying again, proves that once again could become a senior coach. But when a half later, the NP. Simonyan created abnormal conditions in the work, Markarov together with the senior coach wrote a letter of resignation.

There followed an invitation from Moscow, worked as an assistant Kostyleva to the junior team of the USSR. Team was waiting for success: she became European champion in 1990 and world bronze medalist in 1991.

. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Eduard Artemovich returned to Yerevan, where he first led the team "Malatya" (1992), and then became the first in the history of Armenia senior coach of national team (1992-1994)
. In 1995-1996 he worked as the head coach of the team "Omenmen (Erebuni - Yerevan), and then went to Lebanon, where he managed the Beirut club Omenmen" won the silver medal of the country (1996-1997) and the Lebanese Cup Finalist (1998 -- 1999).

. As a senior coach of football club "Mika" (Ashtarak) E.A
. Markarov twice led the team to victory in the Cup of Armenia in 2000 and 2001. Currently E.A. Markarov is vice president of football club "Mika".

E.A. Markarov - Honored Master of Sports (1973), . Honored coach of Armenia (1983), . Champion of the USSR (1973), . silver medalist of the USSR (1971) and bronze medalist championship of the USSR (1966), . two-time winner of the Cup of the USSR (1973, . 1975), . World Championships bronze medalist (1966),
. Total in USSR championships, he spent 370 games (for "The Oilman" - 251 and in "Ararat" - 88), which scored 129 goals. In 1962 Markarov was marked by a prize of the newspaper "Trud" as the championship top scorer (16 goals). He repeatedly found himself in the list of 33 best players of the championship of the USSR (1973 -? 2, 1971 and 1975 -? 3). Included in the symbolic Club G. Fedotov, with a score 159 goals.

. According to a survey conducted in 1992, E. Markarov named best player of Armenia of all time, he also entered the top ten best players in Azerbaijan for 70 years (1981).

. Leisure Eduard Artemovich prefers to spend with family and friends
. He is a hospitable host, loves a good table. According to tradition, along with his wife tries not to miss movie and theater premieres.

Lives and works in Yerevan.

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MARKAROV Edward Artemovich, photo, biography
MARKAROV Edward Artemovich, photo, biography MARKAROV Edward Artemovich  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored coach of Armenia, USSR champion, twice winner of the USSR Cup, World Championships bronze medalist, photo, biography
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