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Munteanu Vladimir Fedorovich

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of Ukraine, winner of the Cup Winners' Cup and UEFA Super Cup, seven-time champion of the USSR, two-time winner of the Cup of the USSR)

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Biography Munteanu Vladimir Fedorovich
photo Munteanu Vladimir Fedorovich
Born September 14, 1946 in Kotovsk Odessa region. Father - Muntean Fyodor (1911. born.). Mother - Maria Muntean Leontievna (1921 g. born.). Wife - Munteanu Tatiana (1950 g. born.), engineer-technologist. Son - Andrei Munteanu (1971. born.). Daughter - Irina Muntean (1974. born.).

To get in anecdote is not easy. To do this you have to be extremely popular. Vladimir Munteanu has become the hero of the anecdote, and has 20 years of age. Football fans with a solid veteran will remember dates from the year 1966 issue to "Armenian radio:" What should be the "Ararat" to become the champion of the USSR? " Answer: "Muntean, Porkuyan and nine Kiev ...

Yet so funny and necessary for playing a joke name Maxim Maximov could not take place if it had not lost once the letter "y" in the end - Munteanu. His father was born near Moldavia, mother - out of Voronezh, the town of Pavlovsk. In Kiev parents moved in 1947, when the youngest son Volodya was not even the year. How long lived in the barracks for the Pushkin Park, not far from the Dovzhenko Film Studio, and then got a room in a communal apartment in Brest-Litovsk Avenue. His father worked at the coating plant fitters, mother - a night nurse in hospital.

First major sporting passion Maxim Maximov was tumbling. In 10 years he became a champion among schoolchildren of Kiev, has met the 3rd adult level. Free to do rack, turning the "wheel", somersaults, flyaki. But soon a chain of life's coincidences led to the fact that Vladimir has changed its first sport attachment.

One winter, while skiing, he caught a bad cold. He could not heal from pneumonia, and in case of suspicion for TB. With this diagnosis, then, fortunately, not confirmed, Volodya locked for two months in the Forest-Vodice, in a tuberculosis sanatorium for children. Just at this time, his father contributed to the plant long-awaited two rooms in a communal apartment on Chokolivka, on the First of the array. Mecca for the local boys in the company which, naturally, joined after recovery Muntean, was located near the stadium SKA. They trained the guys from the City Education Department Youth Academy - "savages" of amateur teams, they graciously allowed a stand outside the gate and give balls. And these balls, nipple, what yard the boys had never played. So before you return the leather is a miracle in the field, like a bit of "pochekanit.

Vladimir it turned out not bad. Perhaps that is why one day he was approached by a soldier and asked: "Boy, you want to give serious attention to football?" He nodded, and the soldiers took him to the coach. He was well-known children's football coach Michael Korsun, who led the youth team of Ukraine. His team then has been a champion of the Soviet Union. He stopped training, gathered in their circle, threw the ball and Munteanu said: "show me all the people that know how to". Volodya began to juggle the ball: right - left, right - left ... (handy practice outside the gate). Long juggled and then performed the favorite trick, which was then called "Brazilian" - is when you run with the ball, leaving him just behind, and then suddenly two legs from behind to throw himself riding on the course. It turned out very well, and pleased Korsunskij even told his edification: "Now that you understand how to do this?" The fate of Maxim Maximov was solved.

On how he got to Dynamo Kiev, Vladimir Fedorovich recalls, not without a smile: "In those years a lot of junior tournaments, and we, players command a modest City Education Department, were constantly in sight of the Professional. Soon I was included in the team in Kiev, for which also intervened and the young Dynamo, among which was, and Toll Byshovets. After the friendly match against Moscow Dynamo who was then working with the doubles coach Michael Koman asked me the next day at 11.00 to be at "Dinamo" stadium, where football team went to the training base

. Imagine the feelings of ninth -, . moreover shketa below, . than a meter with a cap ", . which offer to train with Dynamo! The next day at home I could not find a suitable bag, . took school dermatinovuyu folder with a broken lock, . stuffed in her old sneakers - and forward,
. Arrived at the "Dinamo" about ten minutes before the appointed time. Hid behind a tree: the bus was standing, began to approach players. All strictly on the subordination. First - double: Rudakov, Sosnihin, Levchenko, Medvid ... I already trembling at the knees started. And when the stars and the Dynamo composure as they approached one by one, hiding in the bus womb - just some kind of animal fear fell ... Biba! Sabo! Serebryanikov! Lobanovsky! Bazylevych! Turianchyk! Ostrovsky! Shchegol'kov! To me they were just football gods descended to earth. Exactly at 11.00 the bus door creaking closed - and the gods went to the gym. I came out from behind a tree and trudged home, cursing himself for cowardice, and quite sincerely believing that second chance to sit in this bus fate will not let me ... But fate turned out to be benevolent. About a week after the shameful flight, I ran into Byshovtsa, . with whom we lived near, . while studying in different schools: "What's wrong? me every day, managers ask: Where is this fellow?" Tolya's reassured and helped to overcome the fear ",

Typically, each player for life remembers his debut in the big football. The first game in the national championship in the Dynamo's well and remember Vladimir Fedorovich. It was a meeting in Tashkent with the local Pakhtakor in 1965. The match turned out to then the difficult Kievites won 2:1. Muntyan are all praised, even then noting in it the quality that would soon make him a universal favorite.

Then-head coach of the team "Dinamo" (Kiev), Viktor Maslov had a fantastic insight, wisdom. And it concerns not only improbable Maslov anticipate how the development of football, . literally, . globally (enough to remember a tactical revolution to move Dynamo's game at 4-4-2 scheme, . initiated by them two years earlier, . than did the British in their triumphant 1966), . but his vision, . the prospects of each player, . who was in his possession,
. That he recognized in the anemic-looking ninth-Volodia Munteanu "golden boy" Dynamo ". It is these players are needed then the team.

In 1966 he began a "golden era" Dynamo ", when a group of yesterday's stand-ins, and Vladimir Munteanu among them, replaced the five who went to the championship of the world's leading Dynamo players. In that year Kievites done double - won the gold medal championship of the country and the USSR Cup. By 22 years Muntean was already three times champion of USSR, . Why in this age could not be more than any footballer, . and by the end of a career won a total of 7 gold medals of the championships of the USSR - a collection, . which was subsequently collected just another great player - Oleg Blokhin.,

. According to the majority of football experts, midfield Dynamo Vladimir Munteanu - one of the most colorful figures of the Soviet and European football to the end of 1960 - the first half of 1970
. As wrote VV. Lobanovsky in his book "Infinite match", . This midfielder, . unparalleled handwriting and idiosyncratic vision of the game, . demonstrated "flawless technique, . cat-like treatment of soft ball, . delicious coordination, . the ability to instantly make the right decisions and at the same time deliver an accurate blow,
. He is not forbidden to use their best individual qualities. On the contrary, his unpredictable moves, which dealt only partners, wonderfully supportive team-play, gave her brightness, elegance, a certain charm.

In the star of Dynamo VF. Munteanu played for more than 10 years, from 1965 to 1977, held a national championship in 302 matches and scored 57 goals. Per team of the USSR, he played 49 matches and scored 7 goals (3 - penalty). In 1970, he had the opportunity to take part in the finals of the World Cup in Mexico. However a special place in his rich biography of the game is, of course, match with the Hungarian "Ferencvaros in the final of the Cup Winners' Cup, which was held in May 1975 in Basel.

"Yes, this game just outside the competition! - With pleasure recalls Vladimir Fedorovich. - Used in the hands of the Eurocup - in my opinion, the blue dream of every footballer. But I do not agree with some of my former mates, who now, with a solid temporal distance represent the final something easy walk: they say, everything and it was clear that the "Dinamo" stronger "Ferencvц║ros". Probably, a priori in the class, we Hungarians really surpassed, but it still had to prove, and in cup matches happen all.

His last game in the USSR Championship VF. Muntean held in autumn 1977 in Yerevan. After this was going to part with a great sport and devote himself to scientific work. Even as a player, he graduated from the Institute of Physical Education and Law Faculty of Kiev State University, then - post-graduate department of international relations, although the candidate has not defended. However, in the spring of 1978 he was summoned to Moscow, chairman of the CA Dynamo Bogdanov and proposed to move to Dynamo Moscow, promised conferment Major. Muntean Dynamo chief thanked for the invitation and career prospects and politely refused.

A week after this trip event occurred, which was about the most fatal way affect his future fate. The car, driven by Vladimir Munteanu, got in a terrible accident, which resulted in the death of a man sitting in the cabin next to him. Sam Vladimir Fedorovich with fractures of two vertebrae and numerous other injuries for a long time was taken to hospital. At this time, opened a criminal case. Immediately, without really analyzing anything, deprived the party ticket, and from Moscow came a dispatch signed by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Churbanova: "Dismiss the captain Muntyan of MVD".

Six months later the case was closed - for lack of evidence. Technical expertise of the car, which had specialists who came to Kiev from Togliatti, showed that the steering column had a serious factory defect, which became the real cause of the accident.

Despite the findings of the commission, Churbanov his hurried order was not canceled, and Munteanu had emvedeshnogo of captain in the army to become. At the invitation of Chief of the Kyiv SKA Victor drunk, he became player-manager in the Army team with the prospect of next season to take the place of the main - Alexei Mamykina, who was preparing to return to Moscow.

Of course, he had offers from various teams, but Vladimir Munteanu decided at some time into the shadows. He put on his uniform and began to work in the Kiev Higher Tank Engineering Military School at the Department of physical training faculty on the preparation of foreign professionals. He managed to create a decent team, which began performing in various competitions. Started studying and social activities: he was promoted to the post of chairman of Kyiv City Football Federation, a member of the Presidium of the Football Federation of Ukraine.

. Once in Kiev of the General Staff, USSR Armed Forces, General Yuri came Nyrkov - former footballer Moscow CDKA, Honored Master of Sports
. He suggested Munteanu go to work abroad. Vladimir Fedorovich agreed and went through the Ministry of Defense to train the army command in Madagascar. In the third year his team became the first champion of the country, and Muntyan Madagascar was awarded the Order "For achievements". But Vladimir Fedorovich decided not to renew the contract and returned to his homeland.

Since 1989, he worked in the same place in a tank school, and in 1992 as a lieutenant colonel superannuation retired from the Armed Forces. Again began to engage in public activities in the Ukrainian Football Federation, became deputy chairman of the federation. And soon he was appointed head coach of the Olympic team of Ukraine.

In 1994 started the game for the pass to the Olympics in Atlanta. But in December the same year Muntean suddenly left his post as senior coach and then went to Africa, this time in Guinea for the post of chief coach of the national team. Many then took his decision with a clear lack of understanding: for Olympic team in Ukraine was not bad in its qualifying group, . and its major players - Shovkovsky, . Vashchuk, . Parfenov, . Kriventsov, . Koval, . Krukovets, . Kardash, . Kosovo, . Shevchenko, . Rebrov, . Gennadiy Moroz, . Pushkutsa, . Prudius - even then could be used in the national team,

Himself VF. Muntean, . the question, . which prompted him to leave the winter of 1994 a very promising team, . besides the lead in the qualification round with 9 points from 9 possible and to go to Guinea, . answer: "Probably, . I just did not have the endurance and patience, . and the situation in Ukrainian football in those years demanded that the coach above all, these qualities,
. That lack of attention to the players was one straw that breaks the cup. Then, when the main coaches of the national and Olympic teams get to 18 dollars a month, and to spare the players did not even have a football shape, this decision seemed to me the only true. The Foundation Muntyan. But all that was in the account fund, covers salaries for the assistant, massage therapist, a doctor ... Of these amounts were paid and bonuses to players. No money on the team did not single out! "

In Guinea, VF. Muntean spent 4 years (in 1998 his team reached the final tournament of the Cup of Africa). After the African trip, he stood at the helm of the football club "Cherkasy", and undertook to bring this team to the big leagues Ukrainian championship. In principle, he accomplished this task. However, changes in the rules of championship left the club in first division. After that, he was invited to head coach in Simferopol "Tavria", who were tasked to stay in the big leagues. With this team, Vladimir Fedorovich worked less than 4 months and immediately after the championship Ukrainy-1999/2000 was calculated - without any comments from the leadership of the club ...

After leaving the "Tavria" VF. Muntean led the team's Obolon. Since December 2001, he - head coach of football club "Alania (Vladikavkaz).

. Retrospect, . Vladimir Fedorovich often and warmly recalls his main mentor - Victor A. Maslov: "My grandfather (both called him behind his back in the team) - a huge reservoir in my life, . difficult to find the right words, . to appreciate all that, . that connected with it,
. I'm a coach himself was largely due to the desire at least something to it to look like. "

VF. Muntean - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, . Honored coach of Ukraine, . Cup Winners' Cup and UEFA Super Cup season 1974/75 period, . seven-time champion of the USSR (1966-1968, . 1971, . 1974-1975, . 1977), . silver medalist championship of the Soviet Union (1969, . 1972-1973, . 1976), . USSR Cup winner (1966, . 1974),
. In 1969, the best football player of the Soviet Union. In 1970 he took part in the World Cup in Mexico, 1972-1976 - in the European Championship.

Vladimir Fedorovich enjoys music, photography, chess.

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Munteanu Vladimir Fedorovich, photo, biography
Munteanu Vladimir Fedorovich, photo, biography Munteanu Vladimir Fedorovich  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored trainer of Ukraine, winner of the Cup Winners' Cup and UEFA Super Cup, seven-time champion of the USSR, two-time winner of the Cup of the USSR, photo, biography
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