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Vasilyev Valery Ivanovich

( Honored Master of Sports, two-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion)

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Biography Vasilyev Valery Ivanovich
photo Vasilyev Valery Ivanovich
Born August 3, 1949 at the station Chudovsky Volkhov district of Novgorod region. Father - Ivan Vasiliev (1921-1949). Mother - Vasilyev, Valentina Petrovna (1922-1974). Brother - Vasiliev Oleg Ivanovich (1947-1993). Wife - Tatyana Vasilyeva (1952g.rozhd.). Daughters: Zhamnova Elena (1973g.rozhd.) Vasileva Ekaterina V. (1982g.rozhd.). Granddaughters: Alisa, and Nicole.

Playing in the big hockey began in the local Dynamo, a team of boys when he was 12 years old. Six years later, was in Moscow Dynamo, it was at the end of the USSR championship in 1967. In the end, Nikolai Puchkov invited Vassiliev on the first ever European championship among juniors, which the USSR national team won the second place, and the young Dinamo named the best defender of the primacy. The next season at the same tournament, our team was the first. Valeri then received the first gold medal in the life. So hockey world learned of Valery Vasilyev.

From his first match for the Dynamo and the USSR national team Vasiliev showed himself as a brave hockey. Over the years he gained experience, his technique became filigree, and dedication to the game, he surpassed all.

In 1973, 1977 and 1979 he was recognized at the world championships as the best defender (this honor is awarded three times in world history, only the legendary Nicholas Sologubov)

. Eventually he, . twice Olympic champion, . 8-times world champion and European captain to be entrusted to the USSR, . including the Canada Cup in 1981, . gathered the most powerful hockey world - under the banner of Canada were called the best NHL players,
. Professionals in the majority in the national teams of USA, Sweden, Finlyandki. Those are more important and impressive was the success of Soviet hockey players, the Swedes won 6:3, Americans 4:1, the Finns 6:1, but in the final (on the ice in Montreal) literally smashed the Canadian "stars" 8:1.

After the final match, Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliot Trudeau solemnly handed Valery Vasilyev Canada Cup. And then bad luck befallen. In the locker room of our team under the stands of the Montreal "Forum", accompanied by police came to the chairman of the organizing committee ended the competition and the keeper Galleries (in Toronto) hockey glory and took the prize, . just won our guys, . saying, . that the winners will receive a copy of, . and that the Canada Cup will return to Toronto,

One forgotten Canadians: the tournament was held under the auspices of the International League Ice Hockey (LIHG) In the Charter which clearly stated that the winning team of each tournament is awarded a certain pre-sports trophy. After these explanations, . made by President LIHG, . Canadians have agreed to refer the Canada Cup winners, . then agreed, . that Canadians will bring this prize in Moscow and will hand the second time the USSR team in the course of the December draw traditional Prize "Izvestia",

And then the entrepreneur from Winnipeg George Smith issued the call: Canadians collect dollars and rapidly return Russian won their Cup. They collected money, made an exact copy of the Canada Cup, which was delivered to Aeroflot flight to Moscow. October 14, 1981 it received the captain of the USSR Valery Vasilyev, the second time during a month (the first time - 13 September). So Vasiliev was involved in a unique hockey history.

Participation Valery Vasiliev in September 1981 in games over the ocean was not his first appearance in North America. At the end of 75 years and in the early days of 76-year NHL leaders offered to organize meetings of their eight best teams from both clubs, . representing the Soviet Ice Hockey Federation, . Moscow decided to respond to the challenge of the assignment of CSKA and "Wings of the Soviets",
. Games Muscovites aroused great interest among the spectators in Canada and the United States, which, apparently, when it comes to hockey, is no surprise. Fans in the crowded ice palaces are so sorry to part with the Moscow teams, . that at the request of the organizers of the trip to Washington "Capital Senter" champion and runner-up of the USSR (CSKA Moscow, and "Wings of Soviets") held a friendly match, . ended in a draw 7:7 (4:1, . 0:4, . 3:2),

The newspapers called the team CSKA only as "Soviet Army" or "Red Army". In the tour for her play Valery Vasiliev and his teammate Alexander Maltsev. And the first time in Canada he was the fall of 1972, when it arrived at the home of hockey team of the USSR, speaking in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Thus began the regular meeting of Soviet hockey players with the best players in the NHL. Then the Canadians had four match at Luzhniki (total score in eight games 32:31 in our favor, with four defeats, three victories and one draw result).

Understandably Valery believes those truly historic game the most memorable in my life. He says that at first was very nervous (nervous trembling, I confess, was, we went into the unknown, Canadians look healthy, all such foreheads, thinking, asking the same ...").

Later great Vsevolod Bobrov recalled that during the preparation of professionals Vasilyev not all gone wrong. In the course of a training senior coach drove up to the Soviet Union Valery, put his hand on his shoulder and said quietly: "What nurses are dissolved?" Do not Eat lest a doubt, and know that you - the most important of our hockey team and got into her well-deserved ". From these words on the down-Vasileva wafted such faith in the game that long to restore the lost confidence in himself he was able to quickly.

Years passed. Vasiliev, after the case had seen many coaches in the USSR team, but one of the most close and dear people to him, who became captain of the national team for the rest of life, according to his confession, he felt great Bobrov. Truthfulness, sincerity and desire to help people Vasiliev began measuring for Vsevolod Mikhailovich.

The unique power of Valery Vasiliev legends viewers were informed of her players and coaches. It is a fact that in games against Dynamo Anatoly Tarasov no risk of release of Anatoly Firsov or Valery Kharlamov against Vasilyeva. He always worked out a plan to the two leading strikers TSKKA not met with Vasilyev, because, as head coach of CSKA believed, it was impossible to beat Vasileva.

Defender Dynamo was unique in literally everything, but especially in the art of power struggle, and the collision were never for him an end in itself. There were, however exceptions.

In a match of one of the Izvestia tournament smart Canadian too harshly, in violation of the rules attacked Valeria, he would respond in kind, but did not. He waited for the right moment and held against, . opponent's net power technique: the poor fellow had to brush away the damaged to the locker room so the Soviet Union Dynamo defender Vassiliev gave warning and when it goalkeepers have always felt themselves safe,
. Knowing the stiffness of the player's opponents to avoid encounters and then Valery otbiral.shaybu stick. He knew how to light a partner by force of example, and in that capacity in the Dynamo and the USSR team was irreplaceable.

VI Vasiliev - Honored Master of Sports, two-time Olympic champion, multiple World and European Champion. Awarded the Labor Red Banner of People's Friendship, Honor, medal "For Labor Valor".

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Vasilyev Valery Ivanovich, photo, biography
Vasilyev Valery Ivanovich, photo, biography Vasilyev Valery Ivanovich  Honored Master of Sports, two-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion, photo, biography
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