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( Honored Master of Sports, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion)

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Biography TRETIAKOV Vladislav
photo TRETIAKOV Vladislav
Born April 25, 1952 in the village Orudevo Dmitrov district, Moscow region. Father, Alexander D. Tretiak (1923g.rozhd.), - A retired major, pilot. His mother, Vera P. Tretiak (1921g.rozhd.) - Gym teacher in high school, now retired. His wife, Tatiana Tretiak (1950g.rozhd.), - A teacher of Russian language and literature. Son, Tretiak Dmitry Vladislavovich (1973g.rozhd.) - Dentist. Daughter, Irina Tretiak Vladislavovna (1976g.rozhd.) - Lawyer. Grandson - Tretiak Maxim Dmitrievich (1996g.rozhd.).

At the end of December 1967 - early January 1968 in Finland was the first European Championship for hockey players under 19 years. Then the Soviet team coach Nikolai Puchkov, an outstanding goalkeeper, said: "Actually I do not like to throw bouquets young (friends will confirm this), and now gladly modify my rule is I have one boy named Vladik. He won me over in training surprising reaction, agility, courage. I believe he would make sense. "

Beam is not wrong: this boy was Vladislav Tretiak, the future three-time Olympic champion. Words of Puchkova Tretiak were published in the 52-th issue of the weekly "Football-Hockey" for 1967. This first appeared in print the name of the future 10-times world champion, 9-times European champion, 13-times champion of the USSR.

Five years in a row during the summer holidays Vladik, like most of his peers, went to summer camp. Almost half of the time the guys there doing sports. The Pioneers ran crosses for hours playing ping-pong and volleyball, and boys are in football. In school competitions Vladik became athlete, basketball player, football player, skier. And everywhere he wanted to become a champion. One boy and told her mother: "Be sure I will champion". "Sportsman" - she corrected. "No, only the champion!". Years later, Ms. Sohn and Vladik reminisced about a conversation with a smile.

Following the example of his elder brother Vladislav tried to swim (in the pool "Dinamo"), then carried away by jumping into the water. It was then that he learned to overcome fear - jumped from the five-meter towers. Height at first seemed enormous, and the water - as hard as asphalt.

Once three peers Vladik early in the morning went to Leningrad Prospect. It seemed that all of Moscow's boys in the morning decided to become hockey players. Just Babel was observed in the Ice Palace CSKA Moscow - was set in a hockey school. Coaches checked the candidates in the hockey players have the ability to skate backwards. Vladik when you receive a handy weekend family trips to the skating rink in Gorky Park Gorky - he had already a good command of skates, it is not surprising that Tretiak was among the four taken in the famous club. Withstand the test helped, of course, and doing all kinds of sports.

Vlad was the contest as a striker. He is now regularly attended training - three times a week and a half hours. A month later he looked forward to the day when he, along with other newcomers will be given a form of hockey, like the one that he once saw in my mother's class (she worked as a teacher of physical education), where there were two boys involved in school CSKA. Vlad finally broke down and, using the fact that nobody wanted to play in the gate, walked up to the coach Vitaly G. Erfilovu and said: "If you give this form, I will be goalkeeper. I heard the question: "Is not you afraid?" - "What is there to fear?" - Innocently answered a boy and went to the gate.

. Where Tretyak was then known as hurts the puck and generally how heavy share goalkeeper? Most of the time he wanted to get a real hockey shape
. And got it.

By bruises Vladislav Tretiak used to quickly. But the failures in all the years spent in hockey, and was unable. Maybe it's because of CSKA and USSR national team goalkeeper and his teammates more often ever to win, not lose? "Failures downright physical pain spoke in me," - once remarked Tretiak. As a teenager, it happened that he could not hold back her tears after the defeat - so he became bitter and ashamed. He literally cried, and the entire team calmed him.

For the USSR national team only at world and European championships and Olympics Vladislav Tretiak has 117 matches. Stand out the first meeting with the best players in North America, held in autumn 1972. Prior to that, the professionals were perceived by us as thugs with clubs at the ready, crushing everything in its path. And the ocean saw our guys soulless robots, blindly follow the installation of party and sports officials. Even we were a lot of people who believed in the superiority of great hockey players from the NHL over the Soviet players. But the meetings were held on an equal footing and ended with dignity for the Soviet hockey. Goaltender Vladislav Tretiak with the first match was the darling of Canadian visitors. First of all admired his incredible skill - with some incredible agility, he caught the puck flying through the gates of the USSR national team. Sophisticated in hockey is nothing like the Canadians had not seen!

Not a lesser extent overseas hockey fans were impressed by Tretyak else: an open smile of a high Russian guy, his friendliness, a welcoming attitude to all. It happened that in Canada Tretiak hours (!) Handed out autographs to fans.

Popularity at home hockey goalie CSKA and USSR national team is striking: in North America four times published his book, instantly swept away from store shelves. The most prominent Canadian statesmen who felt honored to shake himself of his broad hand and take pictures with him, an officer in the Soviet Army. Tretiak graduated from the Military-Political Academy of the Lenin. Leaving the ice, he was on administrative work in CSKA and the sports committee of the Ministry of Defense, represented by the armed forces in the Presidium of the USSR Ice Hockey Federation.

15 Vladislav Tretiak stayed in our country the first choice goalkeeper. During this time, his four best recognized at the World Championships. But he did not play for the professionals. He was invited to the second coach in the Canadian Club Edmonton oylers ". But then was not accepted to go abroad to play or practice. But nowadays Tretiak is often overseas - now has a contract with "Chicago", according to which it is - the coach-consultant Goalkeeper. Yes, and today's work in Moscow - President of the International Sports Academy, which bears his name - requires numerous contacts with foreigners.

. This year, by mutual agreement of the International Ice Hockey Federation, . Hockey Federation of Russia and the renowned Swiss company manufacturing hours, . official sponsor of World Cup, . held in St. Petersburg, . best hockey player of the XX century named Vladislav Tretiak, . the first of the Europeans (in 1997), . ensnared in the Hockey Hall of Fame (in Toronto).,

. Vladislav Tretiak, retired colonel, was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, People's Friendship, "Honor and the Medal" For Labor Valor ".

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TRETIAKOV Vladislav, photo, biography
TRETIAKOV Vladislav, photo, biography TRETIAKOV Vladislav  Honored Master of Sports, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion, photo, biography
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