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Bekov Sergei Mazhitovich

( Member of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russia, Chairman of the subcommittee on customs-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity and the Committee on the Budget of the Federatio)

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Biography Bekov Sergei Mazhitovich
photo Bekov Sergei Mazhitovich
Born November 27, 1939 in the village of Upper Achaluki Malgobek district of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR. His father, Abdul-Bekov Mazhit Dogzhadzhievich, and mother, Bekov Dokka Idigovna were peasants. Wife - Bekov (Malsagov) Rukiyat Umat Gireevna (1940 g. born.) graduated from the Moscow Institute of National Economy named after Plekhanov, for many years worked as the main commodity, is now retired. Sons: Mohammed, graduated from the Moscow Road Institute, Abukar, an economist, graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. Daughter - Zarina, MD, PhD, graduated from Moscow State Medical University. Grandchildren: Fatima, Timur, friend, Marina, Ruslan, Alikhan, Milan.

Achaluki Upper Village, the birthplace of Sergei Bekov, was founded by his ancestors centuries before that lived in the mountains of the Northern Caucasus in the village Targim. There, in the upper reaches of the river Assa, right on the beach still dominates the whole complex of stone towers, which have traditionally served as the Ingush, not only housing, but also sites of resistance during foreign invasion. Nowadays, there is the operational group of the Federal Border Service of Russia.

Father Sergei Mazhitovich - Dogzhadzhi Bekov - lived more than 110 years, for many years was the doyen (yurt-da) sat Upper Achaluki. Even before the abolition of serfdom in Russia, he made a pilgrimage to Mecca. About how it was a hazardous enterprise, said that the way to Saudi Arabia from Russia then took 5-6 months, and the pilgrims had to overcome its mostly on horseback and by sea. Therefore, people perform the Hajj highly prized and enjoyed great prestige among the villagers. Dear great-grandfather and the man was Bekov - Temirkohadzhi who made the pilgrimage to Mecca twice.

. Since the beginning of World War yurt-da village of Upper Achaluki Dogzhadzhi Bekov villagers declared that the army gave two sons: the father Sergei Mazhitovich and his younger brother
. Both of them went through the whole war in the ranks of the Wildlife Division and returned to his native village only after the revolution.

. During the Great Patriotic War, residents of the village, like most of the Ingush, voluntarily went to the front and selflessly fought against the enemy in the Red Army, spilling blood on all fronts, from the Baltic to the Black Sea
. Among them was the brother of Sergei Mazhitovich - Guard Captain Bekov Mazhitovich Sultan, commander of the Guards Infantry Battalion Chief of Staff of the Guards Regiment, received a serious wound in battle and died of his wounds in 1945. However, many Caucasian mountain peoples, along with the Crimean Tatars and Volga Germans during the war had been declared "enemies and traitors", and soon began their mass deportation.

All knew the hardships of exile and family Bekov. But villagers in 1944, they were taken in Northern Kazakhstan. Dragged by years of lawlessness, misery, hunger and cold in a strange, incomprehensible, overgrown with bitter wormwood and feather edge. Family Beks, like thousands of innocent families deported - and other representatives of the Ingush people buried here most of his. In exile, Sergei Mazhitovich dead mother, grandmother, sisters, brothers ...

In 1956, after the Twentieth Party Congress to "punish people" have the right to return home. Among the vast mass of returnees were Bekov. In freight cars, mostly on the roof, more than two weeks, they traveled to their homes. Then with difficulty they found the abandoned house 13 years ago ...

After 10 th grade Sergey Bekov year worked at the plant "Mineral Water". In 1958 he was drafted into the army and sent to a military unit in the city of Tomsk. Having served the prescribed time, he returned to the republic, which was first inspector of resettlement and orgnabora Council of Ministers of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, then a teacher of physical education in secondary school. In 1960 Bekov left their homes again, this time in Moscow, joined the Agricultural Academy named after KA. Timiryazev on fruit and vegetable department.

Life in Moscow, was new and therefore very interesting. Here Sergei was able to communicate with teachers and scientists of world renown, visit their fascinating lectures. A dormitory at the time represent a veritable "boiling pot" - the endless evenings, discussions, disputes. With his head dipped in an atmosphere of student life, Bekov already on the 1-year student, was elected secretary of the Komsomol organization of the course, and three years later became secretary of the Komsomol committee the academy and a member of the Moscow city committee of the Komsomol.

. As one of the most active and successful students in the allocation he was offered a choice of several options, . but the most tempting was the offer of the Komsomol Central Committee - a group of 20 graduates of the country to go for further education in Cuba, . University of Havana,
. After consulting with his father, who opposed such a step, after the thesis defense Sergei Bekov returned to their homeland.

Had to start life from scratch. In 1965 - the farm foreman "Nadterechny". In 1966 he became manager of office, . chief agronomist, . Chief of the 2 nd part of the Grozny farm produce, . in 1970 completed his postgraduate studies at the department of viticulture and winemaking in Timiryazev Academy and defended a dissertation for the Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Sciences, . in the same year he became the chief agronomist vinsovhoza behalf SM,
. Kirov, and after a year - director of the largest in the Chechen-Ingush republic vinsovhoza "Kalinowski". Young talented leader who has managed in a relatively short period of time to make a fantastic career, was seen, and in May 1973 he was elected first secretary of Nazran district Party committee.

. At the new location Sergei Mazhitovich again faced with the echoes of the cruel and unjust deportation
. Decision 1957 concerning the restoration of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Republic was of a piecemeal nature of. The Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR stated that "the autonomy of the Chechens and Ingush restored with the return of their former places of residence", which was very important for these people. Consequently, the Ingush were due to return from whence they were removed, living there from time immemorial where their ancestors lived. But this did not happen. Ingushetia was not restored in full. As part of North Ossetia were many Ingush village, including the chief district, which has historically underpinned the whole Ingushetia - Suburban District, Keskemskaya zone, right-bank part of the city of Ordzhonikidze.

Entry SM. Bekov a new job coincided with the just concluded "Grozny events", when in the capital of the Chechen-Ingushetia was dispersed multi-day rally to demand the return of territories annexed by the Republic. Joint and several in the shower with the just demands of the demonstrators, . but clearly represents a danger of ethnic conflicts, . Bekov realized immediately, . that in addition to solving purely economic tasks of his main purpose in his new post would be preservation of peace in the republic and establish good neighborly relations with North Ossetia.,

. Time has shown that this task Sergey Mazhitovich coped
. For six years he managed to extinguish all the problems arising between the republics of the first kind of relation on the level of ordinary laborers field brigade, employees of departments, heads of districts. However, the very issue remained unresolved, and he repeatedly had to return to it at a higher level.

In late 1978, SM. Bekov was approved by the head of the agricultural department, the scope of which is then entered and the food industry, and in 1987 he was elected secretary of the Chechen-Ingush regional party. In this position, he had to deal not only with the decision purely economic issues, but, given the specifics of the region, a lot of time on ideological issues, particularly in the area of national policy. The situation on the southern borders of the Soviet Union, where by this time the flame of the Afghan war, and reflected on the fate of Sergei Mazhitovich. In Afghanistan, he happened to be twice - from 1982 to 1984 and from 1986 to 1988 - a total of more than 3 years

. Sergei Mazhitovich worked in Afghanistan as an adviser to the Central Committee in the province of Nangarhar and advisor operational army zone "East" on the border with Pakistan, . where on the opposite side was concentrated to 70% dushmanskih camps, . training bases, . objects of their supplies and hospitals ..,

As adviser to the Defense Staff Zone SM. Bekov had extensive contacts with the leadership of Afghanistan, was the headquarters of the interests of the Soviet side. Lots and constantly worked with the Soviet Army and intelligence agencies, has participated in virtually all operational and military operations in the zone.

I particularly remember him a major operation in the county Chapriyar in August 1982. It was in the village Digas, where the spooks killed Afghan guard at the drain pipes, which fed on this village, and decided to blow up. In this case, the village, where more than 1500 people had to leave their seats - without water there is not live, would have been killed and all the crops. When the gang was surrounded, the Mujahideen went to the underground kyarizes. Above the villages, where there were women, children, old men, hanging death. Sergei Bekov with Bashar al-Maleme - Head of Staff zone "East" went to negotiate with leaders of dushmanskimi. The meeting was held in the heart of the village, completely surrounded the rebels and lasted more than 3 hours. Had the impression that "Ghosts" prolong the negotiations to break through the darkness to fight through the orders of our troops. But the Bolsheviks and Bashar al-malyu managed to convince them the pointlessness of this step - do not leave anyone alive. As a result of a gang of Afghan authorities handed over 200 machines, machine guns, grenade launchers and piles of ammunition. Kishlak was saved.

No less memorable SM. Bolsheviks and heavy fighting in the county Hugyani in September the same year. Then the spooks have agreed to negotiate. In the village went Kigalu team Hada - 67 people, headed by Mirwais, one of the loyal officers of the revolution. After 3 days the news came that the whole group, well armed and armored vehicles moved in to the enemy. Nobody could believe it. Was prepared and carried out military operation, which lasted for almost 2 weeks. After the advance team, which was the CPSU Central Committee and Advisor SM. Bekov, managed to break into the village, she discovered the bodies of tortured dushmans Afghan security officers: all 67 people were taken by surprise and killed by a treacherous gang Hayrmamada. Although unable to save anyone, they were all returned good name.

Subsequently SM. Bekov more than once occasion to participate in combat operations in Afghanistan. This elimination dushmanskih bases "marula-bastard" and "Milava", and the fighting in Kunar, Kama, Hugyani, and hundreds of miles of broken, laced with anti-tank mines Afghan roads ...

. "Each of us -" Afghans "in the memory stores the faces of their friends - living and dead, - said Bekov
. - Sometimes I'm a former party worker, I think that if I came back alive from Afghanistan, it is probably mostly due to friends and especially - "vympelovtsam". It is they who repeatedly saved me from death, providing timely information about the situation in the camp of the enemy, about possible ambushes in the brilliant green, about the best time to fly to the border in the Pashtun tribes, the output of military operations. "

. The most friendly relations for years, trips to Afghanistan, according to SM
. Beks, he has with groups of "Cascade", which was headed by SS. Shestov, VN. Kirichenko, VN. Korshunov, commanders of military units S.G. Ozdoev, YU.T. Starov, helicopter pilots of the regiment, as well as generals AI. Ovchinnikov, N.A. Moses, O.I. Liashenko, BC. Ushakov, commander of the "Vympel" Captain 1 rank E.G. Kozlov, Lieutenant-Colonel AN. Listopad, and many others. "I have lived with them in Afghanistan for many years, - says Sergey Mazhitovich. - Years later, fate threw us, but their love of country, honesty and devotion to the Motherland, male friendship forever remain in my. Sincere men are grateful to them. "

In the spring of 1990 SM. Bekov was appointed chairman of the Council of Ministers, and the summer of 1990 he was elected a delegate XXVIII Congress of the CPSU.

The party congress was of great significance for the SM. Bekov. Under then pursued the policy of glasnost in the discussion of urgent problems of society he, . head of high rank, . has the opportunity to openly express those concerns, . on the solution of which the Ingush people insisted for more than a dozen years, . - The restoration of its autonomy in full and return of illegally excluded areas,
. However, the leadership of the Soviet Union appeared to put the last point in the rehabilitation of formerly deported peoples, to take against them a fair solution and thus remove the accumulated stress in this issue.

July 5, 1990 Congress worked on the sections, to examine in depth the basic policies of the CPSU, the projects most important documents. Section "National Policy of the CPSU held its meeting at the Sverdlov Hall of the Kremlin. In her work and participated SM. Bekov. For the first time at this level with all frankness, he again raised the fateful not only for the Ingush, . but for each of the repressed people of the issue, . resolution of which could create a real basis for socio-economic, . political and cultural progress of nations.,

. During the six months before the Congress, with the active participation of SM
. Bekov Supreme Soviet had already adopted a Declaration, which were considered illegal and criminal acts of Migrations. After the XXVIII Congress of the CPSU, he is actively involved in the development of the Law "On the Rehabilitation of Repressed Peoples", . and after its adoption during the year took part in the peaceful divorce of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Republic and the formation of the new Republic of Ingushetia.,

. After the collapse of the Soviet Union's leadership Russia has sent SM
. Bekov an entirely new career for him, giving him the title of State Counselor of the 3rd rank and appointed Deputy Chairman of State Customs Committee. He was commissioned to oversee the management of customs control. He was directly involved in the development of Russia Customs Service and the organization of customs control in Russia. From January 1992 to 2000 he was a member of the College of the State Customs Committee of Russia, in 1997-1998 worked as a representative for the Customs Service of Kazakhstan, and from 1998 until retirement in November 1999 - the chief of department of customs service. Was co-Russo-Chinese commission on the definition of checkpoints on the Russo-Chinese border. Over the years, under the leadership of SM. Bekov established a modern system of checkpoints on the border of Russia (including the border with China, . Ukraine, . Estonia, . Azerbaijan, . Georgia, . Kazakhstan and Sakhalin), . network of customs posts and customs in different cities and regions of the country (in Krasnoyarsk, . Ivanovo, . Kostroma, . Komi Republic, . Kirov region, and many others),
. Been formed as many currently available management of the customs service.

In the State Customs Committee, SM. Bekov widely used experience gained during the work of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR. "By creating from scratch the customs system of the country, . - Says Sergey Mazhitovich, . - Had to be an economist, . politician, . and philanthropist, . and diplomat, . as required to take into account a range of economic, . political, . national and historical problems. ",

. Great merit SM
. Bekov is equipping Russia's customs service the new system operational information transmission, which greatly contributed to strengthening customs control. When it is actively evaluate and implement the experience of foreign countries (USA, Japan, China and others) in this area.

In recent years, Colonel-General of Customs SM. Bekov continues to be active in politics and social activity, is a frequent speaker at various international forums on issues of economy and customs regulations in our country. In 1999 he took part in the elections to the Duma on the federal list of movement "Fatherland - All Russia". After the resignation, was elected vice president of Russia Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, . overseeing issues of customs regulations and tax legislation in Russia, . as well as matters of the Association of the Northern Caucasus and the Black Sea Economic Community,
. In April 2001 he was elected a member of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Republic of Ingushetia. He is currently chairman of the subcommittee on customs-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity and the Committee on the Budget of the Federation Council.

SM. Bekov awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner, two Orders of Honor, the Order of the Red Star, Friendship Afghan Orders of the Red Banner and Friendship, and 8 medals. He recorded the title of "Honorary customs Russia," Gratitude of the President of Russia (1996), as well as Honorary Diplomas of the Government of Russia (1994) and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia (1995).

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Bekov Sergei Mazhitovich, photo, biography
Bekov Sergei Mazhitovich, photo, biography Bekov Sergei Mazhitovich  Member of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russia, Chairman of the subcommittee on customs-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity and the Committee on the Budget of the Federatio, photo, biography
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