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MALITIKOV Efim Mikhailovich

( Doctor of Economic Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Economics and Law, Professor of Chicago and University of Denver (USA), Chairman of Interstate Committee of CIS on the spread of W)

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Biography MALITIKOV Efim Mikhailovich
photo MALITIKOV Efim Mikhailovich
Born May 1, 1947 in the city Stalinabad Tajik SSR (now-Dushanbe), in the family of a serviceman. Wife - Malitikov Larissa Andreyevna, doctor of chemical sciences, professor, since 1990 - general director of the joint venture "Eline", then Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Chemical Concern Eline.

. Yefim Malitikov belongs to a cohort of people - a born leader - a strong character, daring about nature, extreme in his actions, extremely confident, powerful analyst, the winner always and in all
. The fate prepared for him a lot of testing: when he received recognition among peers, . tempered the spirit and the body (eg, . swimming in the hole at a temperature of minus 25 degrees), . has an appreciable value in sport, . quickly and confidently strode along the administrative line, . walking step by step in the system of one of the defense departments of the country,
. EM. Malitikov was a serious school of public structures, accumulated a lot of baggage in the business both in local and global. Not once was a bit, but always stayed on his feet. Today Efim Mikhailovich Malitikov has absolute authority in various spheres. He - a full member of 12 Academies, . large international official, . Professor of famous American universities, . manages a series of major international projects, . among which are so different, . as: construction of airports in many cities and countries around the world, . Telecommunications, . military-industrial complex, . education, etc.,

. After the birth of Yefim family very soon moved to Moscow
. In his youth he was actively engaged in sports: skiing, athletics, decathlon. Became master of sports of the USSR, winner of national and international competitions, a candidate for the national team. After graduating in 1964 secondary school in the city of Zelenograd, EM. Malitikov studied at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, and in absentia in Moscow Polygraphic Institute, who graduated in 1970. At the upper classes at the same time worked as a research fellow at the Institute - in \ h Defense of the USSR, where in the future master's thesis.

. Since 1971, he started as Head, . Deputy Director of the Central Research Institute of Information and Technical-Economic Research (TsNIITEI), . company director, . Chief Engineer and Director General of the industrial association to the head of the All-Union Management, . and then Deputy Minister of the USSR and Chairman of Interstate Committee of CIS.,

. In recognition of the authority of his public activity - the election of a member of the Town Committee and a member of the Bureau of Pushkin Komsomol City Committee, . member of the District Committee and a member of the Office of the District Committee of Komsomol Voroshilov district of Moscow, . Chairman of the Audit Commission of the Moscow city committee of the Komsomol, . member of the Bureau of CIM YCL, . highest awards of the Central Committee of Komsomol.,

. In the period of perestroika was the founder and head of the International Scientific and Industrial Association "Olympus", bringing together 112 major industrial associations of priority industries in the CIS countries.

. From 1992 to 1995, was elected a member of the executive committee of the International Association "Knowledge".

. In 1995, the III International Congress of the International Association "Knowledge" unanimously elected EM Malitikov president of the International Association "Knowledge".

. In the most difficult years of restructuring and Post-perestroika depression in the economy - the years of the collapse of social structures and unions - Efim Mikhailovich Malitikov became the ninth president of account for the entire fifty-year history of the Union Society "Knowledge"
. He took responsibility and was able to maintain popularly known most authoritative and largest social structure of the former USSR formerly named All-Union Society "Knowledge", . became the legal predecessor of the International Association "Knowledge", . thus maintaining the intellectual and human capacity znanievtsev in all countries of CIS and Baltic states.,

. During his work he greatly strengthened the authority of the International Association "Knowledge" in the world
. The Economic and Social Council of the UN Association awarded the highest status for the general non-UN organizations, and EM. Malitikov status of its official representative.

The personal invitation of UN Secretary General Koffi Annan, EM. Malitikov was the sole representative of the non-governmental organizations in the world at the Millennium Summit - the anniversary of the General Assembly of the UN - the Forum of Presidents of all the nations of the world.

. The International Association of Knowledge "gained the status of the regional coordinator and the head of UN non-governmental organizations in Eastern Europe and the main operator of the World Electronic Forum of non-governmental organizations in the world with the status of the UN.,

. In 2000, the IV International Congress of the International Association "Knowledge" in Cyprus once again unanimously elected academician EM
. Malitikov their president for a new five-year term.

. In 2001, the World Organization for Industrial Development and the UN granted consultative status by UNIDO for the International Association of Knowledge ".

. Every support to the "Agenda XXI century the UN and the UN Program on Sustainable Development, International Association of Knowledge" was organized and participated in dozens of public international activities and initiatives on different continents.

. President EM
. Malitikov annually personally delivers reports and initiatives in various cities and states, . promoting the establishment and development of a new supranational superotrasli planetary world - the adult education, . underlying sustainable development of mankind as a major factor and an instrument of social development.,

. He was the initiator of the unique inter-state experiment, . united efforts of States and non-governmental organizations in the CIS countries to create a new extra-budgetary sector - Adult Education, . organized and influential popularizer of continuing education throughout life, . seeking changes in the public mind set "Education for life" on the mental postulate of Education through life. ",

. Council of CIS Heads of Government supported the initiative of the President of the International Association "Knowledge", . Presidents of Moldova and Kyrgyzstan, . Prime Minister of Armenia, . signing, . the support of the Council of CIS Foreign Ministers, . January 17, 1997 Agreement on Cooperation in the field of knowledge and adult education and created the Interstate Committee of CIS on Knowledge Promotion and Adult Education.,

. EM
. Malitikov became the first Chairman of Interstate Committee of CIS on Knowledge Promotion and Adult Education, and has 5 years working actively in this important inter-state job.

. The International Association of Knowledge ", together with the parties to the Agreement - the CIS countries has become an equal party to the Agreement and a member of the Interstate Committee of CIS.

. Influence of the International Association "Knowledge" to the public and inter-state level allows for legislative initiatives
. The structure of the Interstate Committee of CIS consists of ministers, deputies, and other senior officials of the States.

Thus, in the Commonwealth of Independent States formally recognized the new industry - adult education. The bridge between past and future, States and civil society, the need for which was declared the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Independent States, began to build.

. Summit of the Presidents - Millennium Forum in New York, . as well as the heads of Big Eight in Japan and Germany, . UNESCO World Conference identified the need for public and political support for continuing education for adults in the era of information revolution and the transition to an information society for the prosperity of the planet without wars, . terrorism and conflict.,

. Active work as president initiator allowed to significantly change and enhance the very structure of the International Association "Knowledge", . turning it into a truly international alliance of unions of public non-profit organizations, . representing more than 30 NGOs in 24 countries.,

. Among them: the International Association of Non-State Universities, . Russia association of private HEIs, . Association of Russian (government) universities, . International Union of Economists, . Free Economic Society of Russia and other prominent public unions.,

. The basic organization - a member of the International Association of Knowledge "and the observer to the Interstate Committee of CIS on Knowledge Promotion and Adult Education is a unique educational Web-level structure of the world - Modern University for the Humanities with its own educational space teleport.,

. High performance EM
. Malitikov allowed him to become the author of more than 70 scientific publications, numerous reports and public initiatives. He - President of the Academy informationology international structures, Academician of International Informatization Academy, the International Energy Academy, the Armenian Academy of Humanism, the New York Academy of Sciences and several other academies of sciences of the world.

. He was elected professor of Chicago and Denverskogo universities in the United States of America, Honorary Professor of Modern Humanitarian University and the Armenian Open University
. He is the founder of nominal prizes and scholarships for best students of a number of CIS. His name University and the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Open University of the Republic of Armenia.

EM. Malitikov is a member of the World Economic Forum, . Vice-President of Russia Association of the Club of Rome, . member of the International Vienna Council and a member of the Presidium of the Danube-European Institute, . member of the International Union of Economists and a member of the Board Rossiyskogo Free Economic Society.,

. EM
. Malitikov enjoys water skiing, scuba diving, self-piloted aircraft. For many years, is awash in the hole, has a lot of student-followers in this extreme way of recovery.

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  • When you bitch it's greed kill you?
  • Kyriacos for MALITIKOV Efim Mikhailovich
  • Mr. Maliticof may boast of all those titles but in real life he is a crook, a manipulator of people and a greedy animal.
  • Edik for MALITIKOV Efim Mikhailovich
  • Edik sovetuet posmotret EUROCOAST GROUP (VILLA UNIKALNAYA)
  • Anonymous for MALITIKOV Efim Mikhailovich
  • Mr Malitikov claims to be a scuba diver, amongst other things. He has never been underwater in his life. Unless he was muff diving in the bath.
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    MALITIKOV Efim Mikhailovich, photo, biography
    MALITIKOV Efim Mikhailovich, photo, biography MALITIKOV Efim Mikhailovich  Doctor of Economic Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Economics and Law, Professor of Chicago and University of Denver (USA), Chairman of Interstate Committee of CIS on the spread of W, photo, biography
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