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TER-GAZARYANTS George Artashesovich

( State and public figure, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, vice president of Russia Authors' Society, an honorary professor of the Armenian Open University)

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Biography TER-GAZARYANTS George Artashesovich
photo TER-GAZARYANTS George Artashesovich
Born March 10, 1923 in g. Baku. Father - Ter-Gazaryants Artashes Ivanovich (1885-1981). Mother - Ter-Gazaryants Artemovna Sofia (1895-1981). Wife - Elena Ter-Gazaryants Tadevosovna (1933 g.rozhd.). Daughters: - Ter-Gazaryants Karine G., Ter-Gazaryants Marina G.. Both graduated from the Philological Department of Yerevan State University.

After graduating from high school and received a certificate June 21, 1941 GA. Ter-Gazaryants intended to do at the Faculty of the University. However, these intentions have not come true - June 22, 1941 the Great Patriotic War. G.A.Ter-Gazaryantsa drafted. 155-I Kursantska Rifle Brigade, where he served as a soldier, led a defensive battle in the Lower Saniby near Vladikavkaz. In 1942, Ter-Gazaryants joined the party. The first combat award - the Medal of Valor "- Private Ter-Gazaryants awarded the autumn of 1942. In the battles for the homeland he was wounded twice. Having begun the war a soldier in the infantry, graduated with the rank of captain of the Guards.

After the war, Ter-Gazaryants was sent to study at the Military-Political Academy VI. Lenin, from which he graduated in 1950 with the specialty of the historian. Then served as Assistant Chief of Political Department of the 89 th Red Banner of the Armenian Taman Infantry Division on the Komsomol. Autumn of 1950 G.A.Ter-Gazaryants was elected first secretary of the Central Committee of Youth of Armenia. Parting with military service was for the young officer's dire. Because he served in the famous division, which is rightfully proud of the whole Armenian people. Of the three Armenian divisions formed in Yerevan at the beginning of the war, only 89 Infantry Division under the command of the legendary Major General H. Safarian was fighting way from the foothills of the Caucasus to Berlin after the victory has been relocated to Armenia.

Commander of the 7 th Guards Army General KI. Fedyuninsky read out the order of the Chief of General Staff of the demobilization of Ter-Gazaryantsa and on behalf of the Military Council of the 7 th Guards Army gave him watches and personal arms.

For GA. Ter-Gazaryantsa started a new phase of life - the formation of the socio-political figure of the republic. In early 1951 he was elected to the Supreme Council and a member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR. In the same year he was elected a member of the Central Committee of Party of Armenia and a member of the Bureau of the Central Committee of Party of Armenia. 1950 for Armenia were a period of rapid economic development. Young Communist League of the Republic, acting as chief, has made a significant contribution to the construction of the energy complex Sevan-Razdan cascade and other large objects. Young Communist League has actively contributed to educating the young generation, has provided substantial assistance in the growth and development of young scientists, and creative young people. In this work clearly showed great organizational abilities GA. Ter-Gazaryantsa. Considering it gained experience, the Komsomol Central Committee was to bring him to the development of international relations with foreign Komsomol youth organizations.

Thus, in 1953, the Union of German youth was subjected to a severe test. The crisis experienced and the ruling party of the GDR - SPD. Then in the GDR was sent a delegation from the Communist Party and Young Communist League to assist in establishing practical Germanic party and youth organizations. Its composition was, and GA. Ter-Gazaryants. In some major cities of the GDR, he played in youth organizations, passed the experience of his work. For this GA. Ter-Gazaryants was awarded the highest award of the GDR.

In the spring of 1954 in France, left the first large delegation of Soviet students, whose leadership has been and G.Ter-Gazaryants. It was interesting and useful meeting with students at the Sorbonne in Paris and Lyon, Marseilles and other cities. This visit helped to strengthen the friendly ties between Russia's and the French students.

In 1955, GA. Ter-Gazaryants of Soviet youth delegation was at the World Youth Festival in Warsaw.

In 1956 he was appointed first deputy chairman of the Antifascist Committee of Soviet youth, later transformed into the Committee of Soviet youth. Being in this position, he often traveled with delegations of young people in foreign travel. Actively participated in the preparation and holding of the World Youth Festival in Moscow (1957) and Kiev of the World Congress of Democratic Youth (1957).

In 1957, the Division was established in the Central Committee for Liaison with Communist and workers' parties of socialist countries. Head was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the USSR in Hungary Andropov. In the Komsomol Central Committee also established a liaison office with the youth organizations of the socialist countries, and was appointed head of the GA. Ter-Gazaryantsa, but soon he was transferred to the post of senior assistant in the Department of the CPSU Central Committee for Relations with the communist and workers' parties of socialist countries. Work in the Department of the CPSU Central Committee gave him the opportunity of personal contact with the leadership of our country, as well as all socialist countries, such as when they are visiting Moscow and travel to these countries.

An important and very instructive for the GA was. Ter-Gazaryantsa participate in the secretariat of the Meeting of Communist and workers parties, led by YV. Andropov, held in Moscow in November-December 1960. The participants exchanged experiences and discussed topical issues of international development, adopted a Declaration and Message to the peoples of the world. GA. Ter-Gazaryants was awarded the Order of Honor.

In 1961, GA. Ter-Gazaryants was elected secretary of the Central Committee of the Party of Armenia, in 1964-1973, he was a second secretary of the Central Party of Armenia.

1960 marked the revival of Armenian political life. Spiritual values, historical heritage were in demand and made to serve the interests of the people. Ties Armenian diaspora, scattered across the world, with the historical homeland - Armenia. There was a genuine thaw. Was widely noted the 50 th anniversary of the memory of those killed in the Ottoman Empire from 1915 Genocide.

Created under the leadership of GA. Ter-Gazaryantsa commission for rehabilitation has restored the good names of many unjustly repressed. Characteristic feature of this stage of development of the republic has been the growth of scientific-technical and creative intelligentsia of Armenia, both the number and the important contribution they make to the development of the people and the arts. By the mid 1970's in the republic was founded over a hundred research institutes. So in Yerevan was built the world's largest electro-ring accelerator (ESC). Starting Yerevan ESC was the biggest scientific advance of the Soviet scientific school.

In 1970, in Yerevan, was built and provided electricity is the only republic in the Caucasus Nuclear Power Plant. In the sixties, was solved and fateful for Armenia to maintain the level of water in Lake Sevan. In parallel with the construction of industrial enterprises in the country were built and many cultural facilities: Schools, . sports facilities, . including the largest stadium in the South Caucasus "Razdan", . the field where players "Ararat" with the renowned coach Nikita Simonyan came to winning the championship of the USSR and the USSR Cup "in 1974,

These processes were directly linked with the name of GA. Ter-Gazaryantsa. His work in Armenia was multifaceted, and he, along with other leaders, has contributed to its prosperity, for which he was awarded high state awards. Being a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, in 1965 he was elected secretary of the Commission on Foreign Affairs House of Nationalities of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In this role, he traveled with delegations from many countries. In 1961-1974 he was a member of the Military Council of the 7 th Army in the years 1962-1974 - a member of the Military Council of the Baku Air Defense District. Ability to work with people and care about them earned him their respect. In 1973, GA. Ter-Gazaryants appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USSR in the Republic of Senegal and in combination - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Gambia.

His work at the highest diplomatic post contributed to the growth of economic ties between the USSR and those of African. Thus, the treaty with France, the Soviet fishing fleet used the dry dock in Dakar for routine maintenance of ships. Every year up to 240 fishing boats repaired in the port of Dakar. Actively develop cultural relations, in Senegal, a team of Russian teachers in local schools. At the invitation of Senegalese in Dakar Conservatory, a team of Soviet teachers.

Efficient GA. Ter-Gazaryantsa led ultimately to the fact that in 1979 the first time in the history of relations dvustronnih an official visit of President of the Gambia D. Dzhavira in the Soviet Union. President of the Republic of South Africa visited Leningrad, Volgograd, Tashkent, Samarkand, Yalta, where he was given a warm, friendly reception. Usually, the Soviet ambassador in Africa were at work within three to four years. After eight years in Senegal and Gambia G.Ter-Gazaryants appealed to the leadership to be allowed to return home. The answer did not wait, G.Ter-Gazaryants was summoned to Moscow, where he was waiting for the unexpected proposal - to go to the very south of Africa.

In 1981, GA. Ter-Gazaryants was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Zimbabwe. On his lot to have an easy task: open the USSR Embassy in Zimbabwe, and demonstrate the leadership of this country and its public that the Soviet Union seriously intends to establish and develop good relations with her. Activities of the Embassy of Zimbabwe has convinced executives that the Soviet Union - a tower of strength in the struggle for decolonization and the elimination of apartheid in Africa. In a short time were installed and began to actively develop ties between the two countries in economic, military, cultural and commercial fields, as well as inter-party communication. An exchange of delegations, then the official visit of Prime Minister R. Mugabe of Zimbabwe in the USSR.

In March 1987, GA. Ter-Gazaryants was recalled to Moscow. Thus ended his 14-year-old work in Africa - a unique case of such a long stay after on the continent.

In the diplomatic achievement of GA. Ter-Gazaryants was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

Upon arrival in Moscow, he was appointed first deputy chairman of the All-Union Agency for Copyright Protection (now - Russia's copyright society), vice-president whose GA. Ter-Gazaryants is present.

The Academic Council of the Armenian Open University, GA. Ter-Gazaryants in 1997 awarded the academic title of Honorary Professor. Since 1997 he is a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, a member of the Editorial Board of "Intellectual Property", a member of the editorial board of "Noah's Ark". He wrote numerous publications owned newspapers and magazines, one of the last - "In honor guard at the tomb of Stalin" (memories of a delegation of the Armenian Republic at the funeral and. Stalin), published in "Noah's Ark? 3 of 10 March 2001.

. George Artashesovich is very active as a member of the Diocesan Board of Novo-Nakhichevan and Russia Armenian Apostolic Church and a member of the Union of Armenians of Russia

GA. Ter-Gazaryants awarded the Order of October Revolution, World War I degree, two orders of Labor Red Banner, Order of Honor, the Medal for Valor, 12 other medals and orders of the GDR and Poland.

Personal familiarity and constant communication with prominent representatives of the arts have left their mark on the hobby GA. Ter-Gazaryantsa. He loves listening to classical and contemporary music, actively visiting theaters, art exhibitions, is resting at the chessboard, backgammon and a pool table. As a young motorsports enthusiast. Motorcycle Harley Davidson "(from the U.S. Lend-Lease), participated in motorcycle races of the Transcaucasian Military District, won prizes. Motorist. Behind the wheel of cars of different brands, from 1941 to present.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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TER-GAZARYANTS George Artashesovich, photo, biography
TER-GAZARYANTS George Artashesovich, photo, biography TER-GAZARYANTS George Artashesovich  State and public figure, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, vice president of Russia Authors' Society, an honorary professor of the Armenian Open University, photo, biography
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