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Alex BRYACHIHIN Mikheevich

( The Prefect of the Western Administrative District of Moscow.)

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Biography Alex BRYACHIHIN Mikheevich
photo Alex BRYACHIHIN Mikheevich
Born April 11, 1942 in g. Elektrostal, Moscow region. Father - Bryachihin Micah Timofeevich (1912-1982). Mother - Bryachihina (nee Skvortsova) Stepanida Yakovlevna (1914-1992). Daughter - Bryachihina Julia Alekseevna (1969,. born.).

Finishing the seventh grade middle school in 1956, AM Bryachihin entered the Moscow regional polytechnic. In 1960, Mr.. young technology-builder took a master of civil construction works at the plant "Electrostal" (1960-1962 gg.). In 1962 he entered the Moscow Engineering-Construction Institute im.V.V.Kuybysheva. From 1963 to 1965 he served in the Soviet Army. After demobilization continued correspondence course.

At the same time worked as an instructor in Elektrostal City Executive Committee (1965-1966 gg.). In the period from 1966 to 1968 he worked as an instructor and later head of the organizational department of the Moscow regional committee of Komsomol organizations and institutions. At that time he graduated from the All-Union Correspondence Engineering-Construction Institute, a construction engineer (1967), and in 1979. - Graduate of the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee. Topic of his dissertation was "Managing construction quality". Later, in 1994, AM Bryachihin defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Reforming the socio-economic management in an urban area".

From 1968 to 1991. AM Bryachihin held various positions in the governing bodies of Moscow and Moscow region: Assistant Vice-President Mosoblispolkoma (1968 - 1970 gg.) Deputy Chief for the construction of the regional Office of the meat industry (1970 - 1974 gg.) Deputy Chairman Zagorskogo Executive Committee (1974 - 1976 gg.) Chairman Solntsevskiy Mayor, . Solntsevskiy Executive Committee, Mr.,
. Moscow (1980 - 1987 gg.), The first secretary of the Sevastopol Regional Committee of the CPSU g. Moscow (1987 - 1990 gg.) Chairman of the Sevastopol District Council (1990 - 1991 gg.). From 1991 to present - the prefect of the Western Administrative District, Mr.. Moscow, a member of the Government of Moscow.

In 1988-1990. member of the Bureau of the CPSU MGK, during the year was a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Russia (1990 - 1991 gg.). He was a delegate XXVIII Congress of the CPSU (July 1990), XIX All-Union Conference of the CPSU (June 1988) and the Constituent Congress of the CRC (June 1990),. He was repeatedly elected a deputy in the district and the city (Moscow) representative authorities.

AM Bryachihin is the author of research and development in the field of quality control of construction. Developed and brought to the practical implementation of the project of housing estate on the site is inconvenient, by improving the environment and creation of landscape construction area with the use of contract system construction. Since 1987, practically addressing the issue of reconstruction of physically and morally obsolete houses a five-story building. Specific results can be seen, for example, in the former Sevastopol area of Moscow, on the street Nametkina. Since 1991, but without attraction of budgetary funds is carried out such work and in the western district of the capital.

Since 1992, Mr.. and present in the district due to budgetary investors and developers put into operation more than 1, . 4 mln.kvadratnyh meters of housing, . of which about 800 thousand was aimed at a comprehensive rehabilitation and resettlement of neighborhoods and neighborhoods of dilapidated and 5-storey housing,
. During the same period of the fund was resettled almost 7 thousand, . demolished 38 houses and also by non-budget investors built and transferred to municipal ownership a number of social facilities: schools, . Kindergarten, . sports facilities, . clinics etc.,
. This work continues in 1999. Planned resettlement of 26 houses and the demolition of these 18, which requires a move of about 4700 people.

On the territory of the Western Administrative District, with the active work of Alexei Mikheevich implemented a number of unique, pioneering investment projects. Among them, a residential complex 'Golden Keys' (see page .....). In 1998. The Olympic Village was built for the World Youth Games, held in Moscow under the patronage of the IOC. For 22 days, . which lasted Games, . AM Bryachihin was General Director of the Olympic Village, . with its small staff provided daily basis normal life guests and young athletes village, . arrived in Moscow from 124 countries, . and the work more than 5 thousand staff,
. The results of Gendirektsii said at least the fact that for all the games are not followed by any claims on the conditions of training, accommodation and recreation or from one of the countries.

In addition, in the district for the first time in Moscow and Russia in 1999, actually started an experiment to hypothecary fundraising sredneobespechennogo the community to address its housing problems - the so-called Building society. Its essence lies in the fact that anyone who wants to acquire living space makes half the required amount, and the remaining 50% must be paid within 3 years. Without this residential area, in which the future owner may soon live in the property he had not drawn. The missing funds could be taken in the Bausparkasse under a certain percentage of. Thought sufficient insurance system from each negligent party and the organization of this experiment.

Professor, Doctor of economic sciences AM Bryachihin teaches at the Academy of State Service under the President of Russia, the Moscow City Institute of Management and MGIMO. He is an Honorary Doctor of Science, New Economic Academy, Honorary Assistant Professor at the State Pedagogical University, a member of the International Informatization Academy and International Academy of Art.

Author of more than 150 monographs, books, pamphlets, articles in magazines and newspapers. Published several books on contemporary issues of power: "The responsibility of power" (1990), "How much power should government" (1993), "Power in the City" (1995), "Russia - the city - the power" (1996 g.), "Autobiography prefect" (1999) and several other.

AM Bryachihin - State Prize Winner of Russia in the field of science and technology (for a complex building Michurinsky Prospect, 1996), Honored Builder of Russia (1997), Honorary builder of Moscow (1998). Awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for Motherland of II degree (1995).

His hobbies considers the work and communicate with people. Likes to visit the pair. Likes to play sports: playing volleyball. As a young man engaged Sambo, was a champion of the RSFSR (1963) and the USSR (1965). Is the master of sports of the USSR (1963), an honorary Master of Sports (1967).

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Alex BRYACHIHIN Mikheevich, photo, biography
Alex BRYACHIHIN Mikheevich, photo, biography Alex BRYACHIHIN Mikheevich  The Prefect of the Western Administrative District of Moscow., photo, biography
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