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Demin Mikhail Timofeevich

( The Prefect of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow.)

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Biography Demin Mikhail Timofeevich
Born October 31, 1938. Moscow. Father - Demin Timothy P. (1890 g.rozhd.). Mother - Anna Demina (1900 g.rozhd.). Married, one son (1965 g.rozhd.). He began his career in 1956. student metallomodelschika. In 1957. was called by the Soviet Army. After the service, continued employment, combining with education at the Moscow Energy Institute. In 1966, Mr.. graduated from MEI specialty industrial electronics. Since 1964, Mr.. worked as an engineer, senior engineer, lead designer, lead engineer, i.o. Chief of the Research Institute of electromechanical (NIETI). In 1984. appointed deputy general director of the Delta, the plant manager "Plastic." In 1987, Mr.. Timiryazevsky elected chairman of the executive committee of the regional council of the city of Moscow.

Since 1991. and currently holds the post of Prefect of the Northern Administrative District, the Minister of the Government of Moscow. Knows the priority concerns the district and the city, a lot of attention to the concept of social and urban area development, social. Thanks to the initiative of the prefect developed the concept of building and reconstruction in areas of the district, based on which drafted and implemented. Program complex reconstruction of housing CAO. For the implementation of a programmed tasks done much to replace the five-story and dilapidated housing stock in the new home of modern series. Reconstruction of the 18 th district of Yahromskoy street, travel Cherepanovs on Beskudnikovsky Boulevard

. Under the direct supervision of the prefect implemented complex development of the two neighborhoods of East Degunino, . where in place of obsolete enterprises built 300 thousand square meters of housing, . two schools, . five kindergartens, . open new trading platforms,
. Much work is carried out and the reconstruction of environmentally harmful enterprises. Currently, discontinued iron-foundry in the factory "Radikon" on the spot which is projected cultural and business center. Developed and adopted by the Task Force program involving complex medical, educational and social activities. In the district completed the formation of a network of municipal administrations of social protection of population, which resolved the problem for the Advancement of retirement services citizens. Opened first in the Moscow Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Adolescents "Glory" (shelter), decided to organize in areas of district social rehabilitation centers for persons of no fixed abode. The active position in addressing, . ability to find a specific approach to, . ability to predict and analyze the complex situation, . high organizational abilities, . sincere interest and attention to people, . correctly distinguish M. T. Demina as leader, . contribute to the high authority of the Prefect,

Michael Timofeevich Demin awarded government awards: the Order of Honor "(1988) and the medal" 300 years Rossiyskomu Navy "(1996). In 1997. MT Demin conferred the honorary title "Honored Builder of Russia". For a great contribution to the revival of spirituality in 1998. Prefect CAO MT Demin, was awarded the diploma and the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church 'of St. Prince Daniel of Moscow' III degree. Lives and works in Moscow. Address: 125422, Moscow, St. Timirjazevskaja., 27, tel.: (+7-095) 976-42-84.

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Demin Mikhail Timofeevich, photo, biography
Demin Mikhail Timofeevich, photo, biography Demin Mikhail Timofeevich  The Prefect of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow., photo, biography
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