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PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Petrovich

( Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of international festivals and competitions)

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Biography PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Petrovich
photo PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Petrovich
Born March 26, 1946 in the city of Lviv region Khodorov. Father - Presnyakov Peter M.. Mother - Mary Presniakova Semyonovna. Wife - Presniakova (Kobyzeva) Helena Petrovna, a soloist of ensemble "Gems". Son - Presnyakov Vladimir Vladimirovich, crooner. Grandson - Nikita.

Vladimir Presnyakov - a hereditary musician family continued the tradition of many generations. In 1957 he enrolled in the Sverdlovsk military school students musician on clarinet class. In 1963, Vladimir went to study in the Sverdlovsk music school named after P. Tchaikovsky, which he graduated in 1967. During the studies carried away playing the saxophone, which later became his favorite musical instrument. First had to work secretly, because in those years in college are not welcomed to play this instrument.

Soon after graduating college VP. Presnyakov became the winner of the Moscow international festival of jazz music in a quartet of outstanding Soviet jazz pianist Boris Rychkov, who became the idol of the young musician and teacher for many years. In 1967 he was drafted into the army. Initially, he served in a sports company, as a footballer, pervorazryadnikom, then was transferred to the Circuit House officers Sverdlovsk as a musician until the end of life they led the orchestra. In those same years, married to singer Helen Kobyzevoy. March 29, 1968 they had a son - Vladimir, who later became the successor of the family musical tradition. Now Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. - known, popular singer.

During his military service VP. Presnyakov became the winner of several jazz festivals - served in the House of officers allowed to give enough time to play the favorite instrument - the saxophone. After returning from the army He worked in an ensemble of well-known singer Gyuli Chokheli. Then there was the leader and saxophonist in several other groups.

In 1973 Vladimir joined the legendary Moldavian ensemble Noroc ", which later was banned by order of the Minister of Culture of the USSR E. Furtseva. The ensemble was given a new name - "What a guitar sing, and he continued to speak on the country under the leadership of VP. Presniakova until 1975. The emergence of a devastating article in the newspaper "Pravda", whose author was Valentine Terek, led to the prohibition of activities and the ensemble. A set of charges was the standard for that time: "nizkopoklonnichestvo to the West", "bushy hair", "defiance on the stage," "nasty repertoire," "disgusting costumes, etc.. After this article VP. Presniakova his wife did not take a job even in the amateur, it was very hard times in the moral and material terms.

Salvation came in autumn 1975 with a call to Sverdlovsk YU.F. Malikov, who invited the Presnyakov to the newly created ensemble "Gems". I must say that was a very daring for the time step, given the current situation. Leaving his son to his grandmother, the couple started to work in Moscow. While working in the "gems" was written many songs, some have become very popular: "Summer, summer, summer," trainer "," Salut, "" Ali Baba "," Tell me "," Paper Boat "," Sunrise-sunset "and others. In 1987, VP. Presnyakov began working with his son in his solo concerts. Elena Presniakova continues with "gems" to this day, for 26 years.

Vladimir Petrovich Presnyakov written hundreds of songs performed by many stars of the national stage. His songs are sung And. Pugachev L. Leshchenko A. Gala, C. Minaev, L. Senchina, L. Valley, M. Boyarsky, A. Kal'yanov, A. Gradskij, IN. Kuzmin and. Nikolaev, IN. Presnyakov Jr., A. Sapunov, A. Barykin, K. Orbakajte, ensemble "Gems" and others.

His solo discography includes 8 albums: "Horoscope" ( "Melody", 1988), "Province" ( "Melody", 1989), "Sgt.P" (NP. Studio, 1993), "Depression" (NP. Studio, 1994), "Sax World Hits" ( "Video Toolbox", 1996), "Woman" ( "Program", 1997), "My son" (NP. Studio, 1998), "We have other" (Gala Records, 1998),.

He participated in the recording of several hundred albums of various artists as a songwriter and saxophonist.

VP. Presnyakov - author of the musical "Street", which was raised by director Sergei Lisovsky. Premiered in 1989 at the Sports Palace "Luzhniki". In the musical participated in. Markin, C. Minaev, IN. Presnyakov Jr., the group "Quarter", etc..

In 1996, VP. Presnyakov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Vladimir collecting recorded music - his music library includes more than 4000 CDs, mostly jazz. He loves football, is a permanent member of the football club's stars of Russia "Stark". Masterfully played billiards, is the title of champion of Russia. The Club of beer drinkers had a membership card? 1. As the president headed club Volkswagen'a.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Petrovich, photo, biography
PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Petrovich, photo, biography PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Petrovich  Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of international festivals and competitions, photo, biography
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