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REZNIK Ilya Rahmielevich

( Honored Artist of the RSFSR, winner of the All-Union and international competitions and festivals)

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Biography REZNIK Ilya Rahmielevich
photo REZNIK Ilya Rahmielevich
Born April 4, 1938 in Leningrad. Wife - Munir. Sons: Max, a journalist, general director of "Dinamo-media", the spokesperson of the society "Dinamo", Eugene, a student at 2-year student of the Moscow Academy of Law, Arthur, a student. Daughter - Alice, a student at the Faculty of Arts University of Berlin.

. All people use words, but only a few know how to weave them into quaint patterns, creating one of the most subtle phenomena of human culture - poetry.

. Life Ilya Reznik, . What began as the majority of compatriots, . turned so, . transforming the "ugly duckling" - the blockade "scallywag", . the "beautiful swan" - the poet, . man and citizen of their country, . in love with the native language, . in their people, . in their homeland.,

. Blockade childhood, evacuation to the Urals on the Road of Life across Lake Ladoga, his father's death from his wounds in hospital, mother's new marriage on their return from evacuation, her departure to Riga - so began the life of the poet
. Abandoned the boy is adopted by elderly foster parents of his father, in fact, strangers, but very good people. Then dies and breadwinner-grandfather, who was an excellent shoemaker and contained the entire family. Half-starved childhood and adolescence were unable to dislodge from the heart of Elijah dreams of theater. From an easy hand blessed him Irakli Andronikov, although not the first attempt, in 1957, he entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, music and movies.

Since 1965, Resnick works troupe named VF. Komissarzhevskaya. He gets the role of large and small, interesting and not very. The whole period of the student body and the first years in the theater - it's constant work on the word, writing songs for students and theater productions, writing reprises, participation in all theatrical skit. This constant search for yourself, dissatisfaction reached ...

And then there was the song "Cinderella" - the first song Ilya Reznik. Circled over the whole country, she brought the poet-Union popularity and decided his future fate. In 1972, feeling the strength, the invocation of the demand, Ilya Reznik, leaving the theater and begin careers in song poetry.

Bratislava "Lyra", numerous prizes and awards, a star on the Stars at the Square concert hall "Russia" in Moscow and a star in the sky in the constellation of Orion was still far ahead. The motto of his life are the words:

My God - work, dirty work.

About her prayers, her worship.

I hate the idle yawn,

I'm on it, as the fire, grief.

In 1975, to Ilya Reznik comes first international success. He was awarded the prize "Golden Lyre" in the Eurovision Song Bratislava Lyre "(Czechoslovakia) for the song" Apple trees in bloom to the music of E. Martynov, performed by composer. Soviet Song won the first time such a high rating.

In the next year - new awards: for the song "Elegy" to music in. Feltsman performed a. Gradsky poet awarded "The Silver Lyre" and for the song "Prayer" by poems and. Resnick and music A. Zhurbina singer Irina Ponarovskaya receives a Grand Prix at the song contest in Sopot.

So, step by step, year after year, the poet was raised to the heights of skill and popularity. In the national stage is not, perhaps, no serious artist, whose repertoire would not have songs on poems by Ilya Reznik. His work - the whole song is epoch of the end of XX century. Suffice it to mention the main song, . became hits: "Cinderella", . "Apple blossom", . "Maestro", . Not evening ", . "Antique Clock", . "Starry Summer", . "Crane", . Charlie, . "Edith Piaf", . "Verooka", . "Without me, you, . my favorite ... ", . Return ", . "Convertible", . "Karlson", . "My grandmother side by side with my grandfather", . "Serve Russia", . "Anxious Waltz, . "My Army" ..,

Apart in the creative biography of Ilya Reznik is his long association with Alla Pugacheva. Begun in 1979, it continues to this day. In 1980 the poet wrote the songs for the author of "Monologues singer, which earned her stunning popularity. This - "Maestro", "Antique Clock", "Return", "Disturbing the way", etc.. Ilya Reznik was also the author of the script for the movie "came and said," (1984), which co-starred in the title role A. Pugachev.

In 1986 he began a collaboration with composer Raimonds Pauls to create programs for Lima Vajkule. The greatest popularity of songs: "Vernissage", "Not a night," "Fiddler on the Roof," "Charlie," I pray for you ", etc..

In 1984. Resnick and composer P. Pauls initiating the annual contest in Jurmala.

Songwriting Ilya Reznik has been recognized not only in the country but also abroad. This, in addition to those mentioned, show awards: Bronze Lyre "(1977, for the song" Sing, land to the music of A. Kalvarskaya performed a. Trinity), "Golden Lyre" (1986, for the song "Vernissage" to music by R. Pauls in the performance of L. Vajkule), Grand Prix at international contest "Orpheus" (1990, for the song "Edith Piaf" by T. Gverdtsitely), Russia's National Musical Prize "Ovation" (1995), a literary prize named P. Christmas (1996) for outstanding achievements in the field of sung poetry, as well as Russian television award "Golden Star" in California (1996). 22 times the poet became the winner of TV contest "Song of the Year.

. In addition to the songs the poet wrote many poems, several scenarios of the play.

. In 1978 in Moscow at the theater actor premiere of his opera-mystery "The Black bridle on a white mare" (music and staging S
. Sherling). In 1980 he wrote the screenplay "Moscow Olympic" for the Leningrad Music Hall (director and. Rachlin). In 2001 with great success premiere tale musical "small country" with a large sports arena, the Sports Palace "Luzhniki".

. In 1991, Ilya Reznik created his own theater, the first of which was the premiere of musical "Game of Rasputin, or nostalgia for Russia" concert hall "Russia"
. In 1992-1994, Ilya Reznik Theater successfully toured in the U.S.. In Russia, the traditional steel copyrights Vernissage Ilya Reznik on stage concert hall "Russia".

Even in 1969 in Riga, the poet's first book for children "patter does not want to be a clown". Verses and fairy tales, funny fables and instructive stories, very musical in rhythm, full of gentle humor, love and tenderness for young readers. And all of these works were written in the best traditions of Russian children's classic literature. In recent years, saw the light of the 5 books of the series "Kukushechka", as well as the book Fidget on behalf of Luke, "" King Arthur "," Why in the blue sky, golden clouds? ", A collection of poems and fairy tales" Here! ". In a series of "small country" came out book "Forest Tales", "Cow of Komarovo", "Colorful alphabet", "Our Duniasha", "Kashalotik-caching.

. Evaluating creativity Ilya Reznik, . Sergei Mikhalkov - classic children's literature - said: "If I were asked to name the poets, . whose work is organically linked with the music and at the same time can exist separately, . I have mentioned only three names: Vladimir Vysotsky, . Okudzhava, . Ilya Reznik ",

In 1999 I.R. Resnick is a member of the Moscow Writers' Union. He is the author of books: "Monologues singer", "Two of the city", "Favorites", "My life - a carnival," "Alla Pugacheva and others," the "guy". In 2000, Ilya Reznik, opened his own publishing house - "Library Ilya Reznik.

I.R. Reznik - Honored Artist of the RSFSR, Commander of the Order of Merit, Member of the Board of Directors of ORT television station, member of the Academy of Social Sciences, a member of the Public Council for Children's Rights, headed by the wife of the President of Russia, LA. Putina. In 1998, the Star Square at the concert hall "Russia" for his outstanding contribution to the national culture laid nominal plate-Star Ilya Reznik. The American Astronomical Society, "International Star Registry" was named after him star in the constellation of Orion.

Ilya Rahmielevich not used to get sick and relax. The vilest of the human senses believes jealousy, and the most attractive - decency.

He loves literature, music, theater, cinema. From the Russian classics, especially appreciated poets A. Pushkin A. Block, a writer A.P. Chekhov, composer C. Rachmaninoff. Is a fan of the singer Maria Callas. He is fond of billiards and a game of backgammon.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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REZNIK Ilya Rahmielevich, photo, biography
REZNIK Ilya Rahmielevich, photo, biography REZNIK Ilya Rahmielevich  Honored Artist of the RSFSR, winner of the All-Union and international competitions and festivals, photo, biography
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