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Natalia Bessmertnova

( The People's Artist of USSR, laureate of Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR, laureate of international competitions)

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Biography Natalia Bessmertnova
photo Natalia Bessmertnova
Born July 19, 1941 in Moscow. Father - Immortal Igor, MD. Mother - Bessmertnova Antonina Yakovlevna (maiden name - Peshkov), housewife. Spouse - Yuri Grigorovich, choreographer, People's Artist of USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes.

. Ballerina NI Bessmertnova entered the history of national art in the galaxy of brilliant dancers from M. T. Semenova and G. Ulanova to today's young "stars"
. This galaxy is the glory of Russian art and performance art influenced artists all over the world. NI Bessmertnova belongs to her and a prominent place of honor.

The family was Bessmertnova artists. But Natasha was a child she loved dancing and was interested in ballet. Therefore, it gave in 1952 to study at the Moscow Ballet School, where she made rapid progress and brilliantly finished it in 1961 by educators MA Kozhukhova and SN Golovkina. Immediately after that, she was admitted to the Bolshoi Theater, where she worked until 1995.

From the first steps in the Bolshoi Theater in NI Bessmertnova evident talent lyrical nature. Her debut was the seventh waltz and a mazurka in "Les Sylphides" Fokine, . She also made in the main role of modern ballet AI Balanchivadze "Pages of Life" (production by LM Lavrovsky), . where her partner had started his stage career with her ML Lavrovsky.,

. NI Bessmertnova has few data dancers romantic plan
. The lines of her body elongated, flexible, plastic, refined, elegant, and expressive hands. The dance of light and airy, organic artist lives in it. Along with "Les Sylphides" one of her roles was the crown of the ballet Giselle. On tour in England and in other countries, its performance has been an extraordinary success. Ballerina quickly gained world fame and had a diverse, admired its art press in the USSR and abroad.

External Data romantic dancers combined with NI. Bessmertnova with the rare ability to a variety of dance and the plastic expression of the inner world of characters performed by it, . with a good sense of style of various ballets, . that enables a broad transformation of the scenic appearance of her heroines.,

. In the future, NI Bessmertnova performed leading roles in many ballets, the repertoire of the Bolshoi Theater, including all performances, set Grigorovich.

. High spirituality characteristic of all her roles
. We say that among them Leila in the ballet "Layla and Majnun" SA Balasanyan staged Goleizovsky (1964), . Maria in The Fountain of Bakhchisarai Asafiev staged RV Zakharova (dancer was introduced in this play in 1967), . The girl in "The Vision of roses" Fokine to music by K. Weber (1967) and others.,

. Exceptional musicality ballerina manifested not in the simple pursuit of the music, but in the sense of music as an internal filling dance
. Her dance, technically flawless, rich in nuances and sometimes the plastic is like improvisational nature. Ballerina merges with his dance party, it seems that her dance created her own here and now.

Especially all this is manifested in ballets set Grigorovich. Her Masha in The Nutcracker (1968) - a young dreamer, aspiring after his dream to unknown gave. Fragile but courageous Phrygia in "Spartacus" (1968) suffer from being converted into bearer World sorrow, born of a universal catastrophe. Sleek and flexible, like a gazelle, Shirin in Legend of Love "(1965) and grieving niknet the end of this tragic work. Dual Odette / Odile in "Swan Lake" is presented as two-faced Janus, predetermining the tragic fate of the Prince. Her Raymonda in the ballet (1984) majestic and proud. Anastasia in "Ivan the Terrible" (1975) is mysterious and mysterious. And the role of Valentine in "Angara" (1976) and Rita in the "Golden Age" (1982) allowed NI Bessmertnova to create images of contemporary women, and her talent sparkling new faces.

Equally distinctive NI Bessmertnova and as Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" (she danced two editors - and LM Lavrovsky, and Grigorovich), Kitri in "Don Quixote, Aurora in" Sleeping Beauty. Repertoire is extensive actress, her creative range is wide, dancing skills perfectly, but the gift of reincarnation in various images unique.

. It should be noted that NI Bessmertnova was the first performer of Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" Prokofiev and Anastasia in Ivan the Terrible to the music of Prokofiev set Grigorovich in the Paris Opera (1976 and 1978).

. For his contribution to the choreographic art NI Bessmertnova awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR (1976), Lenin (1986) and the USSR State Prize (1977)
. She also won first prize at the International Ballet Competition in Varna (Bulgaria) in 1965 and the prize Anna Pavlova in Paris in 1970.

. After retiring in 1995 from the Bolshoi, NI Bessmertnova since then and currently works as a choreographer, tutor in all performances, which Grigorovich put in different cities of Russia and in foreign countries

NI Bessmertnova telebalete starred in "Romeo and Juliet" (1968), participated in the movie Giselle (1975), "Les Sylphides" (1977), in movies, the ballet "Spartacus" (1976), "Grozny Century (for the ballet "Ivan the Terrible", 1977). Creativity NI Bessmertnova dedicated television movie "Life in Dance" (1978).

In his spare time, Natalia enjoys listening to music, read books, spend time outdoors, visiting museums, traveling.

Lives in Moscow.

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Natalia Bessmertnova, photo, biography
Natalia Bessmertnova, photo, biography Natalia Bessmertnova  The People's Artist of USSR, laureate of Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR, laureate of international competitions, photo, biography
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