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Berkovskii Viktor Semenovich

( Bard, Ph.D., Professor)

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Biography Berkovskii Viktor Semenovich
photo Berkovskii Viktor Semenovich
Born July 13, 1932 in Zaporozhye. Died July 22, 2005.
Father - Berkovsky Samuel Mikhailovich (1906-1981). Mother - Hertz Ethel V. (1901-1988). Wife - Berkovskaya Margaret D. (1948. born.).

Victor Berkovskii childhood spent in the Ukraine, in his hometown of Zaporozhye. During the Great Patriotic War, he lived with his family to evacuate the city Stalinsk (now - Novokuznetsk), where his mother, known in the city cardiologist, was in charge of the therapy department at the hospital for the severely. Father on the first day of the war he was drafted into the army and left for a time of peace the accounting profession (but always the chief, "as written about him later son), became the ordinary infantry, fought and returned home after being seriously wounded.

After graduating in 1950 from high school, VS. Berkovsky went to study in Moscow, . where he first entered the Moscow Road Institute, . but after 1 year, . choosing the path of an engineer-distributors, . transferred to the Moscow Institute of Steel (later renamed the Institute of Steel and Alloys - Mimis), . which he completed in 1955, specializing in metal forming ",
. He refused to "normal" distribution on the Moscow factory "Sickle and Hammer" and returned to Zaporozhye, . to start working career at Steel Mill Dniprospetsstal, . where at this time formed a great creative team of young engineers and innovators, . these enthusiasts,
. In order to thoroughly learn their specialty, . study it "from the ground up", . Berkovsky (on its own initiative) took the first working position on the roller mill, . and then for 8 years has passed all stages of professional metallurgist-distributors, . After working as a roller, . master, . calibrators, . a senior calibrators rolling mill and, . Finally, . Deputy Chief (and in fact he was the head) the technical department of the plant,
. The role of senior calibrators - the key in the whole process of rolling, . therefore this position is always occupied by the most experienced specialists, . - So that Victor Berkovskii then became the youngest "senior calibrators" in Zaporozhye, . maybe, . throughout the country.,

. In 1962 VS
. Berkovsky returned to Moscow and enrolled in graduate school MISA, . of which the almost all his further working biography - a postgraduate in 1967 defended thesis, . level of which was regarded by opponents as a doctoral, . He stayed to work and teach in this institute (in recent years as a professor),
. Two years (1970-1972) held a business trip to India, where he taught at the Faculty of Metallurgy Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, near Calcutta, where he was sent to a small group of professors. The result of this group was highly appreciated by Indian counterparts, . because all students, . have completed training in Soviet teachers, . demonstrated a high level of training and, . that was the main criterion for the quality of education, . just received a prestigious job in his specialty.,

. The main directions of scientific work Berkovsky - Development of theoretical principles and software computer systems for the calculation of technological parameters of rolling process of varietal and the creation of automated systems for the management regime of rolling mills,
. Defended under his supervision 14 Ph.D. theses, they have published over 120 scientific publications, including the textbook "The theory of plastic deformation and metal forming" (in collaboration with VA. Workmen), through three editions (1969, 1976, 1989), the book "Calibration profile mills mills Glavspetsstali" in 3 volumes (1972, co-author), many textbooks and articles in scientific journals. For services in the field of education he was awarded the title "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russia"

. Almost all his life along with intense teaching and scientific work of Victor Berkovskii composes music - he wrote about 200 songs, . many of whom were not just widely known, . and are the real "songs of our century": "Grenada" (vs. M,
. Svetlov), "Song of step, step" (vs. H. Matveeva), "Well, what with the fact that I was there" (vs. NE. Levitansky), "The Forties fatal" (verses D. Samoilova), "Horses in the Ocean" (verses B. Slutsky), "Remember, boys!", "Song about dog Tyabu", "Alma Mater" (verses D. Sukharev), "Smugglers" (verses E. Bagritsky), "On the distant Amazon" (music with M. Sinelnikov, poems R. Kipling translated from. Marshak), "Cherry clarinet" (verses B. Okudzhava), "Splyashem, Peggy, splyashem!" (Scottish songs in translation and. Tokmakova), "the music of Vivaldi's" (music, together with C. Nikitin, A poem. Velichansky), "Snowfall" (vs. NE. Moritz) and many others.

Victor Berkovskii - one of the most recognized masters of art song composer. For his style is characterized by a rich, bright melodies, intense rhythms, lush harmony. Music Berkovskii always distinguished organically inherent in it "orchestral" sound, is still, unfortunately, few realized in practice. Traditional art song to guitar accompaniment, . completely self-sufficient for most of bardic music, . only marginally able to transfer all the wealth of musical ideas, . laid down by the composer in his own songs, . - So what is happening now expanding tooling genre promises are natural and rich continuation.,

. High level of creative requests, . quality requirements of poetry chosen, . characteristic of this author from his very first song, . which were written in Zaporozhye in the late 1950, . when the genre of art song just formed and is sensitive to their priorities, . largely determined its further development, and undoubtedly contributed to, . that "in this case" once was asked "the right tone",
. At the heart of most songs Berkovsky, . usually, . are the best examples of contemporary Russian poetry, and most importantly, . as noted, . example, . poet Yuri Levitansky in his foreword to one of the disks of the composer, . "He who seldom speaks remarkably affordable art proper reading of poetry, . read accurately, . with a good understanding of all its nuances of meaning and sound, . and because his music is almost always adequate to verse, . poetic line becomes the only possible sound ",
. A vivid example of such an accurate "hit" in the poem, after which it is no longer thought of sounding a different way - the song "Granada". Music on a famous poem Svetly repeatedly tried to write and to, . after Berkovsky, . including some very famous composers, . but the people know and sing it only in "Berkovskii" variant, . with the single melody, . that seemed born with these verses,
. And, as it happens with the songs, which became "popular", too often artists do not even remember the name of the composer

. Significant layer of art Berkovskii is written with Sergei Nikitin music for theatrical productions, . films and radio plays, . including such, . as "Mary Poppins" (Theater Yermolova, . 1975), . "Horses" (Central Children's Theater, . 1975), . "Sea Gate" (songs to poems SW,
. Vizbora; k / f, Riga Studio, 1974), "The Great Doctor's Tale" (radio play on the tale to. Capek, 1977), "Ali Baba and the 40 songs of the Persian bazaar" (musical play, a scenario in. Smekhova, 1979, raised in many theaters in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan); songs to the children's radio program "Alarm" (the verses in. Levin D. Harms, 1978).

Songs in. Berkovskii published in the author's collections, "Dad, Mom, guitar and Me: Songs From. Nikitin, and In. Berkovskii for children and their parents "(published. "Music", 1990), "Viktor Berkovsky. Songs "(published. "Soviet Composer", 1991, status. L. Belenky), and - most complete - in the book "100 songs Victor Berkovskii" (ed. "Argus", 1995, status. V. Romanova), and published in magazines and newspapers are included in the collections of songs and dozens of Internet sites

. Discography composer, . besides a few vinyls (including Grenada, . Grenada, . Grenada my ... "1989;" Alma Mater ", . 1991) and a number of audio cassettes, . includes CD-ROM "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" (1995), . "Cherry clarinet" (1996), . "Splyashem, . Peggy, . splyashem! "(1998), . "Under the music of Vivaldi" (2001),

Concerts in. Berkovsky began to speak much later than most other contemporary bards; many of his now well-known songs were first heard from the stage in the performance of the Quintet by Sergei Nikitin (creative fellowship which lasts for many years), . and the first performer of "Grenada" has become popular in the early 1960's fiztehovsky quartet under Mikhail Balashov,
. Only in the late 1970's a wide audience could finally hear the songs Berkovskii in his own, copyright enforcement. At first they were very sporadic performances with friendly support of the duo Nikitin, . later, . when Berkovskii drew up his songs Galina Bochkin and Dmitry Dichter, . a new creative copyright-performing team, . soon won the love and recognition of the many fans of art song,
. Its participants evolved over time, the past 20 years Viktor Berkovskii appears in a duet with Dmitry Bogdanov (which also combines an active performing activities with the serious work of mathematician and programmer of the highest class). Together with D. Bogdanov was recorded almost all the records and CDs of the composer. In addition to performances in Russia (they have traveled almost the entire country), the duo repeatedly toured in Germany, Israel, USA and Canada

. A perpetual desire to share bard singing songs, . not necessarily own, . in a friendly team (while working in India, he even created a "chorus of Russian professors", . who had considerable success with the local public), . - Once led to the emergence of an ensemble of bards "Not a tramp" (this happened during the preparation of a memorial evening Yuri Vizbora in the Concert Hall "Russia"),
. The idea of "the bard of the choir, in turn, formed the basis of the project" Songs of the century ", and Victor Berkovskii became its artistic director (together with Sergei Nikitin). The project had considerable success: now recorded three CDs of the same name, same name as a concert program with participation of leading authors and artists has been repeatedly demonstrated both in this country and abroad

. Victor Berkovskii never been awarded anything was: it happened, . that even the participation in festivals and competitions of art song, he took just as a jury member (he was, . particularly, . repeated chairman of the jury Grushinskiy Festival),
. It is certainly not a member of the Composers' Union, as never "studied music" in the respective schools and did not have a "piece of paper", which officially would testify to his professional skills. He just wrote songs that people love, sing, would love to sing and always.

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Berkovskii Viktor Semenovich, photo, biography
Berkovskii Viktor Semenovich, photo, biography Berkovskii Viktor Semenovich  Bard, Ph.D., Professor, photo, biography
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