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Gorodnizky Alexander M.

( Doctor of geological-mineralogical mineralogical sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Russia, laureate of the State Literary Award Bulat Okudzhava)

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Biography Gorodnizky Alexander M.
photo Gorodnizky Alexander M.
Born March 20, 1933 in Leningrad, in the family of employees. Father - Moses Gorodnizky Afroimovich (1908. born.). Mother - Rachel Gorodnizky Moiseevna (1908 g.rozhd.). Wife - Nahl Anna (1942 g.rozhd.). Son - Gorodnizky Vladimir (1955. born.).

Alexander Gorodnitsky - a resident of the blockade of Leningrad. In 1951 he graduated with a gold medal from high school and enrolled at the Geophysical Department of the Leningrad Mining Institute named after GV. Plekhanov, who graduated in 1957, specializing in geophysics.

In the same year was hired by the Scientific-Research Institute of Arctic Geology, Ministry of Geology of the USSR. In the years 1957-1962 as geophysics, senior geophysics, the Brigade Commander and Chief of the party worked in the north-western part of the Siberian platform, in Turukhansk, Igarkskom and Noril'sk areas. Engaged geophysical search for copper-nickel ores and copper mineralization, which include methods of magnetometry and electrical. He was one of the discoverers Igarkskogo copper-nickel field (1962).

Since 1961, participated in oceanographic cruises in the Atlantic, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Baltic and Black Seas, including the expedition sailboat "Kruzenshtern". He is one of the authors of a new method of measurement of the electric field of the ocean (1967). In 1967, together with VD. Fyodorov and AN. Paramonov opened bioelectrical effect of phytoplankton in the sea. In 1968 he defended his thesis on "Application of magnetometry and Electrometry to explore the ocean floor". From 1969 to 1972 headed the Laboratory of Marine Geophysics at the Research Institute of Arctic Geology in Leningrad.

In 1972 he transferred to work in Moscow on behalf of the Institute of Oceanology, PP. Shirshov Academy of Sciences of the USSR, where until 1985 he worked as a senior researcher in the department of tectonics of lithospheric plates. Since 1985, directs the Laboratory of geomagnetic research. Participated in more than 20 flights of research vessels in various parts of the world's oceans. Repeatedly participated in dives on manned submersibles, participated in the search for Atlantis. In 1982 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences on the topic: "The structure of the oceanic lithosphere and the formation of seamounts". Since 1991 - Professor of Geology of seas and oceans.

He has published over 260 scientific works, including 8 monographs on geology and geophysics of the ocean floor.

п░.п°. Gorodnizky actively teaching at the International University of Dubna, where he is Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences and at Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, where he gives lectures on marine geophysics. He - Academician of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences (1992), Chevalier of the Blue Cross of Natural Sciences (1998).

Along with the scientific activities Gorodnizky Alexander is widely known as a poet and songwriter. He, like Bulat Okudzhava, Alexander Galich and Vladimir Vysotsky and Yuri Vizbora, considered one of the founders of the genre of art song in our country.

. Lyrics Alexander Gorodnitsky began writing while in high school (1947), and the songs - in the first expedition (1954)
. His first poetic publication date from 1948.

And on songs. Gorodnitski grew more than one generation of our citizens. Many of the songs written by him in the Far North and in the distant ocean voyages and enjoying widespread popularity, is still considered to be anonymous and folk. These include the song "Snow", "Wooden town", "Song of the polar pilots," rift "," On the mainland "," Canada "," Pillars of Hercules "," wife of the French Ambassador, "" Pure ponds "and many Other. The song "Atlanta", won the All-Union song contest in 1966, became a legend for the tens of millions of fans of art song.

. For many years A. Gorodnitsky successfully gives concerts and readings in this country and abroad
. He frequently appeared in major concert halls of Moscow, . Petersburg, . Novosibirsk, . Yekaterinburg, . Rostov, . Samara, . Saratov, . Nizhny Novgorod, . Kiev, . Dnepropetrovsk, . Kharkov, . Odessa, . Zaporozhye, . Donetsk, . Lugansk, . Minsk, . Mogilev, . Vitebsk, . Tashkent, . Almaty, . Riga, . Tallinn, . Vilnius, . Kazan, . Chelyabinsk, . Krasnoyarsk, . Voronezh, . Murmansk, . Arkhangelsk, . Norilsk, . Vladivostok, . Yakutsk, . Chisinau and other cities,
. Repeatedly visited on tours abroad: in France (Paris, . Grenoble, . 1968), . Poland (Warsaw, . Cracow, . Wroclaw, . 1966), . Israel (Jerusalem, . Tel Aviv, . Haifa, . 1990, . 1993, . 1995, . 1996), . (Washington, . NY, . Chicago, . Atlanta, . Houston, . LA, . Philadelphia, . Boston, . Kansas City, . Salt Lake City, . Cincinnati, . San Francisco, . Cleveland etc., . 1993, . 1995), . Germany (Berlin, . Munich, . Hamburg, . Frankfurt, . Potsdam, . Bremen, . Lubeck, . Dortmund, . Wuppertal, . Wiesbaden etc., . 1996, . 1997),

A Discography. Gorodnitski has about 50 kinds of plates, laser discs, audio and video cassettes with copyrighted songs. Among them: "Russian bards. Alexander Gorodnitsky "(YMCA-Press, . Paris, . 1977), . "Atlanta" ( "Melody", . Leningrad, . 1987), . "Meeting Friends" ( "Melody", . Leningrad, . 1987), . "Bereg" ( "Melody", . Leningrad, . 1988), . "Around the square" ( "Russian-German music", . St.Petersburg, . 1993), . "For those, . Who on Earth "(CD, . Petersburg Recording Studio, . 1995) and many, . others.,

. Alexander Gorodnitsky - author of 23 books of poems, songs and prose memoir
. Among them: "Atlanta" (Verses. : Sov. writer, 1967), "New Holland" (Verses. : Sov. writer, 1971), "Coast" (Verses. : Sov. writer, 1984), "Midnight Sun" (Verses. : Sov. writer, 1990), "Migrant angels" (Poems and Songs. Sverdlovsk: Start, 1991), "and near and far away" (Memuarnaia prose and songs. M.: Poligran, 1991), "Islands in the Ocean" (Songs. M.: MGTSAP, 1993), "Constellation of Pisces" (Verses. Petersburg.: The Ninth Wave, 1993), "Next to the Ocean" (Doc. story. Prose and Song. Petrozavodsk: Karelia, 1993), "The Island of Israel" (Poems and Songs. Jerusalem: 1995), "The Seasons" (Poems. Moscow: Sampo, 1996), "Ice stirrup" (Verses. Petersburg.: Star, . 1997), . "Atlanta kept the sky" (Jerusalem, . 1999), . "Seeds stations (St. Petersburg: Petropol, . 1999), . "For the time after him" (M.: Vagant, . 1999), . "Selected Poems and Songs" (St. Petersburg: Limbus Press, . 2000), . "Works" (Moscow: Lokid, . 2000), . "When fate is at stake" (M.: Eksmo, . 2001), . "I live for hope" (M.: Vagrius, . 2001), . as well as numerous periodical publications in domestic and foreign literary magazines, . compilations, . almanacs,
. These include magazines "Banner", "Continent", "Friendship of peoples", "Youth", Zvezda, Neva, Petropol and other. Songs and poems by Alexander Gorodnitski translated into English, French, German, Bulgarian, Czech, Spanish, Polish, Hebrew and other languages.

For several decades, a lot of time and effort A. Gorodnizky paid propaganda art song. Since 1971, he - permanent chairman of the jury the world's largest festival of author and amateur song memory Valery Grushin, which runs on the banks of the Volga near Samara. As chairman and member of the jury, he frequently participated in international, all-Union and All-Russia festival of author and amateur song in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Tallinn, Ulyanovsk, Kursk, Chelyabinsk and other cities. Taught courses on the author's songs in Russia, the USA and Germany. Supervised creative workshops for young authors.

Creativity And. Gorodnitski subject of numerous articles, reviews and research reports in our country and abroad. Songs Gorodnitski and comments to them are included in textbooks on the author's song for high school. They performed many times on radio and television in Russia and other countries have become the subject of numerous TV movies.

. Lyrics and songs Gorodnitski included in the anthology of contemporary Russian poetry (anthology of Russian poetry "Stanzas Century" (1995), "St. Petersburg in Russian Poetry" (1975), "The Law of Random Numbers", "155 poets in the 850-year anniversary of Moscow" (1997 ), etc.)
. In 1998, he assigned the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum Art Award, and in 1999 he was awarded the first National Literary Prize Bulat Okudzhava. He was awarded medals "50 Years of Victory in Yelikoy Patriotic War" and "300 years of Rossiyskogo fleet.

A. Gorodnitsky is a member of the Writers' Union of Russia (1972) and International PEN, the president of the Association of Russian bards.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    Gorodnizky Alexander M., photo, biography
    Gorodnizky Alexander M., photo, biography Gorodnizky Alexander M.  Doctor of geological-mineralogical mineralogical sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Russia, laureate of the State Literary Award Bulat Okudzhava, photo, biography
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