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DOBRYNIN Vyacheslav

( People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, winner of the all-Union, national and international competitions and festivals)

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Biography DOBRYNIN Vyacheslav
Born January 25, 1946 in Moscow. Mother - Anna Dobrynin, a participant of the war, a knight of many military decorations. Wife - Irene, an architect by profession. Daughter - Catherine (1978. born.), a graduate of the Institute of Cinematography and was featured in TV series "Strawberries", movies "Turn key", "objects of beauty", "Parting with Moscow". Granddaughter - Sonia (2000. born.).

Musical inclinations manifested Viacheslav from early childhood. For three years he began to pick up hearing certain songs. My mother could not help noticing his son talent and invited private music teachers, and in seven years, gave it to a music school. Choosing a musical instrument, however, proved difficult. Glory and tried to play the violin and the piano and cello, but eventually stopped on the accordion

. "I studied in school odinnadtsatiletke? 5 at the Academy of Sciences, . says Vyacheslav, . sitting at a desk with his son Academician Landau, . the same class with me, children learn many luminaries of Soviet science - academics Skazkin, . Topchieva, . Nesmeyanov, . Khristianovich, . Pankratova ..,
. But to become a scientist, I did not want to, but to become a musician, do not regret anything ".

After music school Vyacheslav enrolled in music school named after the October Revolution, where he finished just two branches - conductor, choral and popular (at bayan). Had to combine their studies with classes at Moscow University, where Dobrynin came in 1963 at the Faculty of History. But here, chose a "kinship" with the music profession - the theory and history of art.

The educational process is not particularly interested in the young student-historian: he had got another passion - the group "The Beatles", began its triumphal march around the world. Vyacheslav tried every way to imitate their idols: wear appropriate pants and jackets, his hair cut "under the fungus, and then grew at all" Patli ". Sang the famous Beatles songs and even composed their own songs in their style. All this could not affect the learning. After the first course Dobrynin was nearly expelled from the university, and he was transferred to the evening department. In 1970 Vyacheslav Dobrynin graduated from the University, but his career as an art historian was extremely brief.

By the time Dobrynin has worked in many student musical groups in Moscow. In them, as we know, originated the first vocal and instrumental ensembles. Even in 1968, Vyacheslav met with Pavel Slobodkin, who gathered the musicians in the group "Jolly Fellows" (through it in the future have been many well-known representatives of the national pop and rock music). It includes Dobrynin participated in the recording of the USSR's first minion, which included becoming the popular song "Aleshkina Love" and two songs of the Beatles with lyrics in Russian (vocals made Leonid Berger). The success was enormous. "Jolly Fellows" were actively invited to tour, but Vyacheslav travel with the team, alas, could not: he had graduated from a university.

In 1970, Dobrynin settled guitarist in the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem. In parallel, led popular in those years of vocal-instrumental quartet Lada, who subsequently resigned from the orchestra and became an independent group. Then he met with Alla Pugacheva, and wrote to her a few songs, two of which - "22 +28" and "Hey, musketeers!" - Enjoyed great popularity.

. In 1971, the artist left the quartet "Lada" and began to speak in the ensemble of "The Bremen Town Musicians" with Oleg Anofrievym as soloist
. After a while he became part of VIA's Gems "under the leadership of Yuri Malikova. (Incidentally, Vyacheslav Dobrynin took part in the creation of this now famous group.) One of the first hits written by Viacheslav for "Gem" was the song on the verses in the. Kharitonov "We, the young ..." ( "Our hands are not for boredom"), is very popular among the men of student teams. Then songs Dobrynin appeared in the ensemble's repertoire includes the Blue Guitar "," Jolly Fellows "and other groups.

. Vyacheslav Dobrynin's official debut as a composer was held in 1974, . when the first "Tune" released flexible vinyl record with his song "I love you" by Lev Leshenko (the same song sung then Vadim Mulerman and Alla Pugacheva),
. Then, literally one after another appeared flexible vinyl records and minions with songs Dobrynin: "Dreams" ( "True Friends"), . "On earth live love" ( "Jolly Fellows"), . "If we would be together", . "No flowers your love", . "We, . young ... ", . "On earth live love" ( "Gems"), . "Oh, . These dances "(Watercolors),
. The first author was a vinyl minions Dobrynina plate, where his songs recorded ensembles "Jolly Fellows", "Singing Heart" and "п?п?п№я?я?, the song". Soon came the first author's disk-giant - all works in it played Leo Leshchenko.

The success of many of the first songs of the young composer contributed to his meeting with the venerable poet Leonid Derbeneva. Together they composed a total of more than 100 songs. The most popular among them - "Native Land", "Everything in life is me," "Who told you," "Not a minute of rest", "Where were you" and, of course, the famous "Farewell", which hit, It seems that all records of popularity and performing to this day. Vyacheslav Dobrynin also collaborated with poets, M. Ryabinin, N. Olev, M. Plyatskovskim, M. Tanichev AND. Shaferanom, D. Usmanov, P. Christmas, in. Tatarinov, V. Ginom, C. Islands,. Kochanowski, A. Transverse.

Since the mid 1970's in. Dobrynin has become one of the most popular composers in the Soviet Union the number of hits written by competing with D. Tuhmanov, SW. Antonov, A. Zatsepin. The real hits of that time were: "The white bird cherry" (A. Herman), "Put the leaves" (In. Obodzinsky), "Everything in life is me," "Be happy" ( "Gems"), "Where were you" and "rocking the car" ( "п?п?п№я?я?, the song"), "Write me a letter" ( " L. Leshchenko, as well as "Jolly Fellows"), "Who told you" ( "п?п?п№я?я? song," Singing Heart ", H. Brody ")," Do not you dream of, "Do not be angry at me," "bitter," "Between you and me" ( "Blue Bird"). Singers and groups literally vied with one another, alternately performing the same works of the composer.

In the 1980's Dobrynin continued to build on the creative activity. At this time, there are the super hits: "On the boat music plays" and "You came" (performed on. Zarubina), "Red Horse", "Here they parted," "Robinson", "Big Bear", "Old album", "In our yard" (performed by M. Boyarsky), "Forgive me, Earth" ( "Earthlings"), "Do not worry, Auntie," "Bologoye", "I want to know everything!" ( "Jolly Fellows").

1986 is the time another debut Vyacheslav Dobrynin. At this time musician for the first time out on the stage as the author-artist. It happened quite by accident. Together with the poet Simon Osiashvili they wrote the song "Rescue". For the TV program "Shire Krug" it was supposed to write Mikhail Boyarsky. But to come from Leningrad in time could not, and then all decided that singing should be ... Dobrynin himself.

Dobrynin then was almost the only nepoyuschim author: along with the well-known authors and performers - S. Antonov, IN. Miguli, E. Martynov at the scene were already in full and new singers composers - and. Korneluk IN. Reznikov, M. Muromov AND. Nikolaev, and. Saruhanov ... Vyacheslav decided to write his "Savior", and did it on the first take. After the demonstration program on television at the composer was bombarded with letters. People have written kind words and thanked and asked to continue "singing experiment".

In 1987, after the execution of the "New Year's spark" his own song "Grandmothers-old women (based on poems by Simon Osiashvili) fame Dobrynina Executive was further strengthened. He began to give solo concerts which drew thousands of audience. The record was set in Dnepropetrovsk, where for 20 consecutive days at his concerts going full stadium. In the late 1980's to the author's performance sounded new hits Vyacheslav Dobrynin - "Blue Fog" and "Do not rash me the salt to the wound, repeatedly gets in the first place of charts. Popularity Dobrynina increasingly gathered momentum. He became toured abroad, speaking mainly to the Russian-speaking audiences in Europe and America.

In 1990, the firm "Melody" for the plate "Blue Fog" and "The Sorcerer Lake", published editions of seven million copies, presented to Vyacheslav Dobrynin "Golden Disc". In total, during the period 1974-1990 years on the main record company of the country recorded more than 300 songs of the composer.

. In the 1990's there were dozens of new hits Dobrynin, . including in his own performance - "Crazy rain", . Fine, . "Nobody does not love you so, . I ", . "Flows like music", . The Queen of Spades, . Casino, . "Ah, . what a woman ", . "Never mind", . "I'm afraid of your love",
. Is no accident it was called not only as "Dr. Schlager.

For more than 30 years of creative activity Vyacheslav Dobrynin wrote about 1000 songs, album released 17 LPs, 12 minions, 19 CD. Only in the final concert of the popular festival "Song of the Year" for 20 years was made more than 40 songs of the composer. His songs in different years performed almost all the stars of a domestic platform. Today he is collaborating with Joseph Kobzon, Irina Allegrova, Michal Shufutinskiy, Mikhail Boyarsky, Lev Leshchenko, Masha Rasputina, Alexander Malinin, Alena APIN, Alexei Gala ..

. Vyacheslav - People's Artist of Russia (1996), . Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1991), . Laureate of Lenin Komsomol (1986), . Moscow Komsomol Award (1982), . three-time winner of National Prize of Russia "Ovation", . Prize winner Isaac Dunaevsky and premium "Gold gramophone",
. He repeatedly became the laureate of many popular Union and international competitions and festivals ( "Jurmala", "Yalta", "Bratislava Lyre", "Golden Orpheus", "Zielona Gora). September 27, 1998 on "Star Square" at the concert hall "Russia" laid down just a slab Vyacheslav Dobrynin.

Among hobbies musician - Russian and foreign classical literature, music, movies 1950-1960-ies. His favorite writers - Gogol, Chekhov, Zweig, Bulgakov, composers - Beethoven, Mussorgsky, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky. Among contemporary artists Dobrynin clearly identifies the legendary "The Beatles" and "Kridens", as well as Tom Jones, Elton John, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan ...

. Vyacheslav Dobrynin - a big fan of sports: he loves to watch sports TV shows, sometimes walking to the stadium, for many years a member of sport club "Dinamo" and, of course, is an active fan of the same name team.

. Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Vyacheslav the best the sexiest my favorite singer! Love can not! "If someone can find it desirable to old songs because all the past I have, please send it to the soap myrz1987@mail.ru! Thank you for your attention!
  • Olga for DOBRYNIN Vyacheslav
  • On other pages the name of the Mother - Antonov. Viacheslav himself said so from the screen so where did the name Dobrynin? Certainly not a mother!
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  • I love you, you're the best, handsome, seksualnyy.Ty my dream, which never osuschestvitsya.Uvy, alas, alas ...
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    DOBRYNIN Vyacheslav, photo, biography
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