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Biography KVINT Laura G.
photo KVINT Laura G.
Born July 9, 1955 in Leningrad. Husband - Bill Andrew, a singer, deputy director of the State College of Music pop-jazz, popular TV presenter of children's programs. Son - Philip Quint, Dzhuliardskuyu graduated from high school in New York (USA), violinist, in the United States appeared in several television series.

. Laura Quint belongs to an ancient aristocratic family, which has its roots in the days of Ancient Rome (that name carried great Horace!) And gave the world a lot of outstanding people: historians, military, diplomats
. This book was published abroad, "History of Quintus'. Among the ancestors of Laura Gennadievna was an officer Italo-Spanish regiment in Napoleon's army. He came from a poor family and was born in the town of Prato, near Florence that. During the war of 1812 his regiment was defeated at Vitebsk, and he settled here, in Belarus, launching Russia's branch name Quintus.

Laura Quint grew up in a highly educated, intellectual family. Her father - a physicist, laureate of State Prize, a knight of many orders, worked in the defense industry. He was surrounded by the atmosphere of secrecy: the Order kept the house, he did not have the right to wear, so as not to attract attention, while her daughter was supposed to tell everybody that her dad - shipbuilder. My mother was a linguist. Parents are constantly visited by the Philharmonic, theaters. They wanted "to give to art and his daughter. Looking at how, almost standing on legs, Laura danced, standing in the crib, parents have already seen the potential in her ballerina. With 4 years of her raised as a future dancer was taken to the Kirov Theater. In 5 years, she saw "Giselle" with P. Nureyev. The impression of the performance was so great that the memory of it, Laura Quint preserved until now.

Laura was generously gifted child: in 5 years, she already knew how to play the piano. However, parents have seen her only on pointe. It so happened that a ballet career, prevented disease: Laura had a long stay at home with chickenpox. All this time she spent at the piano, and when recovered, she wrote her first song. She was then 7 years old.

Talented girls took the music school at the Leningrad Conservatory, where she began to study piano and composition. With 14 years of her songs have already acquired professional concert organizations, and the first contract of his daughter had to enter my father. The name of the young Laura Quint soon became widely known in the music world.

While studying at the Leningrad Conservatory, which she graduated in 1978, her mentor was a People's Artist of Russia, professor Vladislav Uspensky. The diversity composer, author of symphonic works, he wrote music for films, as well as songs for Edita Piekha and Valentina Tolkunova. Laura Quint walked in the footsteps of his teacher: her art is also an amazingly wide range of. During the years of study at the conservatory she had written one-act opera, symphony, piano miniatures, vocal loops and other chamber works. Her songs were heard in the performance of the Leningrad pop stars: A. Senchina, M. Boyarsky, A. Asadullina. At the age of 18 she became the author of his first musical - "Carlson again flew". This performance so far is on the stage of the St. Petersburg Maly Drama Theater.

In 1985, L. Quintus wrote the music for the play "Pippi Longstocking - Long Stocking" on the book A. Lindgren. Seeing her story on stage, the famous Swedish writer called this work "the best of all, who ever walked on the stage."

. The peak of creativity Laura Quint, according to admirers of her talent and professional critics, has been and remains the opera "Giordano"
. It premiered in 1987 at the State Central Concert Hall "Russia". Opera has put the director in. Druzhinin, author of the libretto was a poet in. Kost, principal roles were danced in. Leontiev and L. Valley. This opera has stood the 56 full house, causing a wide public resonance.

Laura Quint lot and successfully works for film, television, drama theater, radio. Her music was heard in the play "perpetual motion" of the Leningrad Theater "Experiment" (1980), in which she starred as a composer muses. She is the author of music for television movies: "The winds of the Baltic" (1984), which co-starred with in. Leontiev, "Deerslayer" (1990), "Kings of spying for Russia"; feature films "right people" (1985); auditions "Familia" (1996). The musical theme of the play "Last Name" was the basis for the song "Crying", which included in its repertoire F. Kirkorov.

The song is a major genre in the works of Laura Quint. At various times, her songs were performed: A. Pugacheva (Moscow Romance "), T. Gverdtsiteli ( "Old balcony"), in. Tolkunova ( "Sergei"), C. Rotaru ( "Night of Love"), L. Leshchenko and B. Winokur ( "Hey, Slavs"), and. Kobzon ( "Lord, save Russia"). She wrote a whole series of B. Leontiev ( "I'm just a singer", "Rendezvous in Jurmala", "Doplyvu to India", "My angel winged"), H. Babkina ( "Oh, mama, mama", "unmowed meadow", "So what, that was wrong," "Marry a general"), H. Karachentsov ( "Bewitched behind the wheel," "Madam", "Music is a bargain," "Walk", "Maryina Grove"), cabaret duo "The Academy" ( "Where are you, my dear?", "God is a thread" "These pale roses"), A. Apina ( "The Other Woman", "A few hours of love", "Female Friendship" - a song that A. Apina performed with L. Mylyavskii).

Laura Quint has repeatedly collaborated with poets: In. Kostrov, H. Denisov, P. Kazakova, O. Klimenkova, H. Zinoviev L. Rubalsky, L. Voropayeva. Laura Gennadievna itself as an excellent command of the poetic word, and often plays the author of poems for his songs. She - a permanent member of the jury of many music competitions and festivals ( "Contest", "Slavic Bazaar", "Yalta - Moscow - Transit", "Stairway to Heaven" and others).

. Among all created by Laura Quint songs have one - a special, called "Hello, world"
. It sounded at the close of the Goodwill Games in Tallinn, where she played a truly unique ensemble consisting exclusively of Russia's pop stars. Then this tune for a long time served as a radio call sign of Russia. It was fateful for the author: it was after the creation of the song Laura Quint officially "forgiven" her non-Russian last name (even in her youth she had to take the nickname "Dobrova", . under which it works out, . since the first recording of "Sentimental Romance" by Alisa Freundlich),
. "Russian composer must be born - says Laura Gennadievna. - It does not give a pedigree or a registration ... land who wants to and makes its composer ".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Kobzon for KVINT Laura G.
  • Laura G., in the court of the 21st century. Is it time to have to stop telling tales about "Roman aristocratic roots" Jewish girl? I, unlike you, never concealed his Jewish origin. - Joseph
  • ULYANA for KVINT Laura G.
  • I have no other option пTпTп¦п¦п+пTя-я-я¦я¦ to you only on the Internet. Do not hold me evil, I just was not in odykvate then and did not understand what I'm doing. I do not ever not want to offend you and Andrei Mikhailovich. I still can not believe that I have not svami.Ya will always love you for your teplotu.Mne predskazovali that I still have something to survive, my heart broke I offended you. I'll just say this turned out not to be angry with me because I was tired of life and from its eternal sorrow you tried sposti I could not get. On the paper, I now live temporarily in St. Petersburg I really like here is my city. Merry Christmas you and Andrei Mikhailovich. And I hope you will someday forgive. And we will remain friends. forgive me and you will feel better. by Yuliana. Everything will be fine, PROTECT YOUR HEART.
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