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KIM Julius Chersanovich

( Winner of the State Literary Award Okudzhava)

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Biography KIM Julius Chersanovich
photo KIM Julius Chersanovich
Born December 23, 1936 in Moscow. Father - Kim Chersan (1904-1938). Mother - All Saints, Nina V. (1907-1974). Wife - Meadow Lydia Mikhailovna (1947. born.). Daughter - Kim Natalia Yulyevna (1973 g. born.).

When Julia was two years old, the family has come woe: was arrested and shot by his father, exiled mother. Returning from exile in 1946, his mother moved into town Maloyaroslavets Kaluga region, then left with her son in Dashuz (Turkmenistan) on earnings.

. In 1959, Julius Kim graduated from the historical-philological faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after VI
. Lenin and within five years worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary schools in the village Ilpyrsky Karaginskij region of Kamchatka. In 1962, Julius Kim returned to Moscow, and taught in high school? 135, then - in Physics and Mathematics, special boarding schools? 18 Moscow State University (1965-1968). Already in these years Yuli Kim began to write and play with the students singing songs with copyrights interludes and vocal scenes, which were all the elements of a musical.

. In the years 1965-1968 Yuli Kim is one of human rights activists
. In 1966 he married Irina Yakir (1948-1999) - granddaughter of a repressed commander I.E. Yakira. Irina's father, a famous human rights activist and dissident, was arrested at age 14 and was released only at age 32,. In 1968, Julius Kim was forced to leave teaching and substantially limit the concerts and has since been professionally engaged in writing plays, and songs for theater, film and television. In 1969, because of the inability to publish under his own name, he takes his nickname - S. Mikhailov.

As a student teacher's college Yuli Kim began writing songs on his poems. His first concerts were held in Moscow in early 1960. The young composer and singer quickly became one of the most popular and beloved Bard. His songs began to sound in movies, and soon he began to write specifically for film and television. In 1968 he received the first offer to write songs for theatrical performances. Dashkevich, Gen.. Gladkov, A. Rybnikov and others.

In 1974, Julius Kim comes to the Moscow trade union committee of playwrights and begins work on their own plays. In 1985, he starred in the performance of his play "Noah and his sons". In the same year, refused to use a pseudonym and began to publish under his own name. At the same time came the first disc with his songs - "Fish-Whale", which for many years to become a hit in the bardic fraternity. At the same time was shot actually existed ban literary and theatrical criticism in the discussion in the print creativity Julia Kim.

The early songs are imbued with Julia Kim-friendly humor and irony. Author seems to be with someone constantly wink, exchange glances, echoes. Even his first - Kamchatka - the songs were "dazzling and spotty, as the thawing tundra, as the sun painted highlights Sopka, as foamy crest wave Kamchatka coast (L. Ann).

In songs by dissident cycle remains invulnerable under the protection of ingenious allegory, the meaning of which, however, quite transparent, with the text - it is rather dodge, trap. In fact, deadly sarcasm, but not the pathos: Kim is not angry and I think, generally avoids the expression of feelings.

The songs for theater, film and television, he develops the tradition of literary stylization. Recitative, . opera, . popular rhyme talk, . romansovye intonation, . conversational applications - all skillfully arranged in the song "List of genres, from limericks to prayer and partners from Swift to Gorin - not literary justification song, . and the same song,
. We just listen. We must grasp this motley leitmotifs. In this welter of figures - lines of comprehension "(A. Ann).

. To date, Julia Kim's discography includes more than 20 types of vinyl and laser discs, . audio and video cassettes with recordings of copyright songs, . among them: "October 19" (1994), . A collection of three discs Theater Julia Kim "(1996), . Collected works of seven titles (1997-1998).,

. Songs of Julia Kim went into all the anthologies of art song, as well as many poetic anthology of contemporary Russian poetry, including "Stanzas of the century" (compiled by E
. Yevtushenko, 1994).

Julius Kim - author of 15 books of songs, poems, plays, essays and memoirs. Among them: "I - clown" (1989), . Creative Evening "(1990), . "Flying Carpet" (1990), . "Moscow Kitchen" (1990), . "Magic Dream" (1990), . "His way" (1995), . "The Jew of Appeals" (1997), . "On its own motive" (1998), . "Motley collection of heads" (1998), . "Mosaic of Life" (2000), . "Journey to the lighthouse" (2000), . "Works" (2000).,

. Peru Julia Kim owns three screenplay
. Two of them at the studio for children and youth films named M. Gorky director M. Yuzovsky put films "After rain on Thursday" (1985) and "One, two - the mountain does not matter" (1989), to which S. Kim also wrote the lyrics (to music by Gene. Gladkov and P. Grinblat). In addition, he is the author of songs, ballads, vocal numbers, or their texts more than 40 films and television films, among them: "Newton Street, Building 1" (directed by T. Vulfovich; Lenfilm, 1963), "The Adventures of the dentist '(directed by E. Klimov, Mosfilm, 1965), "Bumbarash" (directed by H. Rashi, A. Naroditsky; composer. Dashkevich Studio named A. Dovzhenko, 1972), "Dot, dot, comma ..." (director A. Mitta, composer gene. Gladkov, Mosfilm, 1973), "The Twelve Chairs" (directed by M. Zakharov, composer gene. Gladkov. CT, T / O Ekran, 1976), "Mayakovsky Laughs" (directed by P. Yutkevich, A. Karanovich; composer. Dashkevich, Mosfilm, 1976), "About a Little Red Riding Hood" (directed by L. Nechaev; composer A. Rybnikov; Belarusfilm, 1977), "handsome man" (directed by M. Mikaelian, composer. Dashkevich, CT, T / O Ekran, 1978), "Ordinary Miracle" (directed by M. Zakharov, composer gene. Gladkov, CT, T / O Ekran, 1978), "The Blue carbuncle" (directed by H. Lukyanov, composer. Dashkevich - Belarusfilm, 1979), "Cabbages and Kings" (directed by H. Rashi, composer. Dashkevich; Studio them. A. Dovzhenko, 1979), "Five Evenings" (directed by H. Mikhalkov, Mosfilm, 1979), "Courtship Hussar" (directed by P. Druzhinina; composer gene. Gladkov, CT, T / O Ekran, 1979), "of Kiev, Queen of France" (director and. Maslennikov, composer. Dashkevich; Lenfilm, 1979), "Dulcinea del Toboso" (directed by P. Druzhinina; composer gene. Gladkov, Mosfilm, 1980), "The Tale of Wanderings" (directed by A. Mitta, composer A. Schnittke; Mosfilm studios with the participation of Czechoslovakia and Romania, 1983), "Pippi Longstocking" (directed by M. Mikaelian, composer. Dashkevich, Mosfilm, 1984), "Formula of Love" (directed by M. Zakharov, composer gene. Gladkov, Mosfilm, 1984), "The House That Swift Built" (directed by M. Zakharov, composer gene. Gladkov, CT, T / O Ekran, 1985), "The Fatal Eggs" (directed by P. Lomin; composer. Dashkevich; ADA-FILM; trilobite (Czech Republic), 1995).

Yuli Kim is the author or co-authored over 20 plays, musicals, libretto, staging and compositions. Among them: "As You Like It" (Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya; director P. Fomenko, 1969), "Wandering Billy Pilgrim" (Central Academic Theater of the Soviet Army, directed by M. Levitin, composer. Dashkevich, 1975), "The Flemish legend" (Rock Opera; Lenkontsert, VIA "Singing Guitar", directed by P. Ilyukhin; composer P. Grinblat, 1977), "Ivan Tsarevich" (Moscow Theater in. Mayakovsky, director of E. Kamenkovich, 1982), "eldest son" (Moscow Academic Musical Theater KS. Stanislavsky and VI. Nemirovich-Danchenko, directors M. Dotlibov, M. Kislyarov; composer gene. Gladkov, 1983), "Noah and his sons" (Moscow Drama Theater named after KS. Stanislavsky, the director A. Tovstonogov, 1985), "The Bug" (Folk Opera; Kemerovo Operetta Theater, directed by Yu. Chernyshov, composer. Dashkevich, 1986), "Magic Dream" (Moscow Theater in. Mayakovsky, director of E. Kamenkovich; composer gene. Gladkov, 1987), "Moscow kitchen" (Moscow theater studio "third area"; director on. Kudryashov, composer SW. Kim, 1989), "The Passion of Bumbarash" (Moscow theater under the direction of O. Tabakov, the director on. Mashkov, composer. Dashkevich, 1993), "The non-dimensional Kim-Tango" (Theater of the Hermitage, director of M. Levitin, 1997), "How Ivan Chonkin aircraft guarding" (Norilsk Polar Drama Theater, the director A. Zykov, composer. Dashkevich, 1997), "Who Tsarevna kiss?" (Moscow Youth Theater, directed by B. Rabey, 1997), "Golden Tulip Fanfan" ( "Nikitsky Gate"; director M. Rozovsky, 1998), "The Passion of Mitrofan" (Theater Mossovet; director B. Shchedrin, 1998), "Where EXCURSIONS nuts?" (Norilsk Polar Drama Theater, the director A. Zykov, 1999) and other. Many of them Yuli Kim also made an author or coauthor of music, songs, vocal numbers, texts of songs.

Songs (or lyrics) written by him also to play: "A love less" (Kalinin TUZ; director P. Viktyuk, 1969), "Bumbarash" (Gorky TUZ; director B. Naravtsevich; composer. Dashkevich, 1971), "Til" (Moscow Lenin Komsomol Theater, directed by M. Zakharov, composer gene. Gladkov, 1973), "May not miss" (Central Children's Theater, directed by L. Eidlin; composer. Dashkevich, 1974), "Misanthrope" (Leningrad Academic Theater, comedy, directed by P. Fomenko; composer A. Nikolaev, 1978), "Two Arrows (Theater Studio M. Rozovsky, 1979), "When we had a rest" (Moscow theater of miniatures, director M. Levitin, composer. Dashkevich, 1979), "The Princess and that" (The State Academic Central Puppet Theater, the director in. Cuzco composer gene. Gladkov, 1983), "trial judges" (Moscow State Academic Theater Mossovet, director P. Chomsky, composer. Dashkevich, 1983), "Do not leave me, spring" (Moscow theater studio "third area"; director on. Kudryashov, composer gene. Smooth,. Dashkevich, 1986) and many others. These plays, plays, musicals staged in the theaters in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orel, Tambov, Vilnius, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Norilsk, and other cities in Russia and CIS countries.

. Julius Kim - winner of the State Literary Award Bulat Okudzhava (2000)
. He is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR (1987), the Union of Writers (1991), PEN (1997).

The main task of his life Julius Chersanovich considers the work on the texts of songs and their performance with guitar. He has an intense concert activity, in particular, along with Russia, appeared in the U.S., Germany, France, Israel, Denmark and many other countries. In concert singing the songs composed for his own performance, as well as songs created for the theater, film and television, including the music of other composers.

. Songs of Julia Kim immediately guessed by a special intonation, which combines irony and serenity, reasonable skepticism and the ability to stress the point, hiding emotions
. In Julia Kim wonderfully preserved childish innocence of pure heart, faith in man, in a wonderful feature of human kindness. All this is manifested at the stage where his extraordinary charisma and a kind of domestic artistry compelling, and performing an element of improvisation is very obvious. Hall owns undivided. This ordeal narcissism, the delight of their own personalities to it totally unacceptable: creativity is always higher success.

Julius Kim - a man with an active social position. Known to his numerous interviews and speeches in the press on topical issues of Russia's public life. In his free time, he enjoys being with friends, attend memorial for him.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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KIM Julius Chersanovich, photo, biography
KIM Julius Chersanovich, photo, biography KIM Julius Chersanovich  Winner of the State Literary Award Okudzhava, photo, biography
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