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Krainev Vladimir II

( People's Artist of USSR, USSR State Prize Laureate, Professor Hanover Conservatory)

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Biography Krainev Vladimir II
photo Krainev Vladimir II
Born April 1, 1944 in Krasnoyarsk. Mother - Rachel Moiseevna by profession - Pediatrician. Wife - Tatiana Tarasova (1947. born.), Honored trainer of the USSR, brought a whole galaxy of skaters - the winners of the Olympic Games and world championships.

"Every generation of musicians have their leaders, each generation of music lovers - their idols. Vladimir Krainov - one of them. Brightest personality and "volcano" of emotions, passions and creative ideas "(S. Bashmet).

Childhood Krainev held in Kharkov, in the main street of the city - Sumy. We lived in a communal apartment, in a crowded (in the apartment was still about 40 residents), but very friendly. Winter evenings at their "concerts" all convene neighbor aunt Moore, who superbly played the accordion. And the whole evening swirled in a waltz ...

Musical talent Krainev manifested even in the middle of the special music school in Kharkov, in which he entered in 5-year old. Two years later held his first appearance on the big stage - along with the orchestra, he performed a concert of Haydn and Beethoven's First Concerto.

Enormous role in the formation Krainev as a musician played his mother - Rachel Moiseevna. After graduating from medical school, she went to the front, becoming a surgeon, rescued the wounded. When a son was born, has devoted his whole life. Seeing his talent, work, spare no effort to buy him a piano and teach music. Visited with him all the music lessons, listen and remember all the comments of teachers, then brought him to Moscow ... The talent of the young pianist has not gone unnoticed. He was accepted at Central High a special school under the Moscow State Conservatory named after PI. Tchaikovsky class A.S. Sumbatyan (among its famous students were in. Ashkenazi, ON. Yablonskaya, H. Akopian).

Subsequently exactly A.S. Sumbatyan led Krainev the Moscow Conservatory with Heinrich Neuhaus. "I played his third concert with. Prokofiev - recalls Vladimir Krainov. - Was trapped and made the normal academic performance, which was not, according to Rubinstein, "poured a drop of fresh blood, and Neuhaus took me, but without much enthusiasm ...". But after the entrance examinations G. Neuhaus has changed its view in. Krainov. Performance of "Children's Corner" Debussy led Professor in delight, and Vladimir Krainov soon became one of the favorite disciples of the great masters. After the death of his teacher, he continued his studies at the Conservatory, and then in graduate school at his son, a wonderful pianist Stanislav Neuhaus.

. Worldwide recognition came to Krainev in the early 1960's, when he won the top prizes at major international competitions in Leeds (UK, 1963) and Lisbon (Portugal, 1964)
. After the speech in Leeds, the young pianist was invited on a tour in the U.S.. In 1970 he won a brilliant victory at the IV International competition named after PI. Tchaikovsky in Moscow. These victories opened the world of music a new name - a virtuoso musician, and later teachers in. Krainov. Since 1966 he is a soloist of the Moscow State Philharmonic.

. Performances with renowned orchestras, famous conductors and soloists have won Krainev fame as one of the best musicians of our time, which supports and maintains all the traditions of Russian piano school
. It was he devoted one of his piano concertos A. Schnittke. Today it is difficult to name any famous music scene of the world, which did not appear to concerts VV. Krainov. His inspired, artistic performance of works by Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Schnittke and other composers - the highest standard of craftsmanship.

. In 1978, Vladimir Krainov met with Tatiana Tarasova, even then Honored trainer of the USSR
. Since then, they together. Tatiana in her coaching work pays great attention to the selection of music. According to Vladimir Krainov, she "sees the amazing music combined with the picture - the movement, the plot". V. Krainev wrote for her students - duo H. Bestemianova and A. Bukina four-minute version of "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" C. Rachmaninoff, under which they once again won the league title, chose the music for the programs and. Kulik and the duo Grischuk - Platov before the Olympic Games in Nagano. Krainev's idea to create the famous theater on ice "All Stars" under the direction of T. Tarasova.

Vladimir Krainov wonderfully combines the talent of the teacher, performer and organizer. Even in the Conservatory, from the teachers Henry and Stanislav Neuhaus, he learned not only the skill of performance of a product, but also how necessary to teach others. The desire to share my experience to novice musicians was a natural extension of his creative biography. Since 1987, Vladimir Krainov - Professor of Moscow Conservatory, and since 1994 - professor at the Higher School of Music and Theater (Hochschule) in Hannover (Germany). In his class enrolled 29 young pianists from Russia, CIS, France, China, Germany, Korea and other countries. Among his pupils a concert pianist, winners and winners of many international competitions. Many of his students have already declared himself as a virtuoso performer (M. Danchenko, AND. Pair, and others).

In 1992, VV. Krainev held in Kyiv - the city where he took his first steps in music, the International Competition for Young Pianists, and in 1994 created the Moscow International Charitable Foundation for young pianists, which he is president today. The Fund provides assistance and support future professional musicians, creates conditions for their work in Russia and abroad, arranges tours and concerts of young musicians, supports educational institutions of culture and art. The Fund also pays part of the insurance, apartment, food students - winners of the competition for young pianists in. Krainov. Branches Fund opened in Hanover, Paris, Kiev, Alma-Ata.

Every two years in Kharkov Foundation organizes the International competition of young pianists named after VV. Krainov. A distinctive feature of this contest that work with children not suspended after the completion. Best of the winners continue their studies at the Department of VV. Kraynev at Hanover High School of Music and Theater - one of the leading piano faculties of the world. The winners in. Kraynev performed solo concerts in many European countries. Among the most significant results of their creative growth - and victory. Chetueva at the International Piano Competition, named after a Masters. Rubinstein in Tel Aviv (1998). The winners in. Kraynev - E. Kolesnichenko and I. Rashkovskii became the first holders of the annual nominal scholarships of E.G. Gilels, established the Foundation M. Rostropovich. Krainev distinguishes the extraordinary care of their students - children live in his house, mother and wife are preparing their breakfasts and lunches.

In addition to teaching and organizing work of VV. Krainev continues to lead an intensive concert activity. In the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory annual pass subscription concerts, Vladimir Krainov invites "(prior to 1999 season ticket called" Vladimir Krainov, his friends and disciples). In addition to the maestro of them involved his students - winners of the Competition for Young Pianists in. Kraynev and students of Hanover High School of Music and Theater. These concerts are a huge emotional charge, different brightness, saturation of the program, which includes masterpieces of classical music. According to artistic director of the chamber orchestra "Musica Viva" Alexander Rudin, concerts VV. Kraynev "formed a special atmosphere, personal, home, there is a presence of the spirit of the late XIX - early XX centuries". "His concerts with the students - a unique phenomenon, a harmonious balance of the two wings of his talent - his performing and teaching of art" (C. Jurassic).

The program of speeches VV. Kraynev includes sonatas L.V. Beethoven (? 21, 26, 30, 31), C. Prokofiev, A. Scriabin fortepiyannye concerts VA. Mozart and C. Prokofiev, Concerto for piano and orchestra? 2, mazurkas, ballads, sonatas, etudes, Scherzo and polonaises F. Chopin's works M. Ravel (Gaspard Night ") and F. Schubert ( "Wanderer"). In concerts, Vladimir Krainov invites "participated outstanding contemporary musicians: M. D'Alberto and B. Anzherer (France), ZH.F. Esser and M. Beroff (France), Kun Woo Paik (Korea), In. Manz (Germany), G. Neuhaus (Israel), etc.

Fund VV. Kraynev conducts international music festivals, Vladimir Krainov invites "in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Besides, . the Fund festival southern coast of Crimea in Simferopol and Yalta, . concerts at St. Petersburg State Philharmonic Hall, . in Dnepropetrovsk, . Kiev, . Kharkov, . Tyumen, . Perm, . Izhevsk, . Samara, . Yekaterinburg, . Yaroslavl, . Togliatti, . Bishkek, . as well as in the Czech Republic, . Slovakia, . Slovenia, . Turkey, . Austria, . France, . Germany, . Bulgaria, . Israel, . United States, . Italy,
. In October 1996, the Fund VV. Kraynev became one of the founders of Children's Art Festival in the town of Chernobyl Slavutych. Fund participated in the organization of international competition after SS. Prokofiev in St. Petersburg, chairman of the jury which is VV. Krainov. Vladimir II constantly conducts master classes in various cities of Russia and abroad.

VV. Krainev is a member of the jury of renowned international music competitions: in Leeds, Lisbon, Monte Carlo, Bolzano, Munich, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Moscow (contest name PI. Tchaikovsky).

VV. Krainev awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR (1990), USSR State Prize winner (1986). Awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "IV degree (1997)," Badge of Honor "(1980). He is an academician of the Academy of Humanitarian Sciences of Russia.

Vladimir II loves literature, cinema. Since childhood, fond of sport. While studying in school, Vladimir Krainov professionally engaged in tennis: in 1958 the USSR Championship, held in Kharkov, Ukraine played for the national team in a children's tour. Rooting for a hockey team "Dinamo". After becoming acquainted with the TA. Tarasova became a passionate fan of figure skating. During the years of his artistic career VV. Krainev assembled a large collection of souvenir pianos.

Home Krainev and Tatiana Tarasova is always open for friends. Among them - writer and satirist M. Zhvanetsky, photographer S. Growth, artistic director of Theater "Contemporary" D. Volchek, actors with. Jura, H. Karachentsov, M. Neelova, figure skaters, Olympic champions and. Rodnina, A. Zaitsev, N. Bestemianova, A. Bukin, AND. Moses, A. Minenkov and many others.

Lives and works in Hanover (Germany).

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Krainev Vladimir II, photo, biography
Krainev Vladimir II, photo, biography Krainev Vladimir II  People's Artist of USSR, USSR State Prize Laureate, Professor Hanover Conservatory, photo, biography
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