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LYADOV Lyudmila

( People's Artist of USSR, laureate of State Prize of the USSR and Russia, the winner of the All-Union and international festivals and competitions)

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Biography LYADOV Lyudmila
photo LYADOV Lyudmila
Born March 29, 1925 in Sverdlovsk, in a family of professional musicians. Father - Liadov, Alexei Ivanovich, was a soloist of the Sverdlovsk Opera (tenor), then worked as a violinist in the orchestra (in addition to the violin beautifully played saxophone and mandolin). Mother - Liadov Julia Petrovna (1902 - 1980), choirmaster of Education, conducted by amateur groups, for a long time she sang in the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic. Spouse - Liadov, Alexander Fedorovich.

Parents, early noticing musically gifted daughter, began seriously to prepare her for a career of pianist. Initially invited to the home teacher who gave private lessons Ludmilla. Then it was identified in a music school for the beautiful teacher VA. Bernhard. In 10 years of age, underwent a great contest (out of 150 people were enrolled only 15), Lyudmila entered the children's department of the Sverdlovsk Conservatory to Professor B.S. Marants - a pupil of the famous i.i. Neuhaus. From 11 years old girl playing complicated classical pieces for school parties, elkah in the club, where my mother worked, participated in parades, festivals, competitions. The big event was for her 14-year-old schoolgirl performance with the orchestra under their admirable conductor Mark Pavermana on stage Sverdlovsk Philharmonic. Then she played bemolny concert of Mendelssohn, and a year later with the same orchestra performed the famous First Concerto of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Liszt works. After graduation Lyudmila enrolled at the Conservatoire in the piano class to B.S. Marants. At the same time she was learning at the composition department of the professor VN. Trambitskogo.

During the Great Patriotic War, along with his mother Ludmila actively involved in the work of the concert brigades: they were in the army, in factories, in the Conservatory, on an improvised stage in the station building. Ludmila played classical music, sang songs of his favorite singers - Lydia Ruslanova, as well as new, heard on the radio, songs of war Pokrass, Dunayevsky, Mokrousov, Soloviev-Sedoj, Theological, Katz, Blanter. Sang the "dark night", "Let us light up", "sings accordion for Vologda," Katz was very fond of the song "How's the old oak tree". Many sang a duet with her mother. Their first joint performance was held before the war, at a concert in a rest home: 11-year-old Lyudmila was sitting at the piano, and they have two voices sang the song "And who knows?". Years later, in his solo concerts already known composer Ludmila Liadov often caused from the room mother to sing together. In memory of my mother dedicated her song "The Way", written in verse L. Ovsyannikova ...

In November 1943, among the 12 best students of the Sverdlovsk Conservatory Lyudmila Lyadov sent to Moscow for the parade of young talent, where she was immediately noticed. In the capital came not only a talented student, and novice composer. By the time she had already written a children's miniature on a poem. Barto and B. Petrovsky ( "sleep time", "dove", "soup", "Cornflower", "Butterfly", "Shepherd"), a few choruses, piano pieces, songs on military themes ( "Three-Thani", "Maroussia-partisan" and etc.) and a sonata for piano.

. Upon returning to Sverdlovsk Ludmila Liadov organized a duet with Nina Panteleyeva
. In 1946 they won the first prize at the All-Union Competition entertainers in Moscow. After this brilliant victory there are many proposals. His new songs they brought composers Fradkin, Frenkel, ZHarkovskij, Theology, Khrennikov, Dunaevskii, Milutin, Mokrousov. The girls went on tour in Leningrad, where he sang in the war-torn Peterhof was built on the ruins of the Petrovsky Palace stage. A year later, was again the capital - was invited to take part in a vaudeville theater in the summer garden "Hermitage". The popularity of the duo has grown every year. All processing songs Ludmila Liadov made herself. Her arrangements have attracted its originality and freshness of the sound. In 1947 at the state exam at the conservatory with the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, she played the Third Concerto with. Rachmaninoff. The audience, listening to all three parts in a single breath, suddenly stood up, again and again evoked a happy debutante ...

The spring of 1948 after graduating from the conservatory L. Liadov, and H. Panteleeva went on a long tour of the country: Samara, Orenburg, Orsk, Kharkov, Stavropol, Far East, Leningrad, Arkhangelsk. In February 1951 Ludmila Liadov was admitted to the Union of Soviet Composers. In 1952, the duo broke. L. Liadov start much to write at the piano, sang their songs and songs by other composers.

Creative L. Liadov multifaceted. It combines the talent of the composer, accompanist, singer, pianist-singer.

Ludmilla Liadov created about a thousand songs. Among them is a major, and imbued with subtle melodies and lyrical ballads. For all their diversity brings lack pessimistic or plaintive inflections, melancholy or despair. In recognition of the composer, she and the minor always sounds Majeure.

KI. Shulzhenko, performing such songs L. Liadov, like "Someday", "Phone Call", "Heart Song", "Woman" and others, wrote: "Her songs reveal to us the world is bright and joyful. They are good friends, come into our lives, carrying on its wings inexhaustible of optimism ... "Songs Ludmila Liadov chorus caught the huge halls and entire stadiums. Enormous popularity of "Old March" on the verses M. Vladimov, "Wonder song", "drum" on the verses and. Shaferana, "Ai-Lullaby," written for T. Miansarova and brought her the title winner and the Gold Medal at the VIII World Youth Festival in Helsinki (1962), etc.. "Wonder song" on the verses L. Davidovich and B. Dragunsky after most Ludmila Liadov sang Velikanova, Dorda, Lazarenko, Miansarova and English singer Jerry Scott. First performer of "Old March" began and. Kobzon, then the song was included in the repertoire S. Bogatikova. The song "drum" was played with great orchestras in the performance of E. Gil. "Old March" and "Drum" performed by all the military bands of the country. Military theme was also reflected in other songs Ludmila Liadov.

Especially fruitful Ludmila Liadov collaborated with the poet George Hodosovym. They have written about 100 songs, including the popular "So easy," "Let's go with us," In the Hall of Columns "," regimental band "," п-п+пTп¦я-я-п¦ our ", etc.. L. Liadov works a lot with the poet VY. Lazarev. In his poems written wonderful songs "Woman", "Late bow", "Zarechensky night," "Wrongfully Accused", "Sergei Yesenin", "Tale of Love," Waltz "Earthly Beauty", the song "Late", which included And in his repertoire. Bayanova. Many works were created in collaboration with poets C. Mikhalkov, E. Yevtushenko, H. Dorizo, L. Zubkov, B. Bryansk IN. Petrov, T. Ponomareva and many others.

Song L. Liadov sang outstanding performers: And. Kobzon, E. Eha, e. Gil, L. Zykina, T. Miansarova, E. Zherzdeva IN. Tolkunova, M. Lukacs, NW. Bogatikov etc.. Romance, Captivating Sounds, written L. Liadov on poems Pleshcheeva in 1951, performed a great N.A. Obukhov, and subsequently - a soloist of the Bolshoi Theater L. Maslennikov. Romance "Moonlit Night" sounded in the performance of the People's Artist of the USSR Zara Dolukhanova. Song L. Liadov performed as M. Bieshu AND. Petrov G. Pisarenko, A. Eisen, H. Tkachenko, B. Rudenko, L. Abramova, N. Vasilyev A. Polyanskaya.

The first major piece of music L. Liadov became operetta "Under a black mask". The basis of the libretto, written by playwright Ian Lelgantom, formed the original events from the life of the legendary Russian wrestler Ivan Poddubny. Its premiere was held at the Moscow Operetta Theater in 1961. Statement A made. Sachs, in the leading roles were occupied by a. Besedin H. Kuralesina On. Vlasov, M. Ozolina IN. Wolski,. Kotova, E. Orlovetsky, I. Lelgant. Later operetta "Under a black mask" was a success in many music theaters in the country - in Odessa, Omsk, Tomsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar.

Ludmila Liadov is the author of the opera "Two colors of time" (libretto by E. Koushakov and A. Snitsarenko, 1986); operetta "Under the Black Mask" (libretto I. Lelganta, 1960), "Atamansha" (libretto by G. Pavlova, 1972), "The dangerous line" (libretto and. Petrova, 1976), "Who's your fiancee?" (libretto and. Petrova, 1978), "Miner Bride" (libretto and. Petrova, 1983); musicals "Soul Soldier" (libretto by E. Shatunovskaya, 1962), "Tale about Eremu, Danila and evil spirits" (libretto and. Petrova, 1977), "A Countess from San Francisco" (director and playwright P. Gradov, Izhevsk Academic Opera House, 1993), vocal and instrumental poems "The Great Battle" (words in. Petrova, 1967), "Komsomol - Pioneer Our Salute!" (words Mr.. Hodosova, 1970), "Tyumen - Surgut" (words in. Petrova, 1972). Among the compositions L. Liadov - works for piano ( "Concert Waltz", . 1950, "Carousel", . 1960; "Concert Polka", . 1965, "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A minor", . 1965; intermezzo, . Rhapsody), . orchestra of Russian folk instruments ( "Kolkhoznaya Polka", . 1950, "Ural Rhapsody", . 1951; Volga suite ", . 1952; miniatures), . for Symphonic Orchestra ( "The Feast of the Volga", . 1957, "Celebration on the stadium, . 1958, "Russian souvenir", . 1961; 'Coconuts ", . 1963), . chamber and instrumental works for piano, . Violin, . accordion (Elegy for violin and piano "in a lilac garden", . 1961; piece for violin "blind girl", . 1962; Fantasy for Accordion, . 1962 and others),
. On the music L. Liadov were placed ballet numbers "Negro puppet", "Spanish Dance," "blind girl".

The fate of works of L. Liadov is not always easy. While studying at the Conservatory, she dreamed of writing a piano concerto, the first outlines of which appeared in the early 1950's. This work is in three parts - the narrative of good and evil, about the native land, its people and the peaceful sky, which must be protected. He heard the authors and praised the Van Cliburn. Surprisingly light on the outlook, full of energy and pure color of Russian piano concerto L. Liadov remained unclaimed for over 30 years ... In 1997 alone, Lyudmila sang it with the Kislovodsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (conducted in. Nesterov) at a music festival in Kislovodsk. A year later, the concert was heard in Moscow, with a large concert orchestra Rossiyskogo State Music Center for Television and Radio by the People's Artist of USSR Professor M. Kazhlaeva.

Recently, L. Liadov continuing creative search romansovoy lyrics, wrote works for the spiritual choir. Do not leave it and the military marching theme. For example, during the celebration of 100 anniversary of the birth of Marshal Zhukov at the poems in her. Lazarev was written the song "Tell us, Marshal Zhukov". Outstanding Russian artificer M.T. Kalashnikov, she dedicated a ballad. She not only performs at the piano, his songs, but to keep pace with the times, makes and modern arrangements. It recorded the song "Coney youth," "What's wrong with me", "Song of the Knights," "Do not believe that loved getting older" and "My March", blues "Star Strings". In 1998, wrote "My March", a refrain that "Lyudmila Liadov, Ludmila Liadov, Ludmila Liadov always in the ranks!" usually the chorus picks up the entire hall.

A special fondness. Liadov - Music for Children. She created a series of wonderful children's songs. Her child's world - is buoyant and surprisingly clean musical island inhabited by the children, animals, birds, butterflies, toys ... Was published a collection of nursery rhymes L. Liadov "Pochemuchka.

Lyudmila A. Liadov - People's Artist of USSR (1985) and Russia, Honored Artist of Russia (1975), laureate of USSR State Prize, State Prize of Russia named AV. Alexandrova, Lenin Komsomol Prize. Awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland "III degree (2000) and Friendship (1997), medals" For Labor "," For the development of virgin lands ". Since 1993 he is a member of the Fund for Peace.

Lyudmila is very fond of nature, the silence, you may spend hours wandering through the woods or fishing. We are pleased to work on the ground at his dacha in Ruse. He reads a lot, preferring to Russian literature, both classical and contemporary.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Kalina for LYADOV Lyudmila
  • "Captivating sounds, words by A. Pleshheeva, music L. Liadov. I can tell someone where I could hear this song? Can I tell someone where I could hear this song?
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    LYADOV Lyudmila, photo, biography
    LYADOV Lyudmila, photo, biography LYADOV Lyudmila  People's Artist of USSR, laureate of State Prize of the USSR and Russia, the winner of the All-Union and international festivals and competitions, photo, biography
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