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Matetskiy Vladimir Leonardovich

( People's Artist of Russia, winner of the All-Union and All-Russia competitions and festivals, president Rossiyskogo copyright society)

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Biography Matetskiy Vladimir Leonardovich
photo Matetskiy Vladimir Leonardovich
Born May 14, 1952 in Moscow. He is married and has one daughter and son.

He returned from childhood under the guidance of Sophia Moiseyevna Karpilovskij - student Helena Fabianovny Gnesinyh. In addition to piano, Vladimir began to play guitar. Special effects had on him when the British group "Beatles", a love for creativity which he carried through his life. In the late 1960 Matetskiy started playing in various rock bands - on keyboards, guitar, bass guitar. By this time, are the first songs written by him, and at first with the English text.

After graduating from high school in 1969. Matetskiy entered the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, which has successfully graduated in 1974. During his studies began playing bass guitar in one of the most popular rock bands of those years - the group "The successful acquisition of. The band performed mostly "corporate" repertoire, but were in the repertoire and composition of the Matetskiy. As part of this ensemble, he performed hundreds of times on the then-fashionable "seyshenah", participated in various rock festivals, including in Tallinn, the city of Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod), Odessa. At the musicians from the "good acquisition" for some time worked in a group of Stas Namin, where he began recording in the studio recording company "Melody" (the first record was "Mignon" with the song "Old Royal").

After leaving a good acquisition Vladimir Matetskiy began his career as a composer. His first recorded songs were "Fortune" in the performance of the "Araks" and "Do not meet" in the performance of the "Carnival". In the future, followed by songs performed by "Jolly Fellows" group "п⌡п╣п╧я│я▐ the song" Helena Vondrц║д█kovц║, Jaak Yoaly, Ekaterina Semenova, and other performers.

The first powerful success, who brought in. Matetskiy-Union has become the "Banana Island", published in the form of magnitoalboma in 1983. This work was done together with the famous musician and arranger, Yuri Chernavskii. Songs like "Hello, . boy Bananan ", . "Robot", . "Zebra" have become popular without a single playing on radio and television (interesting, . the duo Chernavskii - Matetskiy starred in the popular program "New Year's attraction" with the song "Robot", . but at the last minute was cut from the ether).,

. In late 1985 Matetskiy at the request of the editors wrote a song for the television duo Sofia Rotaru - Jaak Yoala
. This song - "Lavender", has become a real hit, with "long-playing". It never ceases to sound not only all the 1980's, but a good half of 1990. The song becomes a "calling card" as a pop composer Matetskiy. Its popularity transcends the USSR, and it is becoming popular in Finland, where it is written down more than a dozen different artists. For "Lavender" followed by "Moon, Moon", "It was, but it took", "Wild Swans", "Hutoryanka", "Zasentyabrilo", "Moon Rainbow", "stars as the stars" - milestones long creative collaboration with Sofia Rotaru.

. In 1988, a young film director Basil Pichul offers Matetskiy write music and songs for the feature film
. Work is in a terrible pace, the film is about to be released on the screen. However, there are problems with the censors - director flatly refuses to cut out "seditious" frames.

And now premiere: the crowd around the Moscow House of Cinema accelerates Mounted Police. "Little Faith" is not only a cult Perestroika film, but falls into the rolling dozens of Western countries including the U.S. and France. In France, the same goes "soundtrack with music from the movie. Cooperation in. Matetskiy with Vasily Pichul continues: after the "Little Vera" on the screens go "in Sochi dark night" and "Dreams of an idiot."

. Since the beginning of perestroika growing Western interest in Russia, and in the end of 1980 held in Moscow "summit" of American and Russian composers under the slogan "Music Speaks Louder Than Words"
. Vladimir Matetskiy becomes coordinator of the project with Russia's side (handy knowledge of the English language). Under this project, songs, and Russia's co-written by American authors, go to an album on Epic Records Company. Songs Matetskiy sings Patti LaBelle and Anne Murray.

Immediately after the end of the project composer receives an invitation from a famous producer Desmond Child's law to come to Los Angeles to work together. As a result of this work there are songs that are performed by Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop.

. What distinguishes Vladimir Matetskiy from other authors of his generation, is the fact that, along with the songs for the veterans of stage, he successfully wrote for the very young performers
. His songs, sung by Vlad Stashevsky ( "Call me in the night"), Katya Lel ( "Lights"), a group of "Ultra" ( "Ultraviolet"), Nikita ( "Once"), Danko ( "Babe"), are hits.

. In 1996 Matetskiy gets Ovation for the best song of the year, and the song "Baby" in 2000, kept in the charts "MUZ TV" in record time - 32 weeks
. Vladimir Matetskiy is the winner of all broadcasts of "Song of the Year" since 1986.

Throughout time, the composer continues to work in film and television. He wrote music for the short film Jury Grymov "Men's revelation" makes Christmas music channel TVC and morning broadcasts ORT.

. At the present time is President Vladimir Matetskiy Rossiyskogo copyright society.

. Lives and works in Moscow.

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Matetskiy Vladimir Leonardovich, photo, biography
Matetskiy Vladimir Leonardovich, photo, biography Matetskiy Vladimir Leonardovich  People's Artist of Russia, winner of the All-Union and All-Russia competitions and festivals, president Rossiyskogo copyright society, photo, biography
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