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( People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of Ukraine, laureate of international festivals and competitions Pop Song)

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Biography MIANSAROVATamara G.
photo MIANSAROVATamara G.
Born April 5, 1931 in the town of Kirovograd Ukrainian SSR. Father - Belts Gregory Matveyevich, was an artist of the Odessa Theater of Musical Drama and Comedy, then the artist. Mother - Alekseeva Anastasiya Feodorovna, the singer, worked in the Minsk Opera. Husband - Mark Feldman Mikhailovich, violinist, director of performing arts groups. Son - Miansarov Andrew E., pianist, composer. Daughter - Catherine I. Khlebnikov, poetess. Grandchildren: Miansarov Andrew graduated music school, Tamara, an artist, Anna, is a student at the Economics Faculty.

Interest in music at Tamara Miansarova hereditary. Her father and mother, two aunts sang in the church choir. Later, my parents took her to the amateur choir rehearsal. Thus, the song is firmly settled in the family, and little Tamara would not want to lag behind the senior. She made her debut at the age of 4, showing the scene of Kirovograd House of Culture immediately singing, dancing, declamation. And in the local newspaper the next day came the first "serious" review.

Then the family moved to Minsk, where it was found war. Tamara remembers being in a crowd of refugees with his mother retreated to the east, as were surrounded, as sadly trudged back, in a strange city now. Difficult years of occupation, the Gestapo raided the smoke of fire, wounding the mother ... But Tamara, even in those difficult times does not break with the music.

In 1951 she graduated from music school in Minsk, ten years of conservatory and entered the piano department of the Moscow Conservatory in the class of Professor Oborin. Selflessly played Beethoven, Bach, Liszt, Chopin ... Since 2-year student winner of a beautiful lyric soprano Tamara Miansarova became optional and do the vocal department, where her teacher was Prof. Dora B. Belyavskaya. In 1957, after graduating from the conservatory Tamara distribution fell GITIS concertmaster. However, this work did not bring her satisfaction, and three months later she went to the stage.

The repertoire of young singer was only three songs, and with them she ventured to take part in the All-Union Competition entertainers. Miansarova charmed jury brilliant performance of a waltz by Strauss to his own accompaniment on the piano and was awarded third prize. Well-known educator E. Kangar said to her: "Girl, you feel good small form, you have to sing" - and began to deal with it. By conservatory vocal school was added the development of variety specificity - the search for brevity, accuracy of expression, diversity of timbre coloring of sound.

In that period before Miansarova acutely the question arose: What is still engaged - singing on stage or playing the piano? This question was resolved by itself. And contributed to this swift and victorious ascension to "pop Olympus: Miansarova very successfully conducted the first performances, . some time acted according to its program in the orchestra of the famous Latsi Olah, . and in 1960 had already appeared in the Moscow music-hall in the play "When the stars light" along with such artists, . as Mark Bernes, . Kira Smirnova, . Leo Worlds and Mark Novitsky, . Kapitolina Lazarenko,
. Estrada eventually won, and with her young actress has not been able to part.

Most Tamara G. memorable victory at the VIII World Youth Festival in Helsinki in 1962. However, her statement was not planned, and for her it was a real impromptu. Miansarova was in Finland with a great creative team, along with Muslim Magomayev, Margarita Suvorova, Alexandra Strelchenko and other Soviet artists. And suddenly, it turned out that one of the artists became ill and he urgently needed to find replacement. The choice fell on Tamara. She has performed with the ensemble Igor Granova and sang a cheerful song L. Liadov the verses B. Bryansk Ai Lyuli ". To the surprise of many, indeed the Miansarova, this song became very popular, and it began to sing all the participants of the festival, and the singer herself has been awarded the first prize and gold medal.

. The following year Miansarova becomes the winner of the prestigious song festival in Sopot for singing his song And
. Ostrovsky on verses L. Oshanina "Sunshine" ( "Let There Always Be Sunshine"). Before leaving for the festival bosses without enthusiastic about the decision Miansarova sing this particular song: I think that we should sing something more serious. Not approve of the choice of the singer and leader of the ensemble Igor Granov and did not even want her to rehearse. However, Tamara insisted on their right and was.

Success was literally stunning, sweeping. In the song festival, based on dance rhythms, burst into song, dialogue, song-call, song-approval. Polish magazine "Land rad" wrote: "Great Hall of the Gdansk shipyard ends sentimentality and a minute later, it seems, will float on a tidal wave of melancholy ... But, fortunately, the situation saves charming representative of the Soviet Union ...".

. Tamara sang this song in every key: restrained, . courageous in the early tone in the chorus gives way - clean and clear, . though the sound of the bugle Pioneer, . - Exactly the same child, . ringing, . astonished note, . and the words "Let there always be my mother" are regarded as the most lurking, . which a child may share only just now, . and then no one will know this,
. Because the child will grow ... And then touching in its naivete self-affirmation: Let there always be me! - Direct, pure, liberated sound.

. The unexpected decision of the first and last verses sung boyish treble, came to the singer is not accidental: she survived the horrors of the occupation in childhood and therefore looked for this song is not like everyone else, but through the eyes of the child, survived the war

After the speech in Gdansk 6.5 thousand spectators standing ovation Soviet soloist. On the street it learned quite strangers shook hands, embraced. The newspapers called her "the nightingale of Moscow, and at a local perfume factory there was a new kind of perfume, named in honor of the singer -" Tamara ". After Sopot singer has included "Sunshine" in all his concerts, and for many years to come, this song became the hallmark Miansarova.

The most fruitful was, perhaps, for the singer in 1966. He brought her a new, hitherto unseen luck. In the capitals of 6 countries (USSR, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary) Competition took place pop song "Friendship", where each participant had to perform a song and the country, which hosted the tour. Miansarova won just 4 first prize, ahead of its main rival, the Bulgarian singer Lili Ivanova.

Charming on stage, fun, lively and responsive in life, Tamara Miansarova in a very short time has gained immense popularity among the audience. She went on many tours around the country and abroad, and wherever it appeared, rooms were always crowded. Viewers attracted singers performing style, her artistic ability to "dispose of" its the nature of high-pitched voice.

Every song in her performance - is complete and finished with jeweler's vocal works, in front of spectators turning into a little story or a story with its direction, staging, plastics. Intonational strokes, elusive nuances actress attached to the product of sometimes quite unusual, but at the same time very strong on the emotional impact of sound.

. Theater actor is well known, as is sometimes difficult after several months of work on the role of a "log" in another role
. Tamara Miansarova "was a way of" literally within minutes, with the birth of the image occurred in front of the viewer.

Here on the stage of a boy with a pipe in his hand - the hero of "The Song of the little trumpet on. Krylova and C. Nikitina. In just three minutes, the audience is with the actress on the battlefield, along with her until the pain in the fingers compresses an image tube ... Moment's pause - and the hall poured provocative words "Youth Song and. Dunaevsky and Lebedev-Kumach. The singer puts into this song so much of his temperament, energy, cheerfulness, that old song takes on new meaning. As a result, music literally fills the hall, and on it is a happy young girl, and sings a song of joy provocative. But this is no longer a happy girl, and is the heroine of Song Yu. Sobolev "Ballad of the gypsy Mariula, fearless intelligence officer, even in the face of death hath not the proud head. Ends with a lyrical song "For You" - and has the microphone stands and the girl child, a little bluff voice sings the song "Why ?"...

. Genre unusually wide range of singers - from the heroic musical and dramatic vocal ballads to comic novels and children's song
. And for each of them finds its singer paints his expressive means. Angry and thoughtful, funny and humorous songs in her performance leaves no one indifferent.

. The repertoire includes Tamara Miansarova more than 140 songs, . many of whom became what is called "Hit": "The streets of Moscow", . "Melody of Love", . "Eyes on the sand", . "For You", . City Sleeps ", . "п?п¦я-п¦п¦ Enka", . "First Steps" ( "Top-top, . stomping a baby "), . "Kangaroo", . "Mum's Holiday", . "Ryzhik (" Rudy-Rydz), . "Let us never quarrel", . "Black Cat", . Grandma, . Teach me to dance the Charleston ", . "Ivan da Marya", . "Birch", . "Hands" and many, . others.,

. Loud popularity of the singer could not be invited even incomprehensible situation, when in the early 1970's around it formed a vacuum
. The singer suddenly became not travel abroad, her records have disappeared from the screen of television, and radio recordings were razmagnicheny. A cleared of Miansarova film-concert "Solar ballad" put on the shelf. Rumor, though the singer had gone to Israel. Capital concert halls were closed to her.

Meanwhile Miansarova continued to travel a lot around the country already on the Donetsk Philharmonic. Was introduced by in mining towns and villages in miners' clubs and even in the offices of the mines, and more thankful and appreciative, she said, have not met. Therefore it is especially dear to her badge "Miner's Glory", which she was awarded in the Donbass. Then she returned to Moscow, but her work is still not allowed, under various pretexts. And it lasted until 1988.

After 30 years, Tamara Miansarova, which had previously the title Honored Artist of Ukraine (1972) and as Officer of the Order of Honor, becoming the People's Artist of Russia (1996). She also was awarded the Order of Diplomat in Cambodia and Lao Order of the Three Elephants.

Tamara G. newly popular, and her work in demand. The actress holds numerous meetings with the audience, preparing a new song program ( "We live early memories" A. Mazhukov the verses in. Menshikov, "I - Acacia" A. Bilash the verses L. Tatarchenko, "My backwoods" I. Frenkel on poetry and. Goff, "Horses choosy" In. Vysotsky Memory In. Shukshina "Kalina black B. Kiselyov on the verses A. Zhigulin). Recently released a CD of old popular songs Miansarova the new arrangement musician and composer, her son Andrew Miansarova. She invited to a plethora of music competitions as a member of the jury, over the past two years she headed the jury of the international festival "Golden Hit", was the guest of honor and a jury member at Sopot festival, went on tour in America.

. From 1988 to 1996 T.G
. Miansarova taught vocal in GITIS. Her pupils were Julian, Alika Smekhova, Lada Maris, Maxim Sytnik. Now she teaches at the house of creativity of youth "at Taganka.

His hobbies are knitting, sewing, professionally engaged in reindeer fur, likes to draw.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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MIANSAROVATamara G., photo, biography
MIANSAROVATamara G., photo, biography MIANSAROVATamara G.  People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of Ukraine, laureate of international festivals and competitions Pop Song, photo, biography
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