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( Honored Artist of Russia, full member of the Russia Academy 'Nick', winner of the All-Union and international competitions and festivals, president of the Guild of Film Composers)

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Biography MINCOV Mark A.
photo MINCOV Mark A.
Born November 25, 1944 in Moscow. Father - Minkov Anatoly Evseyevich (1909 g.rozhd). Mother - Ligorner Faina Mikhailovna (1920 g.rozhd). Wife - Galina Minkova Andreyevna (1951 g.rozhd.), A member of the Union of Designers. Son - Minkov Andrew Markovich (1975 g.rozhd), Candidate of Law, a leading expert on intellectual property and copyright.

. My mother told Mark that he was born under the thunder of fireworks in honor of our troops in the capture of some of the city during the war
. As a child, his upbringing was engaged mainly grandmother, musically gifted, educated man. The maternal grandfather was a merchant of the first guild. Boy from childhood was very fond of singing and singing everywhere, wherever they are. He was learning music. About 5 years old my parents bought him a piano, and he happily began to play, invent, compose. Then he did not know musical notation and music recorded by its special badges. My mother still keeps this musical leaves, which can be understood only by the author.

Faina Mikhailovna was a teacher of German language and very musical man. She taught at the Frunze Military Academy, then at the Institute of Chemical Engineering (MIKhM). Her portrait hung in the 1950's, the Portrait Gallery in downtown. She taught her son spoke excellent German, that he is very handy in life.

In 6 years, Mark was put in a music school in the city center, next to the edition of "Izvestia". His teacher knew that a concert pianist from Mark does not work, and composing department at the school was not. The boys were not interested in endless repetition of scales and etudes, he was drawn to creativity. Soon he left school and continued his musical education at home, with teachers. Then he entered the music school at the Conservatory at once in the 3rd class, the class composition. His teacher was the first AI. Pirumov, then NN. Sidelnikov exceptionally talented composer and teacher, a man who had a profound knowledge of literature and history.

In 1960, Mark joined the School of Music at the Conservatory, continuing to learn from Sidelnikova. In 1964 he graduated from college and was accepted to the Conservatory in the class AI. Khachaturian. During these years he wrote a song cycle on poems of Robert Burns and Alexander Blok. The second cycle was written in 1965 and was called "Puppet Show. It consisted of 6 Blok's poems set to music, later became part of a mandatory program competitions Glinka. Romance "Verbochki" from this cycle performed in concerts Ivan Kozlovsky. In 1990 Christina Orbakajte on the basis of this song made the pop song.

After graduating from the conservatory in 1969, Mark filed documents to the Union of Composers. At that time he led VI. Muradeli. Mandatory procedure for accession to the Union of Composers was a performance of their works. Following the presentation by Marc Vano Ilyich even kissed him. So in 1970, Mark A. Minkov was admitted to the Union of Soviet Composers.

In the same year he was invited to write music for the TV series "The investigation leading experts". Ringtone, he wrote very quickly, then even waited a while and called on television to announce that the song is ready. Song (author of poems - Anatoly Gorokhov) immediately fell in love and be remembered, was the anthem of the militia, and still sounds from the screen and concert halls.

In the early 1970's MA. Minkov wrote a song cycle on poems by Federico Garcia Lorca's "Lament guitar". With great success, he was filled with the People's Artist of USSR Z.A. Dolukhanova. This cycle has participated in several musical competitions behalf PI. Tchaikovsky as a mandatory program Vocalists. In those same years, Vladimir Polyakov, a famous satirist, who wrote for Arkady Raikin, introduced Mark Minkov with Natalia Sats. After listening to several works by the composer, she invited him to write for the New Year children's opera "Magic Music" for his theater. The conversation took place in early November. In an incredibly short time the composer wrote the opera, which was successfully held at the New elkah and received the 1982 Grand Prix at the Festival of Musical Theater in Hamburg. In mid-1980's Children's Musical Theater successfully toured with her in the U.S.. In the late 1980's - early 1990's M. Minkov wrote for the theater Natalia Sats opera "I will not ask for forgiveness". In the same years were written concertos for piano, violin, cello.

After the television movie "The investigation leading experts on" the composer has received many proposals from the theater and cinema. Mark Minkov wrote the music for a performance behalf A.S. Pushkin's "Men who wear men's hats". In this play was first performed the song on the verses Veronica Tushnova "Do not deny him, loving". She sang actress. Later, the composer suggested this song Alla Pugacheva. The song she once enjoyed. In the performance of the singer, she has gained popularity for many years, became a bright event in the national stage and is loved by the audience still. Then, from the music written for the performance of the Central Children's Theater, was born on the song verses. Kirsanov "Summer Rains", which became famous in the performance of A. Pugacheva. The singer performed songs and other M. Minkova, entered the golden fund of Soviet music, such as: "You are in the world is ..." (based on poems by L. Derbeneva), "Monologue" (in verse M. Tsvetaeva) and others.

Mark Minkov wrote the music for more than 100 films and television films, such as a "good man", "In the zone of special attention," "We're from Jazz" (the song "Old Royal") directed to. Shakhnazarov, as well as to several cartoons, including the well-known musical animated movie "The Port". One of the recent work in film - music for the film "Women are not encouraged to offend" (directed in. Akhadov). The popular song "You know, still be" first performed in the film "We lived in the neighborhood". In the movie "Order - not to open fire" sounded the song "My dear, if it were not for war", which became popular in the performance of Valentina Tolkunova. This film received the USSR State Prize.

In 1992 Marc Minkowski in collaboration with the poet Yuri Rybczynski wrote the opera "The White Guard", theatrical performance which has not yet implemented.

In mid-1990's was written by composer ballet "Robbers" (explanation of drama F. Schiller). N. Boyarchikov wrote the libretto and became director-director of ballet at the Leningrad Maly Opera Theater. On the staging of this ballet, and edited by Marc Minkowski worked in Germany in 1992-1994. Songs of Mark Minkov entered the cycle of television late 1990's "Old songs about the main" as one of the most favorite songs of past years, students.

Recently, the composer wrote the music for productions of the Theater named after Anton Chekhov's "Pose emigrant" and "Dinner with a fool," also delivered at the theater stage, where they play D. Khazanov, On. Basilashvili etc.. Now the composer wrote the music for the theatrical performance Leonid Trushkina "loafers or Kin IV" (play by Nat. Gorin). In addition, Mark A. working on the music for "New connoisseurs" (directed by Vladimir Khotinenko).

. Marc A. Minkov - Honored Artist of Russia, winner of the All-Union and international competitions composers, president of the Guild of Film Composers
. He is an active member of the Russia Academy Award "Nika", a member of the Composers' Union (1970), a member of the Union of Cinematographers (1981). In 2001 he was awarded the title of laureate of the MVD Russia for the music to the TV movie "The investigation leading experts" - so 30 years later, found the reward of the hero "

. In 1999 Marc Minkowski was awarded the Pushkin Gold Medal for contribution to, . preserving and increasing the traditions of national culture, . continued assistance and support of intellectuals, . development and emergence of new styles and trends in art,
. He is also an active member of the International Detective Club and Lions Club.

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MINCOV Mark A., photo, biography
MINCOV Mark A., photo, biography MINCOV Mark A.  Honored Artist of Russia, full member of the Russia Academy 'Nick', winner of the All-Union and international competitions and festivals, president of the Guild of Film Composers, photo, biography
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