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Strelchenko Alexander Ilyinichna

( People's Artist of Russia)

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Biography Strelchenko Alexander Ilyinichna
photo Strelchenko Alexander Ilyinichna
Born February 2, 1937 at the station Chaplino Dnipropetrovsk region. Father - Strelchenko Evgen'evich Ilya (1911-1941). Mother - Strelchenko Pauline Pavlovna (1916-1945).

Singer on the modern stage is difficult to find her, the one thing that no one but him will say, do not see, do not open the listener to a new page in the genre favorites. However, it was always difficult. And among the huge number of artists who have devoted their creativity Russian song, the art of Alexandra Strelchenko stands out. Not only the brightest talent, but also thoughtful, nuanced approach to musical material, the ability to see in a modest and down the depth and poetry of the senses, the beauty of the soul of the people, create and save their unfading songs.

. "She herself as a Russian song!" - This phrase, uttered by one of the audience after the concert Strelchenko Alexandra, is worth many multiple reviews
. It accurately and vividly describes the impression you get listening to her performance in the ancient and modern Russian folk songs. The image of women, she created on stage, like those songs that she sings. Modest and proud, kind and strong, gentle and loving - this is it.

Love Music Alexander Strelchenko absorbed with their mother's milk. The family sang everything: father, mother, sister. Very fond of listening to records. My first vivid and unforgettable impression of the Russian folk song associated with the name Lydia Andreevna Ruslanova. A remarkable artist was fascinated by the dazzling beauty and truth, has won the generosity. So the dream of becoming a singer since childhood captured little Sasha. But fate had decided otherwise ...

In the first year of the war on the front of my father was killed in 1945, unable to bear the severity of inhumane tests, my mother died. Go hungry orphans three small (close to another sister and brother), then - a children's home after the war, the school ... Touching clear voice girl the first time publicly performed his first, memorable from beginning to end, the popular Soviet song "Lonely accordion B. Mokrousov (vs. M. Isakovskogo) and the "Eaglet" In. White (vs. I. Shvedova). Now Alexander Ilyinichna remembers that only a song was hard years her friend, her support of this. Small, thin, snub-nosed, freckled, - who noticed her? And how will sing, another will be asked, and not only will pay attention, be fed, but will say a kind word, what the most, perhaps, needs a man ...

. After graduating from high school a few months, Alexander has worked nanny in a kindergarten, and then decided to enter the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute - was convinced that he could become a good teacher, to give people what she has been deprived of
. Received the correspondence department, but a licensed educator from it never happened.

In winter 1958, she arrived to Leningrad to pass session. At this time there has toured Voronezh Folk Choir. The concert is so stirred the soul and stirred, . seemingly, . forgotten dream of becoming a singer, . that Alexander could not resist, . went backstage and said: "Take me to him, . I want to sing! "During the intermission, it listened to the leaders, . almost the entire choir, . and the decision was - to take,
. "Come to Voronezh," - said. She went without hesitation, and with lightning, surprisingly choirmaster in. Efimova, having learned the swiftness of all parties in all the songs in a month for the first time appeared at the scene as equal member professional chorus. It seemed that life's path was determined. However, more tests have been predestined, and very serious.

. Excessive singing in a choir, . inexperience, . inability to protect himself in the tense and often loud chorus manner have led to such congestion of the vocal cords, . that only began his journey singer was forced to part with singing and, . seemed, . forever,
. But time was not only the doctor of physical illness, . but also provided an opportunity to sort out their mistakes, . a desire to sing was so great, . Alexandra, . again worked for some time in kindergarten, . returned to continue modestly initiated artistic path.,

. Lipetsk Philharmonic, which was created at the time the youth group, became not only a place where three years of solo work (1959-1962), but also provided an opportunity for more serious training and professional development
. From the Lipetsk Philharmonic Alexander Strelchenko first went to Moscow in the All-Russia creative studio pop art for a one-year internship and the preparation of concert programs. Vocal classes are led by then People's Artist of the RSFSR Irma P. Yaunzem, subtle folk singer and an amazing soul man, motherly includes young, zealously defending their interests. Maybe not only or not so much singing to teach it their pets, how many tried to instill in them a musical, artistic, human culture, broaden their horizons, to inculcate a taste for art in general.

. Strelchenko managed to make the necessary efforts in order to take the proposed
. This allowed her to remain in Moscow and has withstood the competition in Moskontsert, begin the difficult path of his soloists - singers of Russian songs. In this way, gradually turned out fewer lesions, more success. Helped by a stubborn desire to sing, the understanding that we need daily painstaking work, striving to understand yourself, to find the only correct direction. The correctness of the chosen road proven winner at the International Competition in Sofia during the IX World Youth Festival in 1968. In response to Russian folk songs (most of them are sung unaccompanied, and it is known to be the most difficult type of music-making and the real test) Aleksandra Strelchenko won a gold medal and first prize.

One after another, give birth to new programs - folk songs, new songs by Soviet composers, raised to life old, forgotten, but beautiful songs that were getting a real revelation in her performance. Came stable, well-deserved success, then the honorary title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1972), and most importantly - formed a circle of listeners, filled the halls of Moscow and other cities. And against the background of this already determine the success it was necessary to have the courage to have a passionate desire to improve, to pass exams and study in the Musical Pedagogical Institute Gnesin (1976-1980).

. However, not only looking for a diploma Alexander Strelchenko, she wanted the world of great music, inside of which would determine its position to feel the music circles, their relationship, their unity
. These efforts have raised singer at another stage musician and brought her to the orchestra of Soviet radio and television under the leadership of V. Fedoseev. People's Artist of the USSR, Vladimir Ivanovich Fedoseeva and Honored Artist of Russia Olga Ivanovna Dobrokhotova Alexander Ilyinichna considers his first teacher and mentor, told her the wonderful world of classical music. She was fascinated by Wagner, . later came a feeling of Debussy, . differently began to sound for her Mussorgsky and Borodin, . concerts in the Great Hall of the Conservatory became a necessary part of life, . not because, . on stage that evening were good friends - violist, . violinist, . singer or a conductor, . - Her soul has found a natural ability to live in the vast music world, . apart the old boundaries of their professional domains,
. Yes and always busy on the vocal department (people's faculty) to E.K. Gedevanovoy and LL. Bazylevych before graduation, not long in coming to its intense live performances. Looking back on these relatively recent years, AI. Strelchenko said that although it was very difficult, she was happy lot who came to her artistic discoveries.

Thus the sum of its artistic character, formed taste. It is being enthusiastically works, year by year more interesting to her creativity and more flour critical attitude towards itself. All their knowledge, . artistic sensations, . understanding of the traditions of Russian artistic life and traditions of high folk art, . all, . that receives the singer of life, . people, . country, . All it seeks to give in his work, . Knowing this not as a duty, . but as a necessary spiritual need.,

. Various programs singer introduce listeners to the world of special and at the same time recognizable, . though after the long journey back for his father's blood, inhaling the smell of half-forgotten relatives, . re-enters the country of my grandmother's tales, . lullabies, . purity and transparency of spring water Childhood,
. These associations cause the songs that selects its repertoire. Sound in her performance and genuine folklore, and folk songs and works by contemporary composers. However, only those which are based on intonation, characteristic of folk melodies. Because the main theme of creativity A. Strelchenko - love for our country, its forests and the boundless expanse, to the people whose labor creates the glory dear to the land, its past, present and future.

. That is why the hallmark Alexandra Strelchenko was the song "I love my land" E
. Ptichkin the verses in. Kharitonov. Also named one of the programs and singer. High public spirit, expressed lyric means, close the outlook of the performer. "Earth - my joy, my favorite song" - she confesses in a sincere feeling of their native land, but does not show, but modestly and soberly, with extraordinary dignity. Singer alien excessiveness, loud and seemingly self-feeding a beautiful, strong voice. In contrast, in the most climactic moments she seemed to fly and muffles the sound of singing. And this creates a dramatic effect that zooms in musical thought songs.

Closely and thoughtfully selects A. Strelchenko his repertoire. Falling in love with a song for a long time has not parted with it, makes it popular. But the singer is recognized by its first entry into the music beats - this song Strelchenko. How many of them gave her a start in life! And after it is already difficult to ask another artist to the same musical material, not repeating the singer finds. All of the compositions she chooses, there are those colors and shades that sometimes the creators of songs opens them novelty and ambiguity.

Talent singer eats juices native land. Because so strong in her memory and tribute to the gifted performer of the past, which developed the Russian song. In the recordings and concerts Alexandra Strelchenko hear songs Hope Plevitskaya (eg, . "Chickens rippling", . "Raskinulos more widely", . "Shut the driver"), . Lydia Ruslanova ( "Oh, . Komariki ", . "Saratov suffering", . "According Murom track", etc.), . singer-guslar Nicholas Seversky ( "Oh, . love, . as you evil, . "About the old days"), . Olga Kovaleva ( "Grandpa", . "On the mountain a kalina", . "At the window two florets", . suffering - "I remember, . that it was ", . "My Dudar", . "Oh, . Bloom, . curly rowan ", . "I have a secret boyfriend", . "Volga-Rechenka deep", etc.).,

. Performing Arts Vasil'yevna Olga Kovaleva became especially close to the actress
. Despite the dissimilarity of creative individuals much they have in common, . especially careful, . chaste attitude to the Russian musical folklore, . same understanding of modernity in the lives of old and new songs, . do not tolerate the slightest alteration and distortion tones, . rhythm, . nature, . special liking for songs, . glorifying the motherland, . and songs, . reveals the richness of the spiritual world of the Russian woman.,

. A characteristic feature performances by Alexandra Strelchenko is the fact that it not only collects and performs folk songs, but colorfully commented on them in concerts
. Example, . execution of compiled its small suite of songs Kursk, . Vyatka, . History, . ritual (particularly successful suite of wedding songs - from the weeping of the bride before the final, . drinking songs after the wedding), she anticipates the story of the traditions, . continuity, . the need to carefully preserve these musical monuments of national culture.,

. Performing style Strelchenko allowed her to touch it with a new range of music - urban songs, old romances
. Homeliness, simplicity of execution have made those first steps visible, successful. Together with the sextet of soloists from the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra she recorded the songs: "In difficult moments of life," Bulakhov (poetry Lermontov), "I'll say no more" T. Tolstoy (poetry A. Feta), "Stars in the sky" Borisova (vs. E. Dieterichs), "What is the heart ..." I. Prigogine, old gypsy romance "In some eyes, I love" A. Vilinskiy (vs. T. SHCHepkinoj-Kupernik, from the repertoire of V. Panin), etc.

These romances A. Strelchenko sings easily, as if singing, although in this lies the greatest difficulty. Using alto timbre, though some for boys, she makes these works of great simplicity and purity of youthful feelings. Low, sounding some singers in the thoracic case notes, especially in the songs Borisova and Tolstoy, provoke psevdostrastny nature of performance, the artificiality of the emotional system. Probably because evenness and ease of playing in A. Strelchenko made these songs noble.

In a time of creative youth, and she performed songs by contemporary composers: "Why should we quarrel" in. Levashov (vs. H. IPB), . Song Ponomarenko "Motorochka, . motorboat "(verses W. Bokova), . "Where can I find a song?" and "Give me a handkerchief" (verses M. Agashina), . How flying white duck "(verses G. Georgieva), . Topol ", . "It grows in Volgograd, birch", . "What was, . it was ", . "The golden grove" and others,
. This line of art song, it continues even now, working with composer Victor the dark, Alexander Morozov, etc.

. Saturated spiritual life of the singer, her genuine interest in the genre of Russian song, her desire to comprehend all the wealth accumulated not only national but also world culture, making it an international art
. It is clear, and therefore highly valued in different continents, in different corners of our planet. In France, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Laos and Sri Lanka, Thailand and Singapore speech Alexandra Strelchenko enjoyed constant success.

In 1984, AI. Strelchenko was awarded the title People's Artist of Russia. She continues today to intense, but inspiring life of an artist, in love with their work. Now the singer continued fruitful cooperation with the Orchestra of Folk Instruments behalf of Russia N. Osipova running N. Kalinina, a member of the jury and dreams of song to open their creative workshop, where he could pass on his experience to young performers.

. In his spare time, Alexandra enjoys many Ilinichna: she loves nature, animals, flowers, prefers classical Russian literature, music, ballet, folk music, jazz
. Her favorite artists - About. Tabakov and H. Mordjukova AND. Arkhipova and A. Vedernikov.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Strelchenko Alexander Ilyinichna, photo, biography
Strelchenko Alexander Ilyinichna, photo, biography Strelchenko Alexander Ilyinichna  People's Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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