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SHILOV Alexander Maksovich

( People's artist of USSR, member of the Russia Academy of Arts)

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Biography SHILOV Alexander Maksovich
photo SHILOV Alexander Maksovich
Born Oct. 6, 1943 in Moscow.

Great Russia for ages birth to talents, which is proud of all of humanity. They entered the history of world culture. Their names - immortal. Among our contemporaries who are creating today the Russian culture, certainly stands out Alexander Shilov. He - one of the foremost artists of the past century, a living legend, the pride and glory of Russia.

In 1957-1962 years п-.п°. Shilov studied at the Art Studio of the Pioneer Timiryazevsky district of Moscow, then at the Moscow Art Institute named after VI. Surikov (1968-1973). Participated in exhibitions of young artists. In 1976 he became a member of the Union of Artists. He has held many solo exhibitions in the best halls not only Russia but also abroad. His paintings were exhibited with great success in France (Gallery on the Boulevard Raspail, . Paris, . 1981), . West Germany (Villibodsen, . Wiesbaden, . 1983), . Portugal (Lisbon, . Oporto, . 1984), . Canada (Vancouver, . Toronto, . 1987), . Japan (Tokyo, . Kyoto, . 1988), . Kuwait (1990), . United Arab Emirates (1990), . other countries.,

. Alexander Shilov chose the most difficult thing in art direction - the realism and life remained faithful to its chosen path
. Absorbing all the highest achievements of world art art, continuing the traditions of Russian realistic painting of XVIII-XIX centuries, it is dedication, inspiration came his way, enriching, improving his own artistic language. He escaped the destructive influence of trends in the artistic culture of the twentieth century, has not lost the miraculous properties of his talent and the most expensive tool of the artist - the heart.

. Among the large number of his works - landscapes, still lifes, genre paintings, graphics
. But the main genre of creativity п-.п°. Shilov - portrait. That man, his individuality and uniqueness are bustling center for creative painter. The heroes of his works - people of different social status, age, appearance, intelligence, character. This policy and the ministers of the church, prominent scientists and cultural workers, doctors, war heroes, workers and rural workers, old and young, businessmen and homeless. Among them - the portraits of astronauts PI. Klimuk (1976), VI. Sevast'yanova (1976), VA. Shatalov (1978), "Son of the Motherland" (Yu.A.. Gagarin, 1980), "Academician NN. Semenov (1982), "On the day of Victory. Heavy PP. Shorin "(1987)," Metropolitan Filaret (1987), "Metropolitan Methodius" (1990), "Archbishop Pimen" (1990), "Abbot Zinovy" (1991), "film director with. Bondarchuk (1994), "Playwright in. Rose (1997), "People's Artist of the USSR Yevgeny Matveyev (1997)," Portrait of A. Yakulov "(1997)," Portrait of Tamara Kozyreva "(1997)," Portrait of Bishop Basil (Rodzianko) "(1998)," The writer Arkady Vainer "(1999)," Portrait of Mother "," G.H. Popov "(1999)," After the Ball "(Natalia Bogdanova)" (2000).

How portrait painter Alexander Shilov - a kind of mediator between man and time. It sensitively captures the psychological life of an image and creates not just a painting, and, penetrating into the recesses of the soul, reveals the fate of man, imprinting a moment in which he lives our real contemporary. A person interested in. Shilov in every aspect of individual existence: his characters are in joy and sadness, in quiet contemplation and in suspense. On his canvases many children's and women's images: clean, charming, soulful, beautiful. And sympathy filled with portraits of elderly, . lived a long hard life, . but retained the kindness and love for others: "My Grandmother" (1977), . "The owner of land" (1979), . "Flowered Rhododendron" (1980), . "On the day of birth Arish" (1981), . "Together" (1981), . "Colder" (1983), . "Father Gabriel (1984), . Soldiers' Mothers "(1985), . "Portrait of Mother" (1988), . "Mother Makarov (1989), . "Homeless" (1993), . "Abandoned" (1998),
. Special softness, intimacy makes images of A. Shilov deeply national.

All of the pictures A. Shilov carries a deep meaning. There is nothing accidental, for the sake of external effect. Expression of the human face, his posture, gesture, clothing, interior painting, its colors are the creation of the image characteristic of the hero, the transfer of its internal state.

. No lofty words can not convey the great skill, which reached Alexander Shilov
. The artist simply creates miracles. His magic brush, he makes his eyes say, makes colors in silk, velvet, fur, wood, gold, pearls ... His portraits of living.

In addition to oil paintings in the collection features paintings of the artist, executed them in pastels. Is an ancient technique in which the artist wrote special crayon, rubbing their fingers. Perfectly mastered this complex technology, Alexander Shilov was an unsurpassed master of pastels. Nobody since ZH.E. Lyotard did not reach such virtuosity.

Submitted, charms, no one can remain indifferent portrait Masha Shilov (1983), executed in this technique. What a beautiful Masha! What are Mashenka long hair! What have Mashenka elegant, splendid dress! Baby is already aware of its attractiveness. Pride, joy and happiness light up her intelligent, sweet, gentle face. Posture Masha, the position of the head, hands - all is full of natural grace and nobility. A child's plump hand gently, lovingly embrace the beloved bear. Girl inspires him, will not part with it for a second - compassionate, kind, pure soul of this child.

Children's happiness Masha coincided with the happiness of the artist. It is impossible not to feel that the painting was created in a single burst of love and a happy inspiration. Everything in it is depicted so lovingly drawn from such a great and amazing art: a pretty face (eye-shine, velvety soft skin, silky hair), a gorgeous dress (play of satin, lace and ribbon, luxury), a shaggy bear. For thoroughness and credibility only talent and love A. Shilov could do it.

The image on the canvases A. Shilov "breathe" such authenticity that the audience in front of pictures of crying and laughing, sad, happy, delighted and horrified. These portraits - a fruit not a skill, but the heart, mind, soul artist. It can write only a man with a vulnerable, impressionable, nervous soul, your own heart feels the pain, suffering and joy of each hero, a wise man, deeply cognizant life, knowing the price of everything: love, happiness and sorrow. It can write only a patriot, with all my heart loves his people, his city, his country.

Russia to Alexander Shilov beautiful and beloved. Landscape painting masters - the anxious recognition of the Motherland in love. It inspires the image of a humble, sad, soulful nature of Central Russia: "The Thaw" (1986), "February. Peredelkino "(1987)," October. Nikolina Gora "(1996). In the ordinary he can see the beauty. An artist interested in the different states of nature that give birth in the soul of a variety of emotions. By means of the landscape, he is the finest range of emotions: joy, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, helplessness, confusion, clarity, hope.

. In the still lifes, the artist depicts the objects are inseparable from our life, decorating it: books, room and wild flowers, elegant dishes
. Among the most famous works such as "Gifts of the Orient" (1980), "Violets" (1974), "Pansies" (1982) and other. Yet it is the portrait occupies a central place in the artist.

In 1996, Alexander Shilov Maksovich donated to the Fatherland collection of 355 paintings and graphic works. This noble act was appreciated by the public, the leadership of the country and its capital. Resolutions of the State Duma on 13 March 1996 and the Moscow Government dated 14 January 1997 was established by the Moscow State Art Gallery of People's Artist of the USSR A. Shilov.

To place the collection was isolated mansion in the historic center of Moscow near the Kremlin, built in the early XIX century by the famous Russian architect E.D. Tyurin. Grand opening of the gallery was held May 31, 1997. Established in accordance with the highest spiritual needs of the audience, with respect and love for him, she first days of life has become extremely popular and highly frequented. During 4 years of existence, it was visited by over half a million people.

Museum Collection A. Shilov constantly updated with new works of the artist, which confirms its promise: each new written work to bring a gift to hometown. May 31, 2001 Moscow State Art Gallery of People's Artist of the USSR A. Shilov said fourth anniversary of the opening. To this day the gift was timed presentation of new works A. Shilov Moscow. Three new portrait - "Professor E.B. Mazo, "" Darling, "" Olga ", created in 2001, joined the permanent exhibition Galleries, a collection which currently includes 695 paintings.

Submitting a gift to their best new work, A. Shilov, thereby continuing the best spiritual traditions of the Russian intelligentsia, the tradition of philanthropy and service to the Fatherland.

. Creativity Alexander Shilov has been recognized: in 1977 he was awarded the Lenin Komsomol, in 1981 - People's Artist of the RSFSR, in 1985 - People's Artist of the USSR
. In 1992, the International Planetary Center in New York has appropriated one of the planets name "Shilov". In 1997 the artist was elected a corresponding member of Russia Academy of Arts, Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences, and in 2001 he was elected a member of Russia Academy of Arts. Since 1999 he is a member of the Presidential Council for Culture and Arts.

September 6, 1997 for services to the state and for his great personal contribution to the development of fine arts п-.п°. Shilov awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "IV degree. But his most precious, priceless reward - love of the audience.

Creativity п-.п°. Shilov devoted to films "Knocking on people's hearts" (1984), "The Art And. Shilov (1990), "Alexander Shilov - People's Artist" (1999), as well as albums of his paintings and drawings.

п-.п°. Shilov loves classical music. His favorite Russian artists - OA. Kiprensky, Az. Levitsky, Kn. Bryullov, AA. Ivanov, VG. Perov, I.I. Levitan, FA. Vasiliev.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Evgeny (Eugene) for SHILOV Alexander Maksovich
  • Sasha! This Zhenya (Awakening). It took a lot of years. I know it will no longer have the time, but his heart is not prikazhesh. This lifelong. I am grateful to you for many. If you want my hand, foot, anything - it's yours. I am constantly in gallery. I know all about you. If you're wondering about me - let me know.
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    SHILOV Alexander Maksovich, photo, biography
    SHILOV Alexander Maksovich, photo, biography SHILOV Alexander Maksovich  People's artist of USSR, member of the Russia Academy of Arts, photo, biography
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