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Aroseva Olga

( People's Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize of Russia, Honored Artist of Poland)

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Biography Aroseva Olga
photo Aroseva Olga
Born Dec. 21, 1925 in Moscow. Father - Arosev Alexander Yakovlevich, a well-known Bolshevik and writer, and diplomat. Mother - Goppen Olga, originally from the Polish nobility, a graduate of the Institute of noble maidens.

. Olga Aroseva father was one of the leaders of the Moscow revolutionary uprising in 1917, then a top Soviet diplomat who worked in Paris and Krasin, was the authorized representative of the Soviet Union in Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Czechoslovakia
. Upon returning to his homeland led by All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (VOKS), a personal friend of Molotov ...

The first three days the newborn was enjoying life under the name Barbara - so it has registered a happy dad. However, at the request of my mother Barbara became Olga. Later, parents divorced, and children (Natasha, Elena and younger Olya) left to live with her father. Childhood Olga Aroseva gone abroad. The first few months she grew up in Paris and later lived in Stockholm, Prague, first went to school. In 1933 the family returned to Moscow. With pleasure Olga remembers the atmosphere in the famous House on the Embankment, where they lived on his return from abroad. In the apartment they had visited Romain Rolland, Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, Alexander Yakovlevich Tairov with Alice UNC, the young Boris Livanov ...

In 1935 he held a "historic" meeting with Stalin at the aircraft parade in Tushino. Here remembers Olga Aroseva about the circumstances of that meeting: "My father took me and my sister Helen with him to the airport. I easily recognized standing near Voroshilov, Andreyev, Kaganovich, the then first secretary of the Komsomol Kosareva. It is known that the short sailor pick up Stalin himself is the same "size" environment. But adult uncle seemed to me high. I could not consider because of their spin.

Suddenly a voice came close with a strong oriental accent: "What are you, great, got up, and little girls can not see anything?" Whose girl? Aroseva? " A man in a soldier's coat and cap, khaki walking through the crowd. Move easily in crowded conditions, because people in front of him immediately parted. He took me and Lena's hands and led her into the first row of spectators. Field and the sky opened up and became a splendid sight. We watched and talked. Stalin was mocking ceremony called me a nine, "you". Gave me a bouquet, which offered him sprygnuvshaya with aircraft wing parachutist.

All this is Elena and I gave my first ever interview to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The article was called "Flowers" and began with a description of the bouquet presented to Stalin. "

While the girls were standing on the airfield, and talked with the leader, it turned out that Olga was born with it in one day - December 21. Stalin then joked and asked her to imagine that together celebrate birthday. Girl assimilated invitation seriously, and December 21, wrapped in gift paper, bought a huge blue Hortense in a pot, went to the Kremlin.

At the Kremlin gates guard stopped her: "Where?" To whom? "Why?" What paper? " "K to Stalin - answered Aroseva. - He invited me. We have a common birthday. We - the same age ". Senior guard and ran to dial back reassured, smiling. He said that Stalin very grateful, but apologized, as could not accept because of the employment. A flower protection promised to send.

Nothing in the life of Olga Aroseva did not yet understand. She was proud of the fact that her father - a big man, a famous diplomat, a famous revolutionary and very fond of his girls. All this ended in 1937 when his father, feeling that around him yes and there is something irreparable, he went to Ezhov, whom he knew since the Civil War. Apparently, he wanted to talk "as a communist with a communist". But did not return home ...

Olya Aroseva not afraid to write to Stalin, he does not believe in the guilt of his father, and when not received a response, decided not to join the Young Communist League: it was required to renounce him - "the enemy of the people". She even beat up her sister-Komsomol member, was forced to do. Their mother, Olga, has made that after the arrest of her former husband gave her daughters. This saved them from an orphanage, but the road in any institution for children "enemy of the people" has been closed. Olga decided to become an actress.

Even in Prague childhood turned out that Olga - a born actress. She was a constant "vystupalschitsey" at the embassy soirees.

Near the embassy was known in Prague in Vinohrady Theater. Return to the 1930's brought a young theatrical reformer, Bertolt Brecht, an ardent Communist, his famous "The Threepenny Opera". An avid theatergoer, Alexander Yakovlevich went to the show and took daughters. The consequences were dire. Olga is cut up into rags dress, . like the poor performance figures, . and together with his girlfriend of Czech-of decorous, . wealthy families went to beg, . telling the astonished passers-by touching legend, . if their mother left, . Papa does not give the money ..,
. Then he sang an aria Polly Picha in German, some songs. In Czechoslovakia in those days, people lived quite well: one on the street with an outstretched hand was not on, so it almost did not end the diplomatic row: in the newspaper published an article about the daughter of a Soviet ambassador, collecting alms.

. Arriving in Moscow, Olga made her debut in the school theater
. She played a Japanese spy, which retards vigilant Pioneer. Together with the first role and started the first fan. True, he originally courted - regularly tore the object of worship winter hat and threw it on the tree. But once paid: Strong Olya poured on his blond head bottle of ink, and the hapless boyfriend had to go to school with blue hair.

Referring to the first role and the first fans, and deserves to be told about the first fee. Once on the way to the stadium, where Olga was engaged in gymnastics, she was approached by a short man is not very remarkable appearance and offered to write her portrait. He paid her a present of models. It was Nicholas Romadin. The result of their friendship were two paintings, which then, as adults, Olga begged the artist with great difficulty.

Early adolescence Aroseva coincided with the war. Her older sister, Natasha went to the front as a volunteer, Olga same with her sister Helen and other students were sent to the Orel region in the construction of defenses. She had to visit during a bombardment, and then in the crowd of refugees to travel back home to Moscow.

After returning from the note left by her mother's sister knew that she went to the evacuation of Chuvashia and requests that his daughter followed her. However, they did not listen. Elder Elena entered the drama school, and junior Olga, too, dream of becoming an actress, became a student ... Circus School. Their new-found enthusiasm tsirkachka juggled, walked on a wire, and in conjunction with circus school have time to attend school landing. It is not known how it would have ended, but the typical Aroseva childhood fear of heights, peacefully dozing in the arena, woke up during training for skydiving. The girl literally fainted with horror and was excluded. But the second attempt took place in Moscow Municipal Theater School, where, under the guidance of the mentor Vladimir Vasilevich Gotovceva with her future well-known actors engaged Vera Vasilyeva and Evgeny Lebedev.

. Delicious adventurism inherent Olga Aroseva, played a pivotal role in her fate
. In 1946 in Moscow en route from the evacuation of the Leningrad Theater of Comedy tour led by a wonderful director and artist Nikolai Pavlovich Akimov. Aroseva, even without completing the course, had to show was met favorably and, presenting a diploma nurses, already graduated from the theater, "fraudulently" was leaked to the troupe. Went to Leningrad, where she spent nearly five happiest years, has mastered the basics of the profession, partnerstvovala with amazing actors. Here, she first married and here ... pleased by the court - when the misunderstanding was not a performance, and thus it foiled. Then the city started "antiakimovskaya" campaign, the troupe drove my director, and Olga Aroseva not accept this betrayal, in 1950, returned to Moscow. It took the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire, where she works to this day.

In the Theater of Satire Olga Aroseva starred: Hung-Nyan - "spilled the cup" Wang Shih-fu (1952), Clotilde, Rachel - "Mr. Dyurua" And. Prut and E. Steinberg by Guy de Maupassant (1953), Nastya - "Honeymoon" in. Dykhovichnyi and M. Sloboda (1954), Pavlikova - "It was the horse" ( "House") in. Kataev (1956), Madeleine - "Only the truth" J.-P. Sartre (1956), Olga Chigolella - "Lying on his long legs" E. De Filippo (1957), Julia, Julie - "Shadow" E. Schwartz (1958), Valya - "200 thousand for incidental expenses" in. Dykhovichnyi and M. Sloboda (1960), Babeta - "Biedermann and arsonists" M. Frisch (1965), Lady Atteruord - "House, where broken hearts" B Shaw (1965).

Artistic Director of Theater of Satire Valentin Pluchek one time not often "spoiled" its prime, but at the end of 1960 almost did not notice. The actress is literally saved the television "Tavern 13 chairs" (1969) - trendsetter, enterprising "secular lioness" Mrs. Monica fell in love with the whole country. Aroseva also co-starred in such popular films, . as "We'll meet somewhere ..." (1954), . "The girl with no address" (1957), . "Beware of the Car" (1966), . "Intervention" (1968), . "Trembita" (1968), . "The old-robbers" (1971), . "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" (1973) and many others,
. She received the title of Honored Artist of Russia and Honored Art of Poland.

With the departure of the Satire Theater Tatiana Peltzer Olga Aroseva moved to the age heroines, and finally took her firmly in the repertoire. At this time she played the following roles: Queen - "The Magic Ring Almanzora T. Grabbe (1971), Freken Rosenblum - "Pippi Longstocking" A. Lindgren (1973), "We have fifty" Nat. Gorin and A. Shirvindt (1974), Marceline - "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro" by Beaumarchais (1974), Makhonina - "Foam" C. Mikhalkov (1975), Daunorene - "Clemens" K. Saya (1976), Ivanova - "Little comedy big house" A. Arkanov and Gr.Gorina (1976), Khlestov - "Woe from Wit". A. Griboyedov (1976), Vera - "Nest Capercaillie" In. Rozov (1980), Cheboksarov - "Mad Money". AN. Ostrovsky (1981), Seraphim Ilinichna - "suicide" H. Erdmann (1982),'s partner - "Concert for the Theater and Orchestra" Nat. Gorin and A. Shirvindt (1982), Charlotte Ivanovna - "The Cherry Orchard" A.P. Chekhov (1984), Diana Leonidovna - - "Shut up, sad, silent" But. Shirvindt (1985), Odoki - "Red mare with a bell" and. Druta (1986).

Since the beginning of the 1990 OA. Aroseva becomes the first actress of the troupe. In recent years, its account number prime. Among them: Mrs. Banks - "Barefoot in the Park 'N. Simon (1990), Madame Rozpetl - "Dad, Dad, Poor Dad! .." A. Saves (1991), Pamela Cronk - "How to sew on the old lady" D. Patrick (1995), "Naples - the city of millionaires' E. De Filippo (1999), "Athens in the evening" P. Gladilin (2000) and "Madeline and Moses" (2001).

OA. Aroseva - People's Artist of Russia (1985), laureate of State Prize of Russia, Honored Artist of Poland, holder of the Order of Honor and Merit for the Fatherland "IV degree (2000).

Olga Aroseva - people nutty and reckless. She loves animals, preference, travel. Most of his free time at the dacha. In 1998 came her memoir "Without Makeup".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Aroseva Olga, photo, biography
Aroseva Olga, photo, biography Aroseva Olga  People's Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize of Russia, Honored Artist of Poland, photo, biography
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