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Zolotarev Vladimir Antonovich

( Major General, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Doctor of Juridical Science, professor, vice-president of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, Chairman of the Board of the Presidential Council for priso)

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Biography Zolotarev Vladimir Antonovich
photo Zolotarev Vladimir Antonovich
Born July 20, 1946 in Odessa. Father - Anton Afanasievich Zolotarev (1904. born.). Mother - Savinova Larisa (1926 g. born.). Wife - Zolotarev Irina Konstantinova (1950 g. born.). Son - Vladislav V. (1968. born.). Daughter - Natalia (1968. born.).

Military service - family tradition Zolotarev. Praprapraded VA. Zolotarev - I.V. Buyalsky, the predecessor of the great NI. Pirogov, was one of the founders of the Russian School of Military Medicine. General medical service, as one would say today, marked by all the laurels of the first physician Russia Empire, he was a permanent consultant to the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Hospital for the poor, Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum and the cadet corps. The founder of the theory of individual variability, the creator of anatomic and surgical tables, he was one of the first in Russia used anesthesia, blood transfusion, antiseptics.

Father Vladimir Antonovich - an officer, past all the Great Patriotic War. His combat history - from the battalion commander to commander of 382 Infantry Division - is marked by many awards and medals, six wounded. In honor of the feat battalion of cadets under the command of border-AA. Zolotarev near Gatchina, near St. Petersburg, is a monument.

The military chose a path, and Vladimir Zolotarev. In August 1957 he was admitted to the glorious traditions of his Leningrad Red Banner twice Suvorov Military School, a former Cadets Cadet Russia. In its walls formed by Vladimir Zolotarev interest to Russia's military history. First his scientific work he has done already in 1962, accounting for a table of military service members of the Romanov dynasty.

. After the Suvorov military school was followed by studies at the Higher Military Command School in Petrodvorets, near Leningrad, which VA
. Zolotarev graduated in 1967. Here is his penchant for occupations in the national military history was noted and supported the talented military historians and educators Doctor of Military Sciences O.F. Souvenirs and YU.M. Rokhlin. Scientific societies cadets have been acquired skills of Military History Chronology.

In 1967, VA. Zolotarev began military service in the headquarters of the Leningrad Military District. In parallel, the listener has a special course on the country's history, which in the early 1970's read the history department of Leningrad University, Professor VV. Mavrodin. Recognized as head of the national school of study of military and civilian history of prerevolutionary Russia, VV. Mavrodin failed to appreciate the exceptional hard work and efficiency of the young officer, giving him the difficult istochnikovedcheskie job.

Since 1972, VA. Zolotarev problem of developing Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 years in the Soviet military historiography ". In May 1977, the Institute of Military History has been successfully defended his PhD thesis. Appeared in the press and was highly appreciated by specialists of his first monograph devoted to the historiographical analysis of the war years 1877-1878. Generous praises VV. Mavrodin said in one of their written comments, that the VA. Zolotarev, then, is perhaps the largest specialist on the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 years. By the time behind the young researcher was a strong rear of military theory and practice - brilliantly concluded in 1974 by correspondence adjuncture Military Academy of Logistics and Transport.

. Selecting the main topic, the author remains faithful to this day, as well as developed his research methods were not random
. The basis of their lay his interest as a scientist and an officer to the problem of withdrawal of Russia in the Mediterranean and, of course, the historical aspects of maritime communications of Russia in the context of the history of international relations of the New Age. Russian-Ottoman relations and the war years 1877-1878 gave fertile ground for such a study. Subject found its author, VA. Zolotarev - good teachers. Help and support for young military historian to have his supervisor of the doctor of historical sciences, professor, Colonel I.I. Rostunov and Head of the Institute of Military History Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences, professor, Lieutenant-General P.A. Zhilin. For many years creative and service circumstances tied VA. Zolotarev with the Institute of Military History.

Military history - is a science, requiring multi-factor analysis and nonlinear thinking. The best "schools" for mastering such advanced techniques than staff work in conjunction with academic science, wish it was not. So it was in service in the Leningrad Military District and later, from 1976 to 1988, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia and the headquarters of the United States' armed forces of the Warsaw Treaty. The need for daily analysis of military issues, a quick solution to problems of military management and military-technical nature has elaborated a unique "Zolotarevskii" handwriting analysis in the document files like previous eras, and contemporary. Being engaged in the military history of the predominantly modern times, he and a co-produced several books on the history of the first and second world wars, a series of brilliant essays on the theoretical principles of modern military history of science.

. In March 1985, the Leningrad branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences VA
. Zolotarev successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the problems of East crisis, the last third of the XIX century. A year earlier, it has been tested and has been recommended for protection once the two departments of the University of Leningrad - "Middle East" at the Institute of Oriental Studies and the History of Russia "in the History Department, . that in itself imply recognition by the professional historians of the author as the expert level in the field of oriental, . and in national history.,

. In August 1988, VA
. Zolotarev was appointed to the post of Chief of the national military history at the Institute of Military History of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. Within three years of work at the Institute, . before being transferred to the post of Assistant Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR (1991-1992), . he was able to reconstruct the Office, . bring it closer to the vital tasks of national historical science,
. Lead management institute has become a research center of national sound.

In 1992-1993, VA. Zolotarev was an adviser to the Deputy Defense Minister. In February 1993 he was appointed to the post of Chief of Military History Institute of the Ministry of Defense.

Over the past few years under his scientific leadership in the large group of scientists formed the first post-1917 Russia's school to study the art of war modern times in Russia and abroad. This is great importance in the intellectual revival of society. Military history is regarded as one of the most important elements of the revival of mass readership, educational and public awareness of interest in the heroic past of Russia. Based on these principles with the participation of VA. Zolotarev formulated the general concept and has been consistently implemented in the form of scientific publications illustrated multivolume "History of Russian armed forces IX-XX centuries". In these publications, fundamentally innovative in scope and level of performance tasks, VA. Zolotarev serves as chief editor and author of many key chapters and articles. Successfully Planning the trilogy "The navy powers Russia.

VA. Zolotarev, first modern military historians raised the question of the salient features of Russia's national army. Even in the early 1990's he began to develop theoretical principles of military doctrine, Russia. He penned a series of works on strategy and tactics of the army and a major monograph "The second front against the Third Reich" (1993).

After the August 1991 VA. Zolotarev first made a new concept of military-historical science (Military History Journal, 1991, "10) and also presented a detailed and completely original methodology of the military doctrine of Russia (1991-1992). Established VA. Zolotarev in 1991, the Association of Military Historians and Archeology Russia (AVIAR) has acquired an international reputation. Less than a year, the Association prepared and published over 10 papers.

In recent books is especially notable interest in VA. Zolotarev the comparative study of military history of various countries and peoples and the desire to maximize its accessibility to a wide readership. This creative line is reflected in his public activities. Since April 1987 he is chairman of the Commission on the military history of the East, and in 1989-1995 he was the head of the international scientific program - "Humanism and geomilitarizm. Lessons from the past coming.

In total, VA. Zolotarev has published over 300 scientific works on military history and theory, Orientalism, the history of Russia. About 30 of his historical works published in foreign languages, including Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Kuwait, Poland, USA, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan.

. Most of his books are written, in fact, at the junction of four scientific disciplines: national history, military history, general history and Oriental
. The most significant among them: "Military-historical thought in Russia at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries" (L., . 1975), . Genesis and development trends of the art of war in Russia during the second half of XVIII century "(M., . 1982), . "Russia and Turkey: the war years 1877-1878" (M., . 1983), . "The struggle of empires" (M., . 1991), . "From Carthage to Kars: Essays on the history of war" (M, . 1993), . The Apostles army of Russia "(M., . 1994, . 2 nd ed.), . "Remember the past: The synopsis on the history" (M., . 1994), . "The phenomenon of Russia's renaissance" (M., . 1995), . "In the coming we gaze through the former" (M., . 1997), . "Domestic military reform" (M., . 1997), . Military Security Homeland: Historical and legal study "(M., . 1998, . 2 nd ed.), . "Europe, Russia faithful" (M., . 1999), . "Generalissimo AV,
. Suvorov: fame "(Moscow, 1999)," Under Russia's St. Andrew's flag "(Moscow, 2000)," Military Security State Rossiyskogo "(Moscow, 2001) and others

. Under his editorship, the scientific leadership and participation with the author's published works: "To the glory of the Fatherland Rossiyskogo" (Moscow, 1984), "The threshold of irreversibility" (in portug
. lang., Moscow, 1988), "Military History of Russia from ancient times to the present day: The 3 m. (Moscow, 1994), "On the past in the name of the future" (Moscow, 1988), "Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905. Fight at Sea "(Moscow, 1990)," Russia and Japan at the dawn of XX Century "(Wiley, 1994)," Strategic decisions and the armed forces ": in 2 m. (Moscow, 1995 and 1997), "History of the State fleet Rossiyskogo": In 2 t. (Moscow, 1996), "naval of the Fatherland" (Moscow, 1999), "Russian Navy in World War I" (Moscow, 2000), "History of the military strategy of Russia" (Moscow, 2000), "Strategic decisions and Armed Forces: a new reading "(T. 1. Moscow, 2000), "Local wars and armed conflicts in Russia (USSR) in the second half of XX century" (Moscow, 2000).

VA. Zolotarev editorial board is headed by 50-volume reference publication series "Russian Archive. The Great Patriotic War ", . is deputy chairman of the main drafting committee (CI) 8-volume encyclopedia of the Military, . co GRK 4-volume work "The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945: Studies of History", . member of the editorial boards of Great Russia and Encyclopedia of Military History magazine,
. In 1992 he founded the scientific-theoretical Almanac "Geopolitics and Security, was editor of the Russian translation of the encyclopedia" The Great Time of the oceans and the series "The Third Reich. Tragedy of Peoples ". He is the chairman of dissertation councils on military history, general history (military-historical perspective), the history of Russia (military-historical perspective).

Major-General VA. Zolotarev - State Councilor Russia grade 1 (1996), . Doctor of Historical Sciences (1985), . Doctor of Law (2000), . Professor (1991), . Chairman of the Editorial Board of the All-Russia Book of Memory "(December 2001),
. He was elected full member (1991) and vice-president of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, created the Office of Military History, culture and rights of Natural Sciences. Member of the Society of Orientalists of Sciences (1987), . Chairman of the Commission on Military Orientalism of the Russian Geographic Society (1987), . President of the Association of Military Historians and archeography Russia (1991-1996), . President of the International Academy for Nature and Society (1996), . Academician of the Italian Academy of Economics and Social Sciences, . Corresponding Member of the Russia Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences (1999).,

. In 1996-1997 he was Deputy Chief of the RF President to protect the constitutional rights of citizens of Russia, . Head of Department of pardon and rehabilitation, . then - military inspector in the apparatus of the RF Security Council of Russia (1998-1999), . member of the Commission under the RF President on State Awards (1995-1999),
. From 1996 to the present, he leads the Commission to the Presidential Council for POWs, internees and missing, is co-chair Russo-American Commission on Prisoners of War and Missing. In 1995-2000 - member Rossiyskogo Organizing Committee under the RF Government to commemorate the momentous events of national military history.

VA. Zolotarev awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "IV degree (1996), . "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" III degree (1982), . Red Star (1988), . Medal for Military Merit ", . more than 30 state and government awards Russia (USSR) and foreign countries,
. For contribution to the development of national historical scholarship he was awarded the first prize of the Moscow Government (for its contribution to the study of the history of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945) and VI Award. Vernadsky (2000), gold and silver medals of Peter I, the silver medal P. Kapitza, P. Tretyakov, A. Popov, the prize "Golden Hercules 2000" Roman Academy.

Vladimir Antonovich loves animals, has a marble dog, and South Russian Shepherd Dog. He is fond of chess (a judge of the Republican rank category), theater, cinema. His favorite writers - M.Yu.. Lermontov, A.S. Griboyedov AN. Ostrovsky Y. Shakespeare ZH.B. Moliere. In the music of preference for the works of VA. Mozart, SV. Rachmaninov L. Beethoven, F. Chopin. Greatest scientists of all time thinks M.V. Lomonosov, VI. Vernadsky, A. Einstein.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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