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Gnezdilov Alexander

( Doctor of Medical Sciences)

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Biography Gnezdilov Alexander
photo Gnezdilov Alexander
Born October 8, 1957 in Moscow. Father - Gnezdilov Vladimir Ivanovich (1923. born.), a veteran of World War II in 1941, fought near Moscow. Mother - Gnezdilova Galina (1930-1988). Wife - Gnezdilova Elena F. (1957. born.) worked as an operating nurse at the Research Institute of Proctology. Daughter: Victoria (1978. born.), Alexander (1981. born.), Catherine (1984. born.), Anna (1986. born.), Marina (1987. born.). Son - Andrew (1983. born.). Has three grandchildren.

In the medical environment, the image of doctors is often associated with the presence of degree, and official recognition - with the title of academician or a corresponding member of RAMS. This - the current rules. With advanced degrees in Alexander Gnezdilova, that is, there is no higher. He - Doctor of Medical Sciences. Attitude on the part of medical colleagues uniquely respectful, him recognize the name of Dr. higher level. The main index of the same class - a crowd of sufferers in the hospital, where he takes from eight in the morning every day, dozens of people from all corners of Russia and neighboring countries. People go to him for years tormented pain in the spine, joints, the locomotor system ... In the treatment of these diseases doctor Gnezdilov - a real ace.

Parents of Alexander Gnezdilova relationship to medicine had, worked as an engineer in the development of control systems of aircraft.

In school, Sasha Gnezdilov interested in chemistry and biology, is in eighth grade was determined to enter medical school and have been wrestling with self -. In 1974 the first attempt came in 2-nd Moscow Medical Institute, where, with a particular interest dealt favorite subjects: normal physiology, medicine, pharmacology, neurology, anesthesiology and intensive care.

Since 1977, after the third course, Gnezdilov began working as a nurse in the intensive care department of Research Institute of Proctology. Even then he decided to become an anesthesiology and intensive care, and work at the institute helped him get the first practical skills with patients, especially with the most severe. It was quite intense and difficult period in his life. Alexander Gnezdilov married young, and the need to care about the family forced him to combine work in several places.

. In 1980, after graduation, he joined the clinical residency in anesthesiology and resuscitation in the All-Union Scientific Center of Surgery (VNTSH) Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (at that time - All-Union Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery of the Ministry of Health),
. In 1982, after residency, Gnezdilov worked as a doctor in a department of anesthesiology VNTSH primarily a provider of anesthesia care in microsurgical operations. Department of Microsurgery, organized in 1978, was engaged in reconstructive and plastic operations both in replantation of limbs, and when autologous tissue at the planned intervention after trauma, frostbite, burns ... At this time, Alexander seized the entire arsenal of anesthesia and emergency care and, above all, the methods of conduction anesthesia, which played a major role in its further work. Along with the main work became interested in issues of treatment of acute and chronic pain. However, anesthetic skills were not enough - treatment of pain requires a multidisciplinary approach and knowledge of traumatology: orthopedics, neurology, internal medicine, radiology ... Also required knowledge and innovative treatments: manual therapy, reflexology ... Greatly assisted in the capture of these methods has AV. Gnezdilova Viktor Tsibulyak, at the time - Head of Therapy of pain syndromes

. In 1989, Alexander Gnezdilov master's thesis, . devoted to the tactics of infusion therapy during prolonged microsurgical interventions (lasting from 8 to 21 hours), . and in 1991 received an invitation to the Central Research Institute of Prosthesis and Prosthetic for the post of senior lecturer in anesthesiology and intensive care.,

. In 1992, Gnezdilov created in the institute department of anesthesiology and functional rehabilitation, combining the anesthesiology-resuscitation, physiotherapy and reflexology room and physical therapy
. The scientific team under his leadership has been developing methods of therapy of pain syndromes in patients with orthopedic profile software operations and rehabilitation of patients in the postoperative period. It focused not only on the treatment itself, but also on prevention of pain with the development of a set of special methods. To that end, Division worked closely with orthopedic offices, in particular, held a joint treatment of patients with phantom-pain syndromes, vertebrogenic, headaches. Under the leadership Gnezdilova developed special diagnostic neurophysiological techniques of objectification and intensity of pain. As a result, managed to create a system of work in close cooperation trauma, . Anesthesiologists, . reflexologist, . Therapists, . Specialists in remedial gymnastics, . specialists in functional diagnosis, . enable to conduct successful diagnosis and treatment, . its control and rehabilitation of patients at all stages of finding it in the clinic,

In 1999, Alexander defended his doctoral dissertation on the diagnosis and treatment of phantom pain syndromes and vertebrogenic. In this work Gnezdilova A comprehensive approach to the treatment of pain based on traditional and nontraditional healing methods developed electrophysiological methods of diagnosing and monitoring the effectiveness of pain therapy

. In 2001, Gnezdilov moved to Russia Scientific Center of Surgery RAMS, to head the office treatment of pain syndromes, where he continued work in the field of pain syndromes, and integrative medicine.

. In addition to the scientific and practical activities since 1980, he actively participates in the work of the Moscow Scientific Society of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, . and Russia interregional public association "Society for the Study of Pain", . member of the organizing committee which is from 2000.,

. Major achievements Gnezdilova summarized in his numerous publications and scientific papers, . main of which are the "tactics of the anesthetic infusion therapy during prolonged reconstructive and cosmetic surgery with microsurgical technique", . "Differentiated complex pharmacotherapy phantom-pain syndrome after amputation", . Methods of treating pain in patients with amputated limbs and spine pathology,
. Methodical recommendations ", . Modern principles of multidisciplinary pain treatment in the Orthopedic Clinic, . "Notsitsentivnye reflex reactions of muscles of the upper limb in humans", . Methods of treating pain in patients with orthopedic Profile,
. Methodical recommendations "," Modern principles of treatment of chronic pain in the comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with pathology of the locomotor system "...

. Alexander is fond of music, especially the likes of Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Vivaldi, Mozart, as well as composition for tenor saxophone and moderate blues improvisation
. He - a great connoisseur of painting the Impressionists and Russian artists of the early XX century, the "good" fantastic literature, and his main book is the Bible.

A committed supporter of active forms of recreation with his family AV. Gnezdilov regularly making walking, do not miss a chance to go for mushrooms. And he loves animals - previously held riesenschnauzers, now - a small long-haired dachshund ...

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  • svetlana for Gnezdilov Alexander
  • Hi! Dear Alexander Vladimirovich.Menya name is Svetlana, I'm 26 years old, and I want to get acquainted with you closer because I have a serious problem with zdorovem.Pishite. Go with God! c / y svetlana yatchuk
  • Eugene for Gnezdilov Alexander
  • Hello Alexander! Show you how you can get your advice? My mother's problem with the spine (protrusion of the disc L5S1). Sincerely, Eugene.
  • Dmitry Anisimov for Gnezdilov Alexander
  • Sasha hello! Filippov bastard does not give your phone. At my friends problems with the spine. How in touch with you? Dmitry Anisimov kovca@mail.ru 518-38-54
  • Natalia for Gnezdilov Alexander
  • Hello Aeksandr V. 12 years ago, I was treated you with the spine even when you were at the Institute of Proctology at korovenskom highway now I have a problem with hip to my daughter, too, as you find
  • Natalia for Gnezdilov Alexander
  • My natalka-75-75@mail.ru
  • Olga Dunina for Gnezdilov Alexander
  • Саша, давай я тебе вызов устрою в наш госпиталь, поучишь их как болевой синдром лечить. А то больные от боли с ума сходят здесь. Оля
  • Olga Dunina for Gnezdilov Alexander
  • Pozvoni v Moskve 4594966 Hotim otdati vam nasledstvo.
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    Gnezdilov Alexander, photo, biography
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