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Tigani Alexander

( Academic Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Director, Scientific Center of Mental Health of RAMS, the chief psychiatrist at the RF Health Ministry)

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Biography Tigani Alexander
photo Tigani Alexander
Born May 10, 1931 in Moscow. Father - Tiganov Sergei. Mother - Tiganova Olga. Wife - Tiganova Irina Glebovna (1954 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Tiganova Olga.

In his youth, Alexander Tiganova almost equally attracted to her history and medicine. He decided that he could combine both of these callings, combining the works of helping suffering mankind physician and former researcher of the thoughtful classes. Perhaps he was able to carry out its intention, if not passion for psychiatry, largely due to meeting with Academician AV. Snezhnevsky a brilliant teacher and an amazing person. Continuing the work of his teacher and following the traditions of the national mental health, . Alexander says, . neither sophisticated instrumental techniques, . nor the most sophisticated technology can not replace the clinical approach to the patient, . skilful and tactful study of his personality,
. Construction of an accurate diagnosis - this is the most difficult task, which every day faced A.S. Tiganov and successfully resolve that helps him truly unique fusion of fundamental knowledge, medical intuition and understanding of the various states of the human soul.

In 1954 A.S. Tiganov graduated from the 2-nd Moscow Medical Institute with the specialty physician lechebnik. Until 1960, he was a clinical intern, full-time graduate student at the Central Institute of Postgraduate Medical USSR Ministry of Health. From September 1960 to February 1961 he worked with an associate researcher at the State Scientific Research Institute of Psychiatry, Ministry of Health of the RSFSR.

In 1961 A.S. Tiganov master's thesis in 1969 - his doctorate dissertation on "Psychopathology and clinical manic states in schizophrenia". In 1967 he was awarded the rank of assistant professor, in 1973 - Professor.

In 1973-1976 years A.S. Tiganov was the dean of the Faculty of therapeutic Central Institute of Postgraduate Medical Ministry of Health of the USSR (with 1992 - Russia Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Health of Russia). Since 1988 A.S. Tiganov heads the department of Psychiatry Institute.

Since September 1988 Professor A.S. Tiganov was Deputy Director for Science VNTSPZ - Director of the Institute of Clinical Psychiatry VNTSPZ, i.o. Director NTSPZ. From 1988 to 1993 he was director of the Institute of Psychiatry, Scientific Center of Mental Health of the USSR AMS.

Since 1993, A.S. Tiganov - Director of Scientific Center of Mental Health Russia Academy of Medical Sciences (until 1992 - VNTSPZ - All-Union Scientific Center of Mental Health). Currently he is chairman of the specialized council on candidate and doctoral theses, . Chairman of the Interagency Council on Mental Health, . chief specialist of the Medical Center Office of the President of Russia, . member of the Presidium of the Society of Psychiatrists and Narcologists Russia, . Chairman of the Society of Psychiatrists of the CIS,
. In 1999 he was elected an academician (full member), Russia Academy of Medical Sciences. He is also a corresponding member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (1987), corresponding member of the German Society of Neurologists, psychiatrists, drug (1999), an honorary member of the Society of Psychiatrists of Lithuania.

. A. Tiganov holds enormous pedagogical work on the training of doctors and young scientists, . clinical residents, . graduate, . develops methodological and methodical basis of teaching psychiatry, . personally involved in the lecture course, . regularly cyclic and exit diagnostic conference with medical trainees with clinical analysis of patients, . conducts extensive advisory work in hospitals and dispensaries neuropsychiatric,
. On his initiative, created a functional scientific and educational association NTSPZ RAMS with the Department of Psychiatry Russia Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Under the leadership of A. Tiganova it facilitates the introduction of the latest achievements of psychiatric research, not only in Moscow but also in other regions of Russia and abroad. Pupils AS Tiganova working in research institutions (in the medical colleges of the country and many of the CIS heads of departments), and in practical public health.

. A. Tiganov carefully preserves and efficiently develops the best traditions of national mental health
. Whose Center for Mental Health of RAMS is a leading scientific institution, known not only within the country but also abroad. In the activities of the Center's staff are kept and continue to develop the scientific and clinical traditions of the school Snezhnevsky.

. Under the leadership of A. Tiganova conducted extensive clinical and biological studies of etiology, . pathogenesis, . psychopathology and clinics such important from the standpoint of theoretical medicine and practical public health diseases, . schizophrenia, . affective disorders, . psychosomatic disorders, . different types of dementia, . often entail the most serious violation of social and work adaptation of patients, . including in those of children and the aged,
. The results of these studies are widely recognized domestic and foreign scientists. The findings of the new research results to be introduced into psychiatric and somatic practices and can improve quality of life of patients and their level of social and work adaptation.

A. Tiganovym and his students created the theoretical basis of classification of mental illness, developed a background of domestic version. At the initiative of A. Tiganova and with his active participation in the country annually holds the scientific and practical conferences on topical issues of psychiatry, . psychopharmacology with the participation of leading scientists of the country, . near and far abroad, . as well as medical treatment and practice facilities.,

. Developed as a result of psychopharmacological research under the guidance of A. Tiganova recommendations to improve psychopharmatherapy can introduce a psychiatric practice new, high psychopharmaceuticals drugs, . optimize the efficiency of their use and improve ways of overcoming therapeutic resistance and thereby improve the quality of social and labor rehabilitation activities.,

. A. Tiganovym published over 200 scientific works, among them 2 monographs, for example, "Febrile Medicine" (1983), 47 Basic Research (19 - for the past 5 years)
. He is the author of several editions of the handbook and guide to psychiatry. Edited by A. S. Tiganova and with his direct involvement (he was written 8 chapters and sections) in 1999 reached 2 volumes of the Manual of Psychiatry (2 nd edition), . which summarized and reflected the most modern achievements in the field of systematics, . pathogenesis, . diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, . which today is the flagship publication of such scale and serves to improve knowledge of young scientists, . Psychiatrists and intern,
. A. Tiganov - Head 25 successfully defended candidate and doctoral theses.

A.S. Tiganov always carries great scientific and social work, . is a member of the editorial board of the monthly "Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry named SS Korsakov, . "Russian medical journal, . WHO expert on mental health and postgraduate education, . actively participates in international programs of WHO's mental health, . psychopharmatherapy and the creation of an international classification of mental illness,
. The results of his scientific activities, he is widely represented in national and international congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars. His name is entered in the foreign encyclopaedia of the most influential scientists "Who's Who".

A. Tiganov awarded the Order of Honor (2001), medal "Veteran of Labor" and "850 anniversary of Moscow".

In the past, Alexander fond of mountaineering. Leisure time he devoted to classical music, his favorite composers - Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Strauss, beloved - conductor Herbert von Karajan, pianist - Barry Douglas. Of the singers allocates P. Domingo, M. Olivero, as well as a. Herman and A. Vertinsky. Favorite writers - A. Chekhov D. Galsworthy.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Tigani Alexander, photo, biography
Tigani Alexander, photo, biography Tigani Alexander  Academic Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Director, Scientific Center of Mental Health of RAMS, the chief psychiatrist at the RF Health Ministry, photo, biography
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