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Trapeznikov Nikolai

( Academic Russia Academy of Sciences and the Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR State Prize Laureate and RF)

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Biography Trapeznikov Nikolai
photo Trapeznikov Nikolai
Born May 21, 1928 in Gorky. Father - Trapeznikov Nikolai. Mother - Elizabeth N. Trapeznikova. Wife - Margaret Trapeznikova Feodorovna (1929 g. born.), Academician of RAMS, MD, professor, head of the urology clinic MONICA, chief urologist at the Moscow region, Honored Worker of Science. Daughter - Lviv Elena (1957. born.) graduated from the MGIMO, by profession - economist on international affairs, candidate of economic sciences. Grandchildren: Nicholas, Alex.

Selecting medical profession for NN. Trapeznikova was to some extent accidental. His father, a graduate of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, from 1940 worked as chief engineer for utilities in the construction of the Kuibyshev Aviation Plant. With air and happened to find himself Trapeznikova: in 1943, in the midst of the Great Patriotic War, he had just graduated from the 7 th grade, was sent to Kuibyshev air force flying school, where he stayed until the end of the war.

10 th grade Nikolay graduated in his native city of Gorky, and immediately confronted with a difficult question - where to do: a polytechnic or a medical. Had to resort to using lots ...

In 1952, NN. Trapeznikov graduated with honors from medical faculty of the Gorky State Medical Institute named after SM. Kirov and enrolled in the clinical internship. Within the walls of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Oncology, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (now - Russia Cancer Research Center, named NN. Blokhin) passed its emergence as a doctor and scientist, under the guidance of Academician NN. Blokhin. Here he worked as a junior researcher, senior researcher, scientific secretary of the Institute. In 1956, he was defended PhD thesis on "Comparative evaluation of materials for surgical sutures and ligatures.

In this period, NN. Trapeznikova formed interest in the field of oncology, the development of which was devoted all his further research - tumors of bone and soft tissue. Under his leadership, work has begun to explore new approaches to therapy of these malignancies, the primary method of treatment which was then the surgical. They were developed principles for the use of regional intra-arterial chemotherapy for extremity sarcomas, which has greatly improved the results of survival.

. The resulting integrated clinical and experimental work materials were compiled and presented in a 1964 doctoral dissertation on "Treatment of primary bone tumors"
. Under the guidance and direct participation of NN. Trapeznikova developed indications for operations in the intact bone tumors. Have been convincingly shown the possibility of chemotherapy in the treatment of metastatic osteogenic sarcoma.

In 1965 NN. Trapeznikov head and since then stretch supervises the general office of Oncology Rossiyskogo Cancer Research Center. In 1967 he was awarded the academic title of professor specializing in oncology.

. Radical treatment of malignant tumors of the locomotor system in most of its schemes must include the execution of large transactions, often leading to crippling and disability
. In his numerous works of NN. Trapeznikov established principles of restorative treatment of such patients. General Oncology Clinic team has developed and implemented techniques Express prosthesis after amputation and joint replacement. Until the cycle of these studies conduct prosthesis of large joints in cancer is not widely applied. This approach greatly accelerated the process of rehabilitation of patients, and in many cases, even allowed to recover their full capacity to work. Under the direction of NN. Trapeznikova were developed original domestic titanium implants of the knee, shoulder and hip joints, which fully restores the function of limbs and at the same time much cheaper than their foreign counterparts. The originality of the number of established structures was confirmed by three inventor's certificates.

The priority, relevance and efficiency of research and development, led by NN. Trapeznikov, were highly appreciated by the scientific and medical community of the country. In 1974 he was elected a corresponding member of Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, and in 1978 - a full member of Academy of Medical Sciences (since 1992 - Academy of Medical Sciences).

In 1977, NN. Trapeznikova with a group of collaborators to work on experimental studies, clinical development and application of the method of large bone allografts man was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. In the future successful development of this field of oncology has been twice prizes Academy of Medical Sciences behalf NN. Petrova (1980, 1987).

NN. Trapeznikova was characteristic of the desire to carry out extensive and multidisciplinary research in oncology. In the late 1970's - early 1980's series of works in the field of immunoassay, immunotherapy and immunochemotherapy tumors nominated NN. Trapeznikov in a number of prominent clinical immunologists. The most important parts of this trend is specific and nonspecific immunotherapy of malignant tumors, immunochemotherapy and prevention of metastasis in melanoma of the skin, immunotherapy by activated lymphocytes from patients. At that time, the use of interleukins was a completely new approach to cancer therapy. He led a co-operative study of the effectiveness of various treatments for melanoma, and sarcomas.

Advances in clinical and experimental oncology have led to the election NN. Trapeznikova in 1997 a full member (academician) of the Russia Academy of Sciences of the Office of physiology.

In recent years, NN. Trapeznikov led the work on joint replacement bones and joints in patients with bone tumors. Widely used total knee and hip joints, the diaphysis of the femur, the proximal end of the shoulder of the new izoplasticheskogo material that allows to solve some problems of stable fixation of implants. Developed have stored the operation in patients with primary and recurrent tumors of the pelvic bones. The analysis of the treatment of sarcomas of soft tissue on various schemes over a long period of the Division of General Oncology. The expediency of an integrated approach to therapy with the use of organ-surgical interventions, highly active anticancer drugs, radiation therapy, the impact on the immune status of an organism. Application of modern chemotherapy regimens intact during surgery for osteogenic sarcomas allowed to increase 5-year survival from 10-12 to 50 percent.

. Among the developments introduced in recent years stands extrafocal method of compression-distraction osteosynthesis spokes-rod type Ilizarov apparatus for treatment of pathological fractures of long bones
. Together with the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Moscow Medical Academy named after IM. Sechenov developed a technique for surgical decompression of the spinal cord in metastatic lesions of the spine. The successful introduction of methods of bone, muscle and vascular plasticity in the surgical treatment of sarcomas of bone and soft tissue.

. Progress in this direction results in 1999 were marked by the awarding of authors under the direction of NN
. Trapeznikova RF State Prize in Science and Technology for the work "Development and introduction into clinical practice of combined treatments for osteogenic sarcoma.

. As the head of the largest in Russia and the European Cancer Center (since 1988) NN
. Trapeznikov could not stand aside from decisions of methodological issues associated with the organization of cancer control. Years of work in the International Union Against Cancer, . close contacts in foreign colleagues from Europe and the U.S., . excellent knowledge of the situation with cancer incidence and the work of oncology network in Russia led him to think about the need for Rossiyskogo Cancer Society,
. It was founded in 1994 as an independent and non-profit organization, which aims to attract the general public to the problems of cancer. Been identified key priorities in the organization of cancer control, we can pretty quickly and effectively to reduce morbidity and mortality. Among them is the main primary prevention of malignant tumors, including the fight against smoking and nicotine conducting propaganda. Among other areas of this activity NN. Trapeznikov singled secondary prevention (early detection of cancer through screening programs), . promotion of basic science, . associated with establishing the causes and mechanisms of tumor development, . further improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, . issues of information support and training for cancer network Russia,
. Moreover, the transfer of these priorities is in the order in which they, as emphasized NN. Trapeznikov, contribute to improved morbidity and survival.

Great place in life NN. Trapeznikova occupied and his work as a teacher. Since 1975, he served as head of the Department of Oncology, Moscow Medical Academy named after IM. Sechenov, located at the base RONTS Medical Sciences, and by tradition, each school year began with an introductory lecture on the head of department achievements and prospects of development of oncology. Thousands of graduates of the Academy for the first time met with oncologists is in this department, but for some it has determined that all further life - they become oncologists.

NN. Trapeznikov always paid much attention to education and training and scientific personnel. Every year at the Office of General Oncology come training in residency and graduate young doctors from many regions of Russia and the CIS. Under his supervision 40 doctoral and 50 master's theses. Among his pupils 4 Directors and Rector, 11 professors, 5 of which are heads of departments and 6 - clinical departments.

. Since 1992, based on the OSC RAMS runs the Moscow branch of the European School of Oncology (ESO), which conducts a quarterly courses on various aspects of clinical oncology specialists, oncologists
. NN. Trapeznikov was a regional leader and scientific coordinator of the ESO in Russia and CIS countries.

NN. Trapeznikov - author of 10 monographs, a textbook on oncology for the students of medical institutes, about 400 scientific publications.

With exceptional organizational skills, NN. Trapeznikov performed a great scientific-organizational work. He was head of oncology NSTP "National priorities in medicine and health", . Chairman of the Interdepartmental Scientific Council on the issue of "Malignant neoplasms", . member of the Presidium of the All-Russia Scientific Society of Oncologists, . chief oncologist at the Medical Center Office of the President of Russia, . member of several medical, . surgical and oncological societies and foundations in Europe and the U.S.,
. Under his leadership, in 1990, established a scientific and practical journal "Vestnik RONTS RAMS", whose editor he was until the last days of his life. NN. Trapeznikov was also a member of the editorial boards of several domestic and foreign journals.

NN. Trapeznikov was vice-president of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), one of the founders of the International Committee of the Melanomnogo WHO, the head of the Coordinating Center for Oncology, CMEA. He initiated the establishment of first Board of Directors, and in January 1994 - Association of oncological and radiological institutions of the CIS. More than 1000 participants of the 1 st Congress of Oncologists of the CIS countries, held in December 1996, elected NN. Trapeznikova president of the Science Forum. Under his supervision was carried out and 2-nd Congress of the Association (2000, Kiev).

Merits NN. Trapeznikova in the field of cancer control programs and advances in its clinical activity were observed with high state awards - Orders of October Revolution (1989), . Red Banner of Labor (1981), . Friendship of Peoples (1994), . "For merits before Fatherland" III degree (1998), . many medals, . as well as foreign awards.,

. In his youth, Nikolai actively engaged in sports: skiing, volleyball, basketball (he was captain of the Institute, the champion of the city of Gorky)
. From his youth fascinated by history.

Nikolai died Sept. 27, 2001.

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Trapeznikov Nikolai, photo, biography
Trapeznikov Nikolai, photo, biography Trapeznikov Nikolai  Academic Russia Academy of Sciences and the Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR State Prize Laureate and RF, photo, biography
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