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DIAN Eugene M.

( Academic Russia Academy of Sciences, Laureate of State Prizes of USSR and Russia, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor)

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Biography DIAN Eugene M.
photo DIAN Eugene M.
Born January 31, 1936 in the village of Red Heat Ogarevo district of the Tula region, in the family of employees. Father - Dianov, Mikhail Yakovlevich (1901-1981). Mother - Elizabeth I. Dianova (1900-1986). Wife - Dianova Elena (1942. born.). Daughter - Dianova (Levshina) Ekaterina (1970. born.). Son - Dianov, Mikhail E. (1973 g. born.).

EM. Dianov - one of the founders of modern fiber optics in Russia, the recognized leader of this research direction. International scientific community is well known for his work in the theory of fiber structures, . Nonlinear Fiber Optics, . Physics of laser glasses and materials for fiber optics, . as well as to implement the formation of optical fibers based on silica glass, . chalcogenide glasses and polycrystalline materials,
. These works largely determine the scientific level of the most topical areas of fiber optics in the world.

. Evgeny Dianov studied in a seven-year school in the village Streshnevo Heat-Ogarevo area, graduated from high school Pahomovskuyu Zaokskogo district of Tula region
. In 1954 he joined the Physics Department of Moscow State University M.V. University, after which in 1960 the distribution is intended to work in the Physics Institute of P.N. Lebedev, USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1966 he defended his thesis for a Ph.D. degree in Physics and Mathematics, and in 1977 - a doctoral thesis.

At the end of the 1960 EM. Dianov proposed an approach to the creation of a new type of laser neodymium glasses that provide a strong focus laser. He suggested a radical way to solve the problem, namely, the choice of glass compositions in which the so-called thermal lens does not occur or is very small force. Together with Lytkarino optical glass such laser glass (atermalnye glass) have been developed and implemented in industrial production. For this work in 1974, EM. Dianov (of author) has been awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

. In the early 1970's in many developed countries around the world conducted intensive research on the creation of glass fibers with low attenuation of light
. The establishment of these fibers allows the development of communication system in which information is transferred by means of laser radiation. It was clear that the use of light waves as a carrier of radiation will increase the data transmission speed of more than 10 thousand times as compared with the use of radio waves.

. In the Soviet Union to such works have begun in several academic and industrial institutions
. Physics Institute named P.N. Lebedev, USSR they were initiated by academician п-.п°. Prokhorov. Directly in charge of developing the glass fibers was charged EM. Dianov. Already in 1974, together with the Institute of Chemistry of the USSR for the first time in the country had developed the technology of glass fibers with low optical loss. This allowed the laboratory staff, headed by EM. Dianova, to hold extensive basic research and get a number of world-level results. So, were carried out fundamental research on the strength of glass fibers and developed technology of optical fibers sealed in metal coatings, will double the strength of optical fibers

. As a result of fundamental studies on the propagation of optical solitons in optical fibers was first observed and explained by the effect of displacement of the carrier frequency femtosecond optical soliton as it propagates through an optical fiber,
. EM. Dianov and co-workers first in the country and the world have proposed and experimentally implemented to generate high-frequency sequence of fundamental solitons in optical fibers. In his laboratory first proposed and theoretically justified electrostrictive mechanism of interaction of solitons in their propagation through an optical fiber. This theory has allowed to explain the experimental results obtained by other authors, and to predict limitations in data transmission rate due to this mechanism.

Under the leadership of EM. Dianova were conducted fundamental studies of stimulated Raman scattering (Raman scattering) in glass fibers, . allowed to develop high-performance fiber optical amplifiers and lasers for systems of fiber-optic communication,
. In the future, together with IHVV Sciences developed a family of infrared optical fibers with low losses (for the spectral region 2.10 m). For his work in infrared optical fibers in 1998, EM. Dianov (of author) awarded the State Prize of Russia.

From 1983 EM. Dianov works at the Institute of General Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences. From 1988 to 1998 he was Deputy Director of the Institute of General Physics. In 1994 he was elected director of the Fiber Optics Research Center at GPI RAS.

EM. Dianov and his team created Fiber Optics Research Center at GPI RAS (FORC at GPI RAS) has been actively working on building the theoretical foundation and element base of fiber-optic communication systems of the future generation. This work covers a wide range of research, . related to the dynamics of propagation of femtosecond optical solitons, . with the creation of fiber-optic and integrated optical amplifiers, . lasers and dispersive elements, . search for new promising materials for passive and active fibers.,

. Institute, headed by EM
. Dianova, - one of the world leaders in the field of fiber optics. During its work, the Center provides scientific and business relations with many foreign companies and universities, and actively participates in all major international conferences.

Professor EM. Dianov created a school of fiber optics has raised about 50 candidates and doctors of science. They personally and co-authored over 500 published scientific articles in leading international and domestic scientific journals, has received several international patents for inventions. Among the most important publications - "Lasers and fiber optics" (co-authored with п-.п°. Prokhorov, Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk, t. 148, No.. 2, 1986), "Optical Solitons in Fibers" (Europhysics News, vol. 23,? 2, 1992), "The results of basic research - the basis of competitive industry" (Vestnik. Russia Academy of Sciences, t. 69,? 7, 1999), "On the threshold of the tera-era" (Quantum Electronics, T. 30,? 8, 2000) and others. Under his editorship issued a series of translated monographs.

Apart from purely scientific problems EM. Dianov actively engaged in issues of intellectual property protection and transfer of research results to industry. He headed a commission on selection of Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of inventions for patenting abroad, is a member of the Interdepartmental Commission on Protection and Use of Industrial Property. Always included in the program committees of prestigious national and international conferences and invited to the conference as a speaker, a member of the editorial boards of domestic and foreign scientific journals.

In 1987, EM. Dianova elected a corresponding member of Russia Academy of Sciences. Today he is - a full member of the RAS (1994), a member of the American Optical Society and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. He was awarded with the Badge of Honor "(1983) and Friendship (1996), the medal" For Valiant Labor. To celebrate the 100 th anniversary of the birth of VI. Lenin "(1970). His work is awarded prize behalf A.S. Popova Academy of Sciences and a joint award Academy of Sciences and the GDR.

In his spare time, Eugene M. likes to reread the works of Russian classics: LN. Tolstoy, IA. Goncharova, A.P. Chekhov, NV. Gogol etc.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    DIAN Eugene M., photo, biography
    DIAN Eugene M., photo, biography DIAN Eugene M.  Academic Russia Academy of Sciences, Laureate of State Prizes of USSR and Russia, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, photo, biography
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