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Osiko Viacheslav

( Academic Russia Academy of Sciences, Lenin Prize winner, Director, Scientific Center of Laser Materials and Technologies IOFAN, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor)

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Biography Osiko Viacheslav
photo Osiko Viacheslav
Born March 28, 1932 in Leningrad. Father - Osiko Vasiliy (1905. born.). Mother - Osiko Vera Iosifovna (1910 g. born.). Wife - Osiko (Vashchenko) Helena Petrovna (1931. born.). Son - Osiko Anatoly V. (1956. born.). Daughter - Osiko Anna V. (1968. born.).

In 1954, VV Osiko graduated from the engineering of Physical Chemistry Department of Moscow Institute of Chemical Technology named after DI. Mendeleev and the distribution received in the laboratory luminescence Physics Institute named P.N. Lebedev, USSR Academy of Sciences (FIAN). From 1955 to 1960, he participated in work to seek, receive and study of inorganic photo-and katodolyuminoforov under the leadership of MA. Konstantinova-Schlesinger. In 1960, he was defended PhD thesis.

In 1961 at the initiative of academicians п?.п?. Prokhorov and NG. VV Basov. Osiko headed the department of single crystals FIAN, whose main objectives are to seek, receive and study of crystalline and glassy materials for lasers. At the same time began the formation of a scientific group, which now forms the basis of Scientific Center of Laser Materials and Technology and by VV. Osiko manages over 40 years. In a relatively short time he managed to pick up a small group of enthusiasts, whose life's work was the technique of laser crystals. Initially called the department of scientific and production, designed only to serve the needs of fundamental science. In 1968 he joined the laboratory of oscillations LPI led п?.п?. Prokhorov, and since 1983, after the formation of the General Physics Institute, became the Division of Solid State Physics IOFAN. And it all began with a rough work on the production of graphite crucibles and drilling machines in the rework equipment for growing perfect single crystals.

. Even at the time Viacheslav understood and articulated the essence of the concept, which is now called high-tech
. Only organic fusion of the science of crystal growth, solid state physics, spectroscopy, materials science could provide high on the national physics of solid-state lasers in the world of science.

. By the end of the 1960's - early 1970's led by VV
. Osiko department became one of the leading research entities LPI. Performed in the department of exploratory research in physics and technology of new laser materials to a large extent determined the foundations of quantum electronics. About a quarter of all known laser crystals were synthesized under the scientific supervision, Vyacheslav Vasilyevich. On this basis, have been created a new type of lasers with unique parameters.

The initiative of VV. Osiko scientific theme units has increased substantially and continues to grow and to this day. Selective laser spectroscopy, . processes of radiative and nonradiative relaxation, . spectroscopy of inhomogeneous broadening and splitting, . nonradiative transfer and migration of electronic excitations, . high-temperature Raman spectroscopy - this is not a full range of fundamental physical trends and challenges, . contribution to the school that VV,
. Osiko recognized world scientific community.

. World famous scientist got work and his associates in the melting and crystallization of refractory materials - dielectrics by direct induction melting in a cold container
. One of the main results of this work was obtained crystals phianites that in the short term spread around the globe and is now in volume production among all the crystals took second place after the silicon. Based on these works in the Soviet Union and outside the industry osobotugoplavkih formed crystals, glass and ceramic materials. For those of VV. Osiko awarded the Lenin Prize (1980).

. Under the guidance and with the participation of VV Osiko also conducted research and developed new crystals of fluorite with dysprosium and cerium, . through which fluctuations in the laboratory of FIAN were created powerful continuous lasers (for several years - the most powerful solid-state lasers in the world),

Significant progress has been made in the development of so-called highly concentrated laser media, the most famous of which are mixed crystals of erbium garnet and neodymium glass CSSF. This trend in the field of laser material was then developed, not only in Russia but also in the U.S., Japan and France. Recently successfully advance the work on lasers in medicine.

On the basis of theoretical predictions and experimental research team of scientists led by VV. Osiko developed the basic mechanisms intraionic relaxation, transfer and transfer of electronic excitation in the activated by rare earth and transition elements of crystals and glasses. There was a whole series of materials that have received recognition and widespread in the world, developed effective lasers with an efficiency several times higher than the efficiency of previously known analogues. A series of tunable lasers and spectrometers based on lithium fluoride with color centers, operating at room temperature and overlying the visible and near infrared spectral region. Osiko is the author of more than 350 scientific works and inventions. They trained a large number of candidates and doctors of sciences, among his students - Corresponding Member of RAS.

VV. Osiko - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1968), Professor (1972), Corresponding Member (1981), and since 1987 - Academician of the USSR (now the Academy of Sciences). He was awarded the Lenin Prize (1980), Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1991), Prize Lodiza International Organization for Crystal Growth (1992). His work marked the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1974).

He was elected a full member and a member of the presidium of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Russia, a member of the Optical Society of DS. Christmas, a member of the American Optical Society, a member of the Society for Materials Research, member of the editorial boards of several scientific publications.

. The influence and prestige Vyacheslav Vasilyevich extend far beyond he led the now Center for Laser Materials and Technologies, General Physics Institute
. Pupils at his school today work in many scientific centers around the world and lead their own scientific schools.

. His work and life of Viacheslav created not only a scientific school of physicists and engineers, he formed the outlook of a whole generation of scientists, is proud to call themselves his disciples.

. Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Boris Tsukerblat for Osiko Viacheslav
  • Great , absolutely outstanding scientist, great person, great friend! I am proud to know him personally and cordially wish him good health and success!
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    Osiko Viacheslav, photo, biography
    Osiko Viacheslav, photo, biography Osiko Viacheslav  Academic Russia Academy of Sciences, Lenin Prize winner, Director, Scientific Center of Laser Materials and Technologies IOFAN, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, photo, biography
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