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Viktor S. Abakumov

( One of the leaders of the state security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 2)

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Biography Viktor S. Abakumov
photo Viktor S. Abakumov
Viktor S. Abakumov (April. 1908, Moscow - 19.12.1954, Leningrad), one of the leaders of the state security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 2 (4.2.1943), Colonel-General (9.7.1945). Son stoker. Educated in 4-class city school (1921). In 1921-23 he served as a medical orderly in the 2 nd Brigade of the Moscow part of special purpose (CHUN). Since 1924 - working, in 1925-27, the packer of the Moscow Union of producers' cooperatives, in 1927-28 arrows 1-Detachment of the Military Industrialization of the USSR Supreme Economic Council, in 1928-30, the packer warehouses Tsentrosojuz. In 1930 joined the Communist Party (b). In the Jan.-Sept. 1930 Abakumov was a Deputy. early. Administrative Department of Commerce and mail-order firm RSFSR People's Commissariat of Trade, and in 1932 moved to the work of the Young Communist League and was appointed secretary of the Komsomol cell Ammunition Plant "Press". In 1931-32 Head. Military Department Zamoskvoreche District Komsomol Committee

. In 1932, among other Komsomol workers transferred to the GPU "to strengthen", . during the regular cleansing organs made a quick career: 1932-33 intern in the Economic Department of the OGPU plenipotentiary representative of the Moscow region, . in 1933-34 detective 3rd Division of the economic management of the OGPU (from 1934 - NKVD),
. In 1934, uncovered violations Abakumov, . as expressed in, . that he had used safe houses for meetings with women, . and he was transferred to the General Directorate of corrective labor camps and labor settlements, . where he worked, . ombudsman and the security officer 3rd division of the,
. In 1937-38 detective 4-th (secret-political) department GUGB NKVD. Since 1938 early. Branch 4 th (Secret-Political) Department of the 1 st of the NKVD, 2-Precinct 2-nd (Secret-Political Department) Department GUGB. After the arrival of the NKVD L.P. Beria, Abakumov from 5/12/1938 became Acting early. of the NKVD in the Rostov region. 27.4.1939 approved. Directs the organization of mass repressions in Rostov-na-Donu. Methods Abakumova became widely known due primarily to its extreme, even for investigators GUGB, cruelty. Later on, including as Deputy. Commissar (Minister) and Minister Abakumov, distinguished by their great physical strength, continued to personally conducting interrogations, during which the person beating suspects.

On 25.2.1941 Deputy. Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR and the simultaneous beginning 19/7/1941. Office of special departments. Led by Abakumov Management administers the state security bodies in the Soviet army and navy, as well as within general of all armed forces (police, internal troops, border troops). 19/4/1943 specific divisions were withdrawn from the NKVD and under the authority of the Head Office Abakumov SMERSH counterintelligence at the same time, Abakumov was deputy. People's Commissar of Defense, thus passing directly under the I.V. Stalin. SMERSH, stands for "Death to Spies", headed counterintelligence in the Army and Navy, in t.ch. it was his employees to "filter" liberated from the captivity of the Soviet soldiers, as well as the identification of unreliable elements in the Soviet army liberated territories. By order of Abakumov was arrested in Budapest, the Swedish diplomat P. Wallenberg, who saved at the time of fascism, thousands of lives. In 1944 participated in the organization of the deportations of some peoples of the North Caucasus, for which he received the Order of Kutuzov and the Red Banner. In January-July 1945 was both authorized by the NKVD on the 3-Byelorussian Front. In 1946 he was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In April. 1946 prepared the materials on which the leaders were arrested by the aviation industry AI. Shakhurin, AA. Novikov, etc.. 4/5/1946 replaced VN. Merkulova as Minister of State Security, and SMERSH joined the Ministry as the 3rd control. In 1946-51 was also a member of the Board of the Politburo of the CPSU (b) Judicial Affairs. In 1950-51, under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Abakumov falsified TN. "Leningrad case", on "which led to numerous arrests and executions, mainly party-economic asset - people from Leningrad". During these years the influence Abakumova increased dramatically and he became regarded as one of the main rivals Beria, a personal enemy who has Abakumov. Gradually, from the Interior Ministry in the MGB crossed all the major units in t.ch. Police, Criminal Investigation, paramilitary guard. However, in May 1947 from the reference Abakumov was withdrawn intelligence. In 1948 on Stalin's orders the murder of SM. Mikhoels. In the life of a big swinger, Abakumov liked the foxtrot, soccer and shish kebabs, which he brought from the restaurant Aragvi.

Not shown sufficient activity in the deployment of a so-called. "doctors' case", for which he was in July 1951 removed from his post. To verify his work was a commission, composed of his enemies gm. Malenkov, Beria, M.F. Shkiryatov, SD. Ignatiev. 12/7/1951 arrested on charges of concealing the "Zionist conspiracy" in the MGB, the immediate occasion for which served as a denunciation ppm. Rumina. During the investigation to Abakumov actively torture and beatings, and he soon became a fully disabled. After Stalin's death and the arrest of Beria, Abakumov was never released. The retreat meeting of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR in Leningrad, 12-19 December. 1954 Abakumov was accused of fabricating court cases in t.ch. "Leningrad Affair" and other malfeasance, is called "Beria gang member". Pleaded not guilty, saying: "Stalin gave instructions, which I played". The court found Abakumov guilty of treason, sabotage, terrorist acts, participating in a counterrevolutionary organization and sentenced to death. Shot. Together with Abakumov on the process were the head of the investigative unit for particularly important cases of the MGB A.G. Leonov, his deputies VI. Komarov M.T. Likhachev, investigators I.YA. Chernov YA.M. Broveman, the first three were shot, Chernov was sentenced to 15 years, Broveman - to 25 years. In 1994 the sentence was commuted to 25 years without confiscation of property and redefined under the military-collar crime. "

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Viktor S. Abakumov, photo, biography
Viktor S. Abakumov, photo, biography Viktor S. Abakumov  One of the leaders of the state security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 2, photo, biography
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