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ALGASOV Vladimir

( From the nobility)

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Biography ALGASOV Vladimir
Algasov (cf.. Pham. Burdakov) Vladimir (1887-3 October. 1938). Of the nobility and the father - the postal clerk. And he studied at the Juridical. f-te Kharkov Zap, the course did not finish. Since 1903 SR. During the 1-st world. War served internatsionalistich. position.
After the February. Revolution of 1917 tsp. Kharkov Council and its Executive Committee. The delegate from South Russian Conference of Soviets of the RNC (27 April - 1 May), before. its cross section. The leader of the mountains. SR org-tion, 'a hands-tion Algasova proven intransigent internationalism' ( 'Proceedings of the South', 1917. October 12.). Member of the 3rd congress of AKP (25 May - 4 June, Moscow). On behalf of the Left Socialist-Revolutionary opposition made by the co-rapporteur of their official. speaker of the CC (N.D. Avksentyev), in contrast to-cerned considered a mistake involved SRs during. pr-ve. Emphasized that the new pr-in to-Roe is a socialist ministers and 10 ministers of the bourgeois, a modified form of Provisional. Bourges. pr-wah said that the authorities should move to the Soviets. Congress, having rejected the proposal Algasova, the Central Committee adopted a resolution endorsing the establishment of a coalition min-va. Affairs. 1-st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets RNC (3-24 June, Petrograd), was elected member of. VTsIK. Joined the left opposition in the 7 th Council of the AKP (August, Petrograd). At the 7 th Petrograd. Conf. SR (10-13 September), arguing against a coalition with the propertied elements, for the creation of "homogeneous Sots. Prospect Island, was elected a member of the new (left) PC.

In the 2 nd floor. Saint beg. October. toured the cities of the Volga region to establish the organizational. relations with the local to the Left Socialist-Revolutionary-ter and groups. Cold report on the work, on the RGM. movement and mood of the masses in the province began a series of articles Algasova, published in the gas. "Banner of Labor '(? 28-38). 'Travel sketches' he concluded the conclusion: common sense and class. workers sense compels them to demand land and peace to the inaugural. Coll. On this ground breaking work has matured democracy with power and planned to break with the governing elements of democracy '( "Banner of Labor', 1917, October 7.).

On the eve of October. armament. Restore. returned to Petrograd, 2 nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC (25-27 oct.) elected to the All. October 29. delegated to him in Petrograd. VRK, in a rum-worked closely with the Bolsheviks. 6 noyao. Plenum of the Central Executive Committee approved Algasov organizer of the department from other cities - the most important unit of the All-in first posleokt. months, performed the plural. functions of the NKVD, the hands of the divisions was based on an equal footing, and shared it with Algasov YA.M. Sverdlov. On the same day at the Joint. meeting of the Left SR Central Executive Committee, Editorial g. "Our Way" and Petrograd. to-ta AKP was elected during. Center, Bureau of the Left SRs, created to prepare the inaugural. Congress.

At the 1 st Congress of the PLSR (19-28 nov., Petrograd), made a presentation on the activities of the Petrograd. VRK insisted that 'the distinction between the Bolsheviks and the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries in the process of ordinary, everyday work of WRC disappears; sharply protested against attempts to place responsibility for October. uprising and subsequent events behind him on some of the Bolsheviks: "We were members of the Revolutionary Military Committee, and as such we have deliberately held accountable for their actions. We attempt to reflect the right to suppress the roar of the documentation, we have organized and put weight against the Cossacks and the cadets' (Minutes of the 1 st Congress of the PLSR, M., 1918, C. 48-49, 59). Participating in the debate, required the organization. disengagement from the right, a separateness, Left Socialist-Revolutionary Party. He considered illogical refusal to enter the Left SRs Sovnarkom, believed, unlike the majority of members of Congress that the future coalition. pr-in should consist of representatives of the radical left parties, but in any case not from right-wing Social Revolutionaries, the Mensheviks and People. Socialists. Justify harsh measures of the Bolsheviks, to suppress the counter-tion. Forewarned: Trazhd. war is inevitable, whether we like it or not. The landowner, in-cerned to take the land, factory owner, have to-cerned impose control over the production-tion - can not give their rights without resistance "(ibid.,. 60). Elected member of. CC PLSR.

At 9.12 on December. agreement between the Bolsheviks and Left SRs received in the coalition. Sovnarkom post commissar without portfolio but with a vote. Came to the College of the NKVD (head of municipal department) and a panel of People's Commissariat. Subject to the decision of the Central Committee PLSR, came out of People's Commissars in March 1918, but regarded the rejection of the Brest-Litovsk. break the coalition with the Bolsheviks as a gross mistake of the Left SRs. At the 2 nd Congress of the PLSR (17-25 April. 1918, Moscow) voted down at the elections to the presidium of the Congress, is excluded from the list of candidate. in tsp. CC. Condemned the policy of the Central Committee of PLSR, which led to the Left Socialist-Revolutionary mutiny on July 6-7. Came out of PLSR and joined the RKP (b).

In the years of the Civil. war was in Kp. Army, then taught at universities. In Feb.. 1938 arrested on October 3. convicted by a military. Top panel. Court of the USSR to death, the sentence is executed on the same day. Rehabilitated in May 1957.

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ALGASOV Vladimir, photo, biography
ALGASOV Vladimir, photo, biography ALGASOV Vladimir  From the nobility, photo, biography
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