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Alkin Ilyas

( Of noble family)

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Biography Alkin Ilyas
Alkin Ilyas (Elias) Said Gireevich (28 November 1895, Kazan - October 27, 1937, Moscow). Of noble family, his father - lawyer, liberal activist obschestvestvenny. He studied at St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. In 1915 he enlisted in the army, he served in St. Petersburg, Kazan (Ensign-gunner). Social Democrat, Menshevik, then SR.
After the February. Revolution of 1917 before. Provisional. Vseros. musulm. Military. Council (Harbi Shuro) (April), a member of the executive committee of All-Russia. musulm. Council (Milli Shuro), established on the 1 st All-Russia. musulm. Congress in Moscow (May), and before. Vseros. musulm. Military. Council, elected at the 1 st All-Russia. musulm. Military. Congress in Kazan (July) (Harbi Shuro and Milli Shuro supported ACCESSED. pr-in). In response to a telegram п-.пг. Kerensky, prohibiting the military. Congresses ( "when blood is shed at the front, not the time to talk"), 8 July, in print, was published under the signature of a. protest ACCESSED. Vseros. musulm. Military. Council, to-rum was told: "Not going to talk about Muslims, but for the most important case in Russia - to prepare for the inaugural. Coll. Muslims have always gone hand in hand with the Russian. people, and responsible for the gap lies in the Minister "(" Roar. movement in Russia in July 1917. July crisis ". Docs and mat-ly, M., 1959,. 510-11). In the days of the Kornilov revolt Harbi Shuro agreed utmost to support the Provisional. pr-in and sent musulm. Military. org-tions telegram with orders not to obey the gene. L.G. Kornilov.

. After the October Revolution on October 27 sent a telegram to the garrisons, . which Harbi Shuro expressed its support to the Soviet government [on this telegram later regretted Alkin, . speaking in Ufa in the National Assembly the Muslims of Inner Russia and Siberia (Milli Mejlis) (20 November 1917 - January 11, 1918)] on November 12 in Kazan at a meeting of representatives of various organizations argued, . that in Russia there is no firm power, . and urged the meeting participants to act on the example of the Ukrainian Central Rada (Ukraine's autonomy and the proclaimed Nov. 7 declared itself the supreme organ of the Ukrainian People's Republic of Russia),
. Member of the Constituent Assembly (from Kazan, izbirat. District).

. In the article "Words and Deeds" 17 December he wrote: "I personally have always doubted in achieving their objectives by the Bolsheviks and was confident, . what, . blew the whole world beautiful slogans, . they will ultimately not be able to provide peace, . no bread, . no self "(see: Tagirov I., . In the struggle for Soviet power,
. October and nat-exempt. movement in the Volga-Ural. July 1917 - March 1918. Kazan, 1977,. 135-36): believed that "we must take action to save the nation. that "the republic of th. the soil will allow us in their own way to do business "that should urgently establish the Volga-Ural State (see: Faseev CYP. On the ways of flying. internationalism, Kazan, 1971,. 205).

Prev. Board for the implementation of the Volga-Ural State (KUVSH) established National. Assembly of Muslim Ext. Russia and Siberia (Milli Majlis) in Ufa (20 Nov.. 1917 - January 11. 1918), led by the Office was formed at the same time (minutes of) finance. Participant 2-nd All-Russia. musulm. Military. Congress in Kazan (January - February 1918), who took antises. position. Soon among others. leaders had been arrested by the Bolsheviks on charges of preparing the armament. speech Kazan. After his release from detention (at the request of Congress) participated in the creation of a so-called near Kazan. Zabulachnoy rep., Elimination of swarm-Owls. power (in March) called him to the side of the K-ta members to establish. Coll. (Komuch): Member of the Bureau and Comrade. prev. Congress members to establish. Coll. in Ufa (Sept.). Arrested Kolchak in Yekaterinburg 20 Nov.. 1918.

. After the transition of the Bashkir government on the side of Soviet power (February 1919) Chief of Staff of the Bashkir troops, a member Bashrevkoma, the Commissioner of Labor, Deputy Commander of the Bashkir troops and military commissar of the Bashkir Republic
. Tsp. RCP (b) since 1919. In June 1920, worked as a lecturer, associate professor in 1930, the Communist University of Toilers of the East (Moscow). Author of books and articles on economic issues. In 1930 he was arrested on suspicion of involvement in anti-Soviet organiaztsii, but in November released. October 27, 1937 the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court sentenced on charges of counterrevolutionary activity to capital punishment and on the same day shot. Rehabilitated 31 December 1955 the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR.

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Alkin Ilyas, photo, biography
Alkin Ilyas, photo, biography Alkin Ilyas  Of noble family, photo, biography
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