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APOC Alexander Yakovlevich

( The Party and the public figure)

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Biography APOC Alexander Yakovlevich
photo APOC Alexander Yakovlevich
Arosev Alexander Yakovlevich (25.05.1890, Kazan - 10.02.1938), the party and public figure. The son of a tailor. He studied at the philosophical and philological faculty of the University of Liц¬ge and the Petrograd psycho-neurological institute. He actively participated in the revolutionary movement, a member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. In 1907 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Conducted Party work in Kazan, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda. Repeatedly arrested. For some time he lived in exile. Was attracted. 1916 drafted into the army, Lieutenant. Vfevr. 1,917 arrested and sent to a disciplinary battalion. In 1917, before. Tversky Council, a member of the Military Bureau of the Moscow Committee RSDLP (b). Since June 1917 members of the All-Russia military organizations with offices RSDLP (b). 22/07/1917 was arrested by the Provisional Government, but soon released. Active participant of the October events in Moscow, was chief of operations staff of the Military Revolutionary Committee to direct military action. In October. 1917 was negotiating with the opponents of the Bolsheviks to surrender, and then ordered the barbaric massacre of the Moscow Kremlin number of shells (that were then broken chimes of the Spassky Tower, damaged churches, etc.). From 03/11/1917 pom. Commander of the Moscow Military District on the political part and counterintelligence. In 1918, Commissioner Glavvozduhflota. In 1920, before. Supreme Revolutionary Tribunal of Ukraine, one of the organizers of mass repressions against "class enemies" and "bourgeois nationalists" in the region. In 1921-22 the embassy in Latvia, in 1924-25 - in France, in 1926-27 - in Sweden. In 1927-28 was ambassador in Lithuania in 1929-33 - in Czechoslovakia. Since 1934, the chairman of All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (VOKS). Was associated with NI. Bukharin and during the purges of 1937-38 arrested. 08/02/1938 sentenced to death. Shot. He was posthumously rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Arosev Alexander Yakovlevich (May 25, 1890, Kazan - February 10, 1938, Moscow). From family tailor. Member of the Revolution 1905 - 1907 (Kazan). In 1907 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Revolutionary work conducted in Moscow, St. Petersburg, H. Novgorod, Vologda. Repeatedly he was arrested, cited, lived in exile (Belgium, France). In the 1909-1910 irregular philosophical-philological faculty of the University of Liц¬ge (Belgium). Since 1916 in Petrograd student Psychoneurological inistituta. In December 1916 mobilized, sent to the 4-th Moscow school of ensigns of infantry. In February 1917, was arrested for concealing the revolutionary past, is directed to a disciplinary battalion in H. Novgorod.

After the February revolution of 1917 rebuilt the school of ensigns. Since mid-March, a member of the Military Bureau at MK RSDLP member of the Bolshevik newspaper "The Social Democrat, was elected to the Moscow Soviet SD. Conducted revolutionary work among the soldiers of the garrison. April 3-4 delegate 1-st Moscow city party conference, was elected a member of the MK. At the 1-st Moscow Regional Party Conference (April 19-21) presented reports: With control of the Council of the Provisional Government. which meant, in essence, his acknowledgment, on the question of war and peace; against unification with the Mensheviks. Delegate 7 th (April) All-Russia party conference (from the Moscow organization) reported on the work of Moscow. Military. org-tions. In May, completed his studies at the school warrant, sent to Tver. Introduced in Tver to-t RSDLP (b), was elected to the Board of the SD, a senior military. org-tions with those parties to -. In June Affairs. Vseros. Conf. front and rear org-tions RSDLP (b), elected member of. red. Commission; has proposed the establishment of the War. org-tsiyah bespart, Bureau for clarification soldiers burning questions: elected as member of. Vseros. Bureau of Military. org-tions in RSDLP (b). Evening on July 5 at a meeting of Party activists Tver insisted on the recognition of premature battle roar. Action. July 18-19 at Tverskaya Mountains. desks. Conf. made a presentation on the current situation, was elected a delegate to the 2-th Moscow. Region. desks, conference. and the 6 th Party Congress (b).

July 22 arrested in early. Sept.. released at the request of soldiers and workers of Tver and Moscow. He worked in Moscow. Military. org-tions with MK RSDLP (b), was secretary. Bolshevik. fraction of the SD. In early. October. participated in the establishment of a body Mosk. Military. org-tions - gas. "True Country". October 22. spoke at a conference of military. org-tions RSDLP (b) the Moscow garrison and IN with the report, . in a rum-stressed, . that need to "unite the soldiers under the banner of our party not only to protect the Revolution of, . but for successful, . possible bloodless, . struggle for peace, . land and bread "(" True Country ", . 1917, . October 25.),
. October 25. elected candidate. in tsp. Mosk. WRC was beginning. headquarters for hands-woo fighting roar. troops. Participated in the negotiations (although he was against them) with the commander of the Moscow colonel IN KI. Ryabtsev the peaceful transition of power Mossoviet. Following the breakdown of negotiations advocated decides rout armament. the enemy: the order was carried Arosev art. bombardment of the Kremlin, seized cadets. 3 Nov.. appointed assistant. Commander of the Moscow. BA for his political part and counterintelligence. Elected member of. Mosk. Council RDA. Tsp. Inaugural. Coll. (from Tver).

January 13. 1918 at Moscow. Gore desks. Conf. defended Lenin's position in discussions of a peace treaty with Germany. From February 23, a member of the Emergency Staff Mosk. VO, organized the first part of the Red Army. Member of the Civil. War, then the scientific. diploma. work. Author of novels short stories, plays (in the press appeared in 1916). Unjustifiably repressed. 8 Feb.. 1938 the Military Collegium Top. Court of the USSR sentenced to death. He was rehabilitated posthumously.

Used materials article VN. Zabotina and AL. Chernobaeva in the book.: Politicians Russia 1917. Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 1993

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APOC Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography
APOC Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography APOC Alexander Yakovlevich  The Party and the public figure, photo, biography
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