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Beloborodov Alexander G.

( The Party leader)

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Biography Beloborodov Alexander G.
Beloborodov Alexander Grigorievich (14.10.1891, Alexander plant Solikamsky County Perm province - 09.02.1938), party activist. The son of working -. From 1905 he worked as an electrician. In 1907 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. In 1917, a member of the Ural Committee RSDLP. In January. 1918 - January. Before 1919. Ural Executive Committee and member of Uralobkoma RCP (6). In July 1918, after consultations with Moscow, on the orders of VI. Lenin and YA.M. Sverdlov signed the decree for the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. At the same time ordered the destruction in Alapaevsk even some members of the imperial family. Given that the top leadership of the Bolsheviks because of considerations of international politics has refused to accept his order on extrajudicial destruction of the royal family, Beloborodov had to take responsibility. This version of personal responsibility and members Beloborodova Uralsoveta (and thus "whitewashing" of Lenin and Sverdlov) remained in the course of Soviet history until the end of 1980. In Feb.-March 1919 before. Vjatsky executive committee. 25/3/1919 - 29/03/1920 Member of the Organizing Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (6). Since April. 1919 authorized the Board of Workers 'and Peasants' Defense to suppress the Cossack uprising in Veshenskaia. One of the initiators of the adoption of laws on Decossackization. Notable for great brutality, using repression not only against the rebels of the Cossacks, but also against members of their families, relatives, villagers and just Cossacks. Since July 1919 Deputy. early. Political Administration of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic, then in the army and the Revolutionary Military Councils of fronts. He was a member of the Caucasian Bureau of the RCP (6). Since March 1921 before. The Regional Economic Council of South-East. In 1919-20 member of the Central Committee, in 1920-21 a candidate member of the Central Committee. In October 1921 - June 1923 Deputy. Commissar, in 1923-27 People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR. In mid-1920., When the struggle for power between I.V. Stalin and L.D. Trotsky joined the latter. In November. 1927 expelled from the party and exiled. When it finally became clear defeat of the Trotskyists, Beloborodov "admitted the error" was in May 1930 restored CPSU (B) and received a post in the blanks of the Committee of the USSR, then commissioner of the USSR People's Commissariat of Internal Trade. 15/08/1936 Arrested. at 08/02/1938 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1958, rehabilitated, and in 1962, restored in the party.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Beloborodov Alexander G. (1891-1938). Born in a working class family in the Alexander factory Solikamsky county, Perm province. After primary school in 1905, an apprentice in the workshop Nadezhda plant. In early 1907. entered into the local p.-d. group, led to her active work in the summer of that year was elected candidate member of the SA-d. Committee. Leaving then to his homeland, entered electro-mechanic at Lunevskie mines, where he organized St. d. Group. Last Issue Proclamation was arrested in February 1908. and because of minority sentenced to impact the correctional home for juvenile delinquents. Since space in the shelter did not have, Beloborodov serving his sentence in prison. In March 1912. was released. Newly enrolled electro-mechanic at Nadezhdinskii factory, where he organized a Bolshevik circle, struggling with the influence of the Mensheviks and SRs Liquidators. In May 1914, after leaving Nadezhdinsk, was arrested again on charges of belonging to the Bolshevik organization and distribution of confiscated numbers Pravda. In October 1916. entered Lysvensky Plant Perm province, where he worked in the local Bolshevik committee. After the February Revolution, engaged in revolutionary activities in the Urals. In April, 1917. at the Ural Regional party conference he was elected a member of the Regional Committee. He was a delegate at the All Party Conference and the April delegate VI Party Congress. He was elected a member of the Constituent Assembly on the list of the Bolsheviks from the Perm province. After the October Revolution he worked in Ekaterinburg. III regional congress of the Ural region, was elected a member of the Regional Executive Committee. Here he worked as a Deputy Chairman of the Board and then Chairman of the. Working as chairman of the Board of the Ural Beloborodov led historic meeting of the Board June 6, 1918, . which adopted a resolution on the execution of Nicholas II and his entire family, . in connection with the approach of the Czecho-Slovak front to Ekaterinburg,
. In 1918, Mr.. - Chairman of the Board of the Ural Regional Council. In 1923-1927 he. - People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR. In 1919-1920. - Member of the RCP (b). Member of Central Executive Committee and Central Executive Committee of the USSR. Subjected to repression, was posthumously rehabilitated.

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Beloborodov Alexander G., photo, biography
Beloborodov Alexander G., photo, biography Beloborodov Alexander G.  The Party leader, photo, biography
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