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BITSENKO Anastasiya

( From the peasants)

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Biography BITSENKO Anastasiya
photo BITSENKO Anastasiya
Bitsenko (nee Kamoristaya) Anastasiya (29 October 1875, with. Aleksandrovka Bakhmut y. Ekaterinoslav province - June 16, 1938). From farmers. She graduated from high school. She studied at the preparatory courses. Since 1902 member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party (AKP). In 1902-1903 member of the committee LSR in Smolensk, in 1903-1904 - in St. Petersburg in 1905 - in Moscow in 1905 became part of the volatile Battle joy. November 22, 1905 killed a general aide VV. Sakharov, the subdued agraranye unrest in the province of Saratov. March 3, 1906 sentenced to death, commuted to perpetual hard labor.
Released as a result of the February Revolution of 1917, in the Chita Council RDA led enlighten. commission. The delegate of the 3rd Congress of the Socialist-Revolutionary (May - June) of Transbaikalian region, was elected to the presidium of the Congress, put forward in the CC, but has challenged (not arguing). Adhered to the Internationalist Socialist -. During the October fighting in Moscow was included in one of the district VRK, fought for Soviet power in the streets. After the party split at the founding congress (November) of the Party of the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries (PLSR) was elected a member of the Central. Was a member of the Editorial Committee of the Body Left Socialist journal "Our Way". Fall unsuccessfully ran for the members of the Constituent Assembly.

From November 1917 to March 1918 a member of the joint. delegation at the Brest-Litovsk peace talks. Elected delegate to the Central Executive Committee. In March - June 1918 deputy chairman of People's Commissars of Moscow and Moscow region. Member of the Presidium of the Moscow Council and the Executive Committee of the Moscow Regional Council. She has worked in the central organ PLSR "Banner of Labor". Lectured at the School advocates at the Party Central Committee. 10 April, "Banner of Labor" published an article "The socialization of the land as a road to socialism", in a swarm, cautioned against the vulgar materialist understanding of the problem: "The socialization of the land gives the material conditions for the transition to socialism, ie. provide multimillion-cultural existence and encourage the people to the development of villages. x-wah on society, the principles ... Our duty, the duty of those who endured this idea ... not diminish the understanding of the socialization of the land to the level of understanding of a hungry person, . stretching for a piece of bread, . or to bourgeois ideal - of satiety and satisfaction, . the contrary, . raise the consciousness of the masses to our understanding of the socialization of land, . as a path to socialism. ",

. At the 2 nd Congress of the PLSR (April) in favor of continued close cooperation with the Bolsheviks
. The delegate of the 5-th All-Russia. Congress of Soviets (July). To the left-wing Socialist July 6 reacted negatively, joined the group of enemies to combat communists grouped around the newspaper "Will Work". At the end sentebrya on the 1 st Congress of the supporters of the platform "Freedom of Labor, elected a member of the Party of Revolutionary Communists. In November 1918, on the recommendation YA.M. Sverdlov was admitted to the RCP (B.). During the trial of right-wing Social Revolutionaries (8 July - 7 August 1922) was, together with NI. Bukharin and others, a defender of the SRs, who had deserted from the party and condemned the methods of struggle.

. Worked in co-operation, in teaching, economic, government and party work.

. February 8, 1938 arrested on charges of belonging to the SR terroristich
. org-tion and 16 June 1938 sentenced by the Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR to be shot. Rehabilitated in 1961.

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BITSENKO Anastasiya, photo, biography
BITSENKO Anastasiya, photo, biography BITSENKO Anastasiya  From the peasants, photo, biography
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