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Vasily Konstantinovich Blucher

( Warlord)

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Biography Vasily Konstantinovich Blucher
Vasily Konstantinovich Blucher (19.11.1889 village Barschinka near Rybinsk - 09.11.1938), military commander. Marshal of the Soviet Union (1935). The son of a peasant. He worked as a mechanic at Mytischinsky factory, where in 1910 he was arrested for calling for a strike and sentenced to 2 years 8 months in prison. In 1914, drafted into the army, Sergeant. In 1915, for injuries discharged. Worked on mechanical factories in Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. In 1916 he joined RSDLP (b). In Feb.. 1917 on behalf of the Central Committee returned to the army and was elected Chairman of the Regimental Committee in Samara. Since October. 1917 members of the Military Revolutionary Committee (WRC) Samara. In November. 1917 Blucher led expeditionary force sent to aid workers in Chelyabinsk, where the elected chairman of the Revolutionary Military Committee and the beginning. Staff of the Red Guard. Since March 1918 commanded the East squad, acting against the white army Orenburg. Since July 1918 the deputy., In August-Sept. commander of the guerrilla army of the Ural. In difficult conditions made a 1500-kilometer roads from Orenburg in the Urals. During that Blucher was the first Knight of the Red Banner (1918). Then commanded the division, was deputy. Commander, beginning. fortified region. In October. - Nov.. 1920 commanded Perekop shock group that during the assault Perekopa in Crimea suffered enormous losses, but was able to take considered impregnable position. During that Blucher was awarded the 3 rd Order of Red Banner (1921, 2 nd Order, he got a little bit earlier in the same year). During the fighting at Kakhovka in August-October. 1920 Blucher received the 4-th Order. In June 1921 - July 1922, the War Minister and Commander of the People's Revolutionary Army, Saigon Far Eastern Republic. In Feb.. 1920 took Volochaevka actually completing the rout of the White armies in the Far East. The legendary hero of the Civil War. After the war he commanded the 1 st Corps, was the beginning. Leningrad fortified area, was for special assignments in the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR. In 1924-27 the Chief Military Adviser to the revolutionary government of China, which was headed by Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-Shek. In fact, oversaw the creation of a regular army of the Chinese socialist. In 1927-29 pom. Commander of the Ukrainian Military District. In 1928 awarded the 5 th Order of the Red Banner. In 1929-38 commander of the Red Banner of the Far Eastern Army. By its position and influence, which Blucher had in the region, he was the military dictator of the Soviet Far East. Since 1934 member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). In 1936-38 in the subordinate parts have passed several waves of bloody purges, vybivshih most of the staff of the Far Eastern Army. Blucher this did not prevent. He was chairman of the military tribunal that condemned to death by a group of senior military Red Army led by the MN. Tukhachevski. In July-August. 1938 provides overall guidance to the military actions against the Japanese army in the Lake Hasan. The operation was generally unsuccessful, although the Japanese were driven out frontal attack from the hills. However, the Soviets lost more than 2,5 thousand. people compared to less than 1,5 Japanese. This failure was one of the reasons for dismissal Blucher in August. 1938 from the command of the Far Eastern Army. 22/10/1938 Arrested. In prison for him of torture and beatings. Died during the investigation. In 1956, rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Vasily Konstantinovich Blucher (1889, Dr.. Barschinka Yaroslavl Province. - 1938, Moscow) - cos. military leader. Genus. a peasant family. Great-grandparents Blucher, serfdom, issued by soldiers and returned to the Russian-Turkish war, with many awards, the landlord called the Blucher family to the then famous German general. Nikname eventually became a surname. In 1904, after a year of study at parochial school, his father took Blucher to work in St. Petersburg. Blucher worked "boy" in a store, a laborer at the Franco-Russian, factory, where he was sacked for taking part in working meetings. In search of work arrived in Moscow. Got a car-building plant in Mytischi, but in 1910 calling for the strike, was arrested and spent nearly three years in prison, then worked in the workshops Mosk.-Kazan railway, where in August. 1914 was drafted into the army. Blucher served as a private in the 8 th Army, commanded by General Roy-A. A. Brusilov. For courage and resourcefulness Blucher was promoted to noncommissioned officers and awarded the St. George Medal. In January. 1915 under Ternopil was tyazheloranen and after 13-month treatment transferred to the reserve as a disabled. He worked at a shipyard in Nizhny Novgorod, then moved to Kazan and there joined RSDLP (b): "I firmly grasped, that I, the son of a laborer, worker, should be only with the Bolsheviks'. In May 1917 Blucher met in. V. Kuibyshev, to-ing sent him to the 102 th Reserve Regiment for agitation. Blucher was an active participant in the civil war in 1918, headed the detachment sent to the Southern Urals to the defeat of General A. YA. Dutova. Guerrilla army led by Blucher made a 40-day raid, having fought more than 1500 km. The report of the Revolutionary Military Council of the 3rd Army Vost. Front noted: "The move troops Comrade. Blucher in impossible conditions can be compared perhaps only to the transitions Suvorov in Switzerland. We believe that the Russian revolution should express to the leader of this handful of characters, added another glorious page in the history of our young army, gratitude and admiration ". In Sept.. 1918 Bureau of the Central Executive Committee has awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Blucher? 1. Blucher commanded infantry division and fought in Siberia against AV. Kolchak. During the Civil War, he distinguished himself as a thinker and a talented military leader, particularly distinguished themselves in battles for Kahovskij foothold in Perekop-п╖п╬п╫пЁп╟я─я│п╨п╬п╧ operation. "For personal courage and a special art of leadership fighting" Blucher was rewarded with two more orders of the Red Banner. In 1921, appointed minister of war and commander in chief People's roar. Army Far Eastern Republic, he held its reorganization, improve discipline, and won, taking Volochaevskaya fortified area. In 1924-1927 Blucher was the principal military adviser in China. In 1927-1929 served as assistant commander of the Ukrainian Military District. In 1929 he was appointed commander of the Special Far Eastern Army. In 1930, Blucher was the first Knight of the Red Star and was awarded the Order of Lenin. In 1935 he was awarded the title of Marshal of the Soviet. Union. In July 1938 during the fighting at Lake. Hasan as a result of mistakes SO.V. troops suffered heavy losses and were able to succeed only to August 10. Supreme Military Council (K.E. Voroshilov, SM. Budyonny VM. Molotov. I. V. Stalin and others) noted that the Lake. Hassan revealed "huge deficiencies in the state of the Far Eastern Front. They really were due to the continuous "cleansing" the army. Blucher, inter alia, charged that he was "unable or unwilling to truly realize the purification of the front of the enemies of the people". In 1938, Blucher was arrested for participating in "military-fascist conspiracy" and died in Lefortovo prison. In March 1956 the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office informed her son Blucher, that the charges against his father's "rigged the enemy of the people Beria and his accomplices". In 1956, Blucher posthumously rehabilitated.

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Vasily Konstantinovich Blucher, photo, biography
Vasily Konstantinovich Blucher, photo, biography Vasily Konstantinovich Blucher  Warlord, photo, biography
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