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Biography BUREVOY Klim
Burevoy Klim (cf.. Pham. and the name of a jerk Konstantin Stepanovich) (1888, for others. data, 1880, Sloboda Evstratovka Ostrogozh County Voronezh - December 15, 1934, Kiev). From ukr. peasants. He received education at home. For belonging to the Socialist-Revolutionary Party (AKP) (since 1905) and participated in the pogroms estates had been arrested and sent to Perm (1907) and Olonets (1911) Province. In 1912-15 worked in the Ukrainian life "(M.)," Monthly Journal "(St. Petersburg), gas. Siberian Life "(Tomsk). In 1914 he was arrested for publishing in St. Petersburg SR gas. Living Thought Work "in August. sent to 3 years in Yenisei Province. Since 1914 "defeatist", one of the first Socialist to protest against the war. In September 1915 escaped from exile. Since 1916 member of the editorial board of "Querying Life" (Voronezh).
Member Febvre. Revolution of 1917 in Voronezh. In April. 1-m of Voronezh. Cross, Congress introduced a group of delegates in Voronezh Council RDA (with the formation therein Cross section, permanent it before.). The Council acted supporter of a permanent union of peasants and workers and soldiers "(Voronezh Telegraph, 1917, 25 July), opposed the formation of a separate Council KD. In June - August. prev. Presidium of the Executive Committee of the Council of Voronezh RSKD. Affairs. 1 st (May) and 2-th (Nov.-Dec.) Vseros. congresses CD.

At the 1 st lips. SGP Conference (May), elected comrade. prev. Province to the one-party. In the discussion at the Council of 18 July issue of the coalition supported the creation of "revolutionary. dictatorship of the Prospect Island, organized by the Center, will perform to-ter Soviets RSKD and responsible to the latter in all its actions "(Voronezh Work", 1917, 23 July). Member 3rd (May - June), 4 th (Nov.-Dec.) Desks. Congresses. Member of the editorial board of the provincial authority to the gas-ta. "Social Revolutionaries" (later "The Voice of Labor"). and August. Editor gas. "Izvestia" (organ of the Military. Section Voronezh Council). In late August, to actively promote the Council established at the Voronezh Roar. to-tu to combat troops L.G. Kornilov (blockade J.-d. lines, etc.). At the meeting of the Council 1 Sept.. proposed a draft resolution on respect for the Kornilov vystpleniyu: Voronezh Council RSKD encourages democratic sections to unite and rally closely around the revolutionary organs of the RSKD "(Voronezh Telegraph 1917, September 3).

. You receive a message in October
. armament. uprising in Petrograd Bolsheviks and the preparation and the Left SRs to seize power in Voronezh, announced on 29 October on the output of the Peasants' section of the Council RSKD and Education Council of the province of CD. October 30 VRK arrested, but released the same day and called on farmers to the food boycott the province of Voronezh. At the 4 th congress of AKP (November - December) was elected to the CC in a rum-adjoined Chernov Wing. Elected member of the Constituent Assembly, he worked in the commission of-town "faction of the AKP.

In January 1918 members 3rd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets CD, 3rd All-Russia Congress of Soviets RSKD. In the 2 nd floor. January. went to Kiev, where he was a member of the Center. Rada. Since February, was put into commission Peasants CC AKP. Affairs. 4-th exceedingly. Vseros. Congress of Soviets RSKD (March) of Voronezh Province. Council RSKD. In June, joined the Committee members Samarskii Vseros. Inaugural. Coll. (Komuch), raised its armament. rebellion against the Owls. power; appointed special plenipotentiary to Khvalynskoye Wolski part of the front of the People's Army Komuch, acting secretary. to-ta. Member Ufim. State. meeting (September) and members of the All-Russia Congress of the Constituent Assembly. (September - November). After the Kolchak coup arrested on November 19 in Ekaterinourge in eminent AKP. On his release in hiding. Having come to the conclusion that armed struggle against Sovasti power was "a disastrous mistake on the part of democracy" (Burevoy KS, Kolchak, M., 1919, with. 8), participated in the meeting of leaders Komuch on to-rum was decided to cease the armed struggle and negotiations with the Kp. Army (December). He was a Ufim. delegation of the AKP, which establishes in the course of negotiations in January - February 1919 agreement with the Bolsheviks. In June, left the Party Central Committee in August, one of the founders of the "people" (see: Burevoy KS, Decay M 1923), a member of the editorial Well. The "people" (Moscow, 1919-22). In November. excluded from the AKP to call for party members to join Kp. Army. With others. leaders of the "people" was "a minority of the AKP (MPSR) and went to the Center. Orgburo MPSR. At the 7 th All-Russia. Congress of Soviets (Dec.) expressed the hope that the Soviet. power, eliminating the defects of the revolution, which cause and nourish the war within democracy ... will facilitate the creation of the revolutionary united front and unite the workers and peasants in the struggle for the ideals of socialism ... "(" 7-th All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of workers and a cross., Red Army, and the Cossack. Deputies. Stenografich. report, Moscow, 1920, with. 22). At the trial, the AKP (June - August. 1922) was a witness, where he tried to "whitewash his former comrades in the Central Committee" ( "Izvestia", 1922, 16 July). In Feb.. 1922 signed a statement of the minority Center. Bureau upon the dissolution MPSR, then withdrew from political activity.

Later he worked in Profintern SA-X. cooperatives and handicraft prom-sti, engaged ukr. lit-swarm. Accused of "org-tion training terroristich. acts against workers Owls. authorities, arrested and executed by sentence of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR.

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BUREVOY Klim, photo, biography
BUREVOY Klim, photo, biography BUREVOY Klim  Socialist-Revolutionaries, photo, biography
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