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Vatsetis Joachim Ioakimovich

( The colonel of the Russian army)

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Biography Vatsetis Joachim Ioakimovich
Vatsetis Ioakimovich Joachim (1873-1938) - Russian army colonel, commander of the Zemgale Regiment, during the October Revolution went to the Red suit. Since March 1918. - Commander of the Latvian Rifle Division, in July - Commander of the Eastern Front, from September 1 to July 9, 1919 - Commander of all armed forces of the RSFSR.

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Vatsetis Joachim Ioakimovich (11.11.1873, Lautrinskaya parish Kurland province - 28.7.1938), voenach., Commander of rank 2 (1935). The son of a laborer. Educated at military school in Vilna (1897) and Nikolaev Military Academy (1909). Participant 1-st World War, a colonel, commander of the 5 th Latvian Zemgale Regiment. From the first days of the October Revolution went with the regiment to the Bolsheviks. Since December. Early 1917. Revolutionary Field Operations Division staff at GHQ. In January. 1918 directed the operations against the Polish Legionnaires Corps I.R.Dovbor-Musnitski. In the spring of 1918 commander of the newly-created division of Latvian riflemen - the most disciplined and efficient connection of the Red Army, at the same time distinguished by extreme brutality against prisoners and civilians. Division Vatsetis constantly engaged to conduct punitive actions and to the front directed at the areas that created an imminent threat. The central government took care of his guards. It was his hands, organized mass terror after the suppression of Left Socialist-Revolutionary uprising in Moscow in July 1918. For these differences Vatsetis, although by the end of life has not joined the party, was in good standing with the ANC, and in July 1918 was appointed commander of the Eastern Front, which had just suppressed the hands of supporters of the former commander of the SRs MA. Muraviev. From 4/9/1918 to 8/7/1919 Commander of the armed forces of the Republic. Oversaw the creation of the Red Army headquarters and offices of the armies and fronts, as well as purges of officers and the establishment of full control by the political commissars. In January-May 1919 at the same time was the commander of the army of Soviet Latvia. Since August. 1921 worked in the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic. Since 1922 Professor of Military Academy of Red Army (later - the Frunze Military Academy). 29.1 1.1937 during the break between lectures arrested as a participant in the Latvian fascist organization "in the Red Army. When the change was over, the Commissioner of the course announced: "The lecture will not continue. Lecturer Vatsetis arrested as an enemy of the people ". Pleaded guilty in the preparation of counter-revolutionary coup, the investigation in his testimony Vatsetis called more than 20 members "Nazi espionage and terrorist Latvian organizations, all of them were arrested. 28/7/1938 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1957, rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Vatsetis Joachim Ioakimovich (1873, Grange Neygof Courland Province. - 1938) - cos. military leader. Genus. family farm laborer. In the Autobiography he wrote: "In six years I began to struggle for their survival. By this I was forced poverty of my parents, whose work could not have seven children to feed ". Vatsetis was a shepherd, rotten, but in the winter school attended rural municipality. In 1889 - 1891 he studied at the county uch-School Ministry of Education and worked at a match factory. In 1891 he joined Vatsetis volunteer in Riga training non-commissioned officer's battalion. After two years of military service rose to article. non-commissioned officer, and in 1895 was enrolled in Vilna Infantry Junker uch-School, from a left-cerned first class with the rank of lieutenant. In 1909 he graduated from the Academy of General Staff Mykolayiv. At the beginning of the First World War in 1914, as commander of the battalion fought in East Prussia and Poland, was seriously wounded. After the hospital continued to serve and was promoted to colonel. In 1917, together with the Latvian riflemen went over to the Bolsheviks. At the suggestion NV. Krylenko Vatsetis became commander of the 12 th Army, then chief of the Operations Branch of the field staff. In 1918 Vatsetis appointed commander of the Latvian Rifle Division. Commanded the suppression of the revolt of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries in Moscow (1918). Summer of 1918 he was appointed commander of the Vost. front, where he successfully establishes the supply of troops, strengthen discipline and morale of the army: "The soldier-workers 'and peasants' army must remember that he suffered in the war and wins for himself". Vsent. 1918, at the suggestion of VI. Lenin, the Central Executive Committee decided to appoint Vatsetis commander of all the Armed Forces of the Republic (RSFSR). For the 10 months in Vatsetis in this post was destroyed by the enemy on Vost. Front, defeated Krisnovym, defeated the troops of Orenburg and Ural Cossacks, improved management and organization of the Civil War. In July 1919 Vatsetis Cheka was arrested on charges of involvement in the counterrevolutionary White Guard organizations. Prosecution has not been confirmed, but the post of commander in chief has been appointed with. S. Kamenev, and Vatsetis been defined for critical assignments at the Military Revolutionary Council. In 1920 Vatsetis became a teacher at the Academy of General Staff of the RKKA. He was one of the first researchers of the history of civil war, was engaged in military and social psychology, the history of the First World War, in 1927 became professor. In 1935 received the rank of commander of rank 2. In 1938 it was repressed. He was rehabilitated posthumously.

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Vatsetis Joachim Ioakimovich, photo, biography
Vatsetis Joachim Ioakimovich, photo, biography Vatsetis Joachim Ioakimovich  The colonel of the Russian army, photo, biography
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