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Ascension Nikolai

( The Party and statesman, academician of the USSR)

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Biography Ascension Nikolai
photo Ascension Nikolai
Nikolai Voznesensky (18.11.1903, s warm Chernskogo district of Tula province - 01/10/1950)., The party and statesman, academician of the USSR (1943), Doctor of Economics (1943), winner of the Stalin Prize (1948). The son of an employee of forest office. Educated in the Communist University YA.M. Sverdlov (1926) and the Institute of Red Professors (1931). In 1917, an apprentice in the shop, and then in the carpentry workshop. In 1918-19 the clerk of the land department, in 1919 Secretary of the press department Chernskogo county committee. In August. 1919 joined the RKP (b). In 1919-20 Secretary of the Komsomol Chernskogo ukoma, in 1920 - 21 Head. department and editor of "Young kommunar" (Tula). From 1924 - on Party work. In 1924 - 26 Head. Agitation and Propaganda Department Yenakiyevo District Committee, Party secretary in 1926-27 Yenakiyevo Metallurgical Plant, in 1927-28 Deputy. Head. Agitation and Propaganda Department Artemevskogo okruzhkoma. In 1931-34 he taught at the Institute of Red Professors economic. Simultaneously, in 1932-34 - in leadership positions in the CCC, CPSU (b) - People's Commissariat of the Workers 'and Peasants' Inspection of the USSR: Senior Inspector, Head of Planning and Accounting. On Feb.. 1934 Head of planning and accounting of the Soviet Control Commission (KSC) at SNK. In 1934-39 a member of the KSC (May 1938 - March 1939 Member of the Bureau of MMR). In Feb.-March 1935 authorized KSK in g. Stalin (now Donetsk). After the assassination of SM. Kirov and the ensuing clean Party and administrative cadres Ascension in 1935 was transferred to Leningrad, where he was appointed chairman of the Urban Planning Committee. Simultaneously, in June-Nov. 1937 - Deputy. prev. Leningrad gorsipolkoma. Take off his dizzying career began in 1937, when during Yezhov purges lost most of the economic leaders of the USSR. In November. 1937 Ascension, as an orthodox Stalinist, he was transferred to Moscow for the post of a Vice. State Planning Commission, with SNK, and in January. 1938, after the arrest of his early. V. I. Mezhlauk, headed by Planning Commission. Simultaneously April. 1939 to March 1941 Voznesensky was a Deputy. prev. SNK. In March 1939, elected a member of the BCP Central Committee (B), and 21.2.1941 introduced a candidate for membership in the Politburo.

At his suggestion, in the last prewar years had sharply increased the volume of capital investments in the defense industry in the east of the USSR. 10.3.1941 Ascension was the only 1 st Vice. prev. SNK, and after the start of the Great Patriotic War became chairman of the SNK I.V. Stalin, Voznesensky remained his chief assistant. to guide the country's economy. Only in 1942 was established the second office on 1 st Vice. prev. SNK (it took VM. Molotov). In Feb.. 1942 - Sept.. 1945 was a member of the National Defense. At the same time since Dec. 1942 to January. 1948 was before. State Planning Committee of the SNK (Council of Ministers) of the USSR. When Voznesenskjv Planning Commission has become one of the most important, if not the most important bodies of economic management. Fact Voznesensky became the dictator of the Soviet economy. In March 1946 with the establishment of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Ascension remained in office as a Deputy. prev. In 1946 he was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. 26.2.1947 transferred from candidates for membership in the Politburo. Simultaneously January. 1948 was before. State Planning Committee of the USSR. Author of the book "The War Economy of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War (Moscow, 1947). In 1949, public security organs began organizing the largest series of political processes in post-war period - a so-called. "Leningrad Affair". Ascension was to be a key figure falsified MGB conspiracy to overthrow the Soviet power and the separation of Russia from the Soviet Union, making the capital of the new state Leningrad. 7/3/1949 Voznesensky was removed from the Politburo. 27/10/1949 Arrested. Results for "Leningrad case" were repressed more than 2000 Party officials, many of whom held high positions, including MI. Rodionov. AA. Kuznetsov, P.S. Popkov, YA.F. Kapustin, PG. Lazutin and others in March 1949, Ascension was removed from public office and dismissed from the Politburo, and in Sept.. 1949 - from the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). 27.10.1949 He was arrested. The court found guilty and Ascension 1/10/1950 sentenced to death. Shot. There were also repressed his brother AA. Voznesensky and sister MA. Ascension, which had occupied the post of Secretary of the Kuibyshev district committee of the CPSU (b) in Leningrad. In 1954, rehabilitated in 1988 and restored in the party.

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Ascension Nikolai, photo, biography
Ascension Nikolai, photo, biography Ascension Nikolai  The Party and statesman, academician of the USSR, photo, biography
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