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Gendelman Tcherniakov

( barrister)

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Biography Gendelman Tcherniakov
Gendelman Mikhail Yakovlevich (1881, Kiev - October 3. 1938). Barrister. Eser since 1902. March 1, 1917 elected to the executive committee of the executive committee Mosk. Council RD (March 13, discontinued). March 5 at the plenary session of the Moscow. RD Council elected to the presidium, introduced to the editorial board of Izvestia Moscow. Council RD ". March 16 made a report at the plenum of the Council on negotiations with the chairman of the Moscow Trade and Industry Committee S.N. Tretyakov in Moscow on the introduction of 8-hour. working day, for which he fought Council. March 18,. ta - April 20. tsp. Moscow K-ta societies, org-tions. March 21 at the plenum of the Council debated the issue of democratization of state. government, spoke out against the majority, demanded the dissolution of Gore. City Council and the transfer of households. K-functions that public org-tions. Called for re-election sinks. Gore. thoughts on the Dem. basis. March 22 at the 3rd Moscow. Conf. Socialist elected member of. Gore. to-ta party. March 25 made a report on the attitude to time. pr-woo at a joint meeting of the Soviets RNC, adhered to the formula "to put pressure on Prospect in that it continue to do the will of the people" (Primer AY. Moscow, 1917, Moscow, 1976 with. 131).

Member Vseros. meetings of the Boards ROD (March 29 - April 3.) delivered on April 1. against the participation of the roar. democracy during. PR-ve and against the seizure of power by the working class: "The danger of the counter-tion is that, if we take over those tasks, with the f-eq we fail, and if we do not fulfill those tasks, to-rye is really put to the us "(" The Revolution of 1917, T, 1,. 161). On April 11. tsp. Executive Committee of Moscow. Council RD, entered the labor commission. May 25 - June 4 cases. 3rd Congress of the AKP, was elected member of. CC, as well as the Commission - working on the issue, convening the inaugural. Coll., Nonresident. In early. June Party Central Committee introduced Gendelman to the commission for inaugural. Coll., The function to-swarm was to conduct the election campaign, instructing local org-tions, compiling lists, provision of lit-swarm. 3-24 June Affairs. 1-st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC, has been elected member of. VTsIK. June 24 at a meeting of the Central Executive Committee elected by the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee SR. June 25 elected "transparent washes. Gore. Duma.

Affairs. 2-nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC (25-27 oct.) delivered a speech on the fraction of SR, . urged to give up settling disputes by force of arms, . Bolsheviks accused of conspiracy, . proposed a new pr of, . based on all segments of the population, . but without the Bolsheviks declared incompetence of Congress, . urged delegates to protest to leave the meeting,
. October 29. participated in the first meeting of representatives of Socialist. parties and office-tions, convened Vikzhel. Supported the proposal to establish a uniform Sots. Prospect Island "without Bolsheviks. October 31. the gas. "It's people" publ. Article. "Usurpers demagogues (who the Bolsheviks-Leninists?". 6 Nov.. at a meeting of sinks. Gore. City Council proposed a resolution to the swarm-called "all the powers of the great democracy of Russia not to recognize the power invaders, organize and be on guard ... take the country's destiny into their own hands "(Rev-tion 1917". t. 6,. 92). Delegate 4-th All-Russia Emergency. Socialist congress (26 Nov.-5 December.), elected member of. Party Central Committee, December 8-tsp. Bureau (Bureau) CC. 7-m by the party to nominate candidates for election to the Constituent Assembly and was elected a member (by Ryazan. izbirat. District).

In late. December. 1917 - beginning. January. 1918 tsp. Bureau of the bureau of the Right SRs in the inaugural. Coll. January 3. participated in the Joint. meeting of the Central Committee of the AKP, the Bureau of its faction in the inaugural. Coll. and representatives of the Union defense of the Motherland and Roar-tion, where it was a question about the demonstration, a demonstration of the democratic forces on January 5. The meeting of the Constituent Assembly (5 January), the disbanded Soviet pravitelstvom. After the 8 th of the AKP (May) moved to Samara. He continued his active struggle against Soviet power.

In 1921-1922 he served on remand in the case Butyrskaya Right SRs. September 5, 1921, together with other members of the old Central Committee sent a letter to the CC, . chosen 10-m by the Party, . - "And out of prison, they continued to, . as members of the Central, . his guiding influence "(" An indictment in the case of [the Central Committee and individual members of other org-tions] Party with the-r ", . M., . 1922, . with,
. 51). Accused "in relations with allied missions, the military organization of work and relations with the Whites". August 7, 1922 the Supreme Revolutionary Tribunal sentenced to death (suspended), the court stated: "And the dead and the living we are dangerous to you" ( "The past. East. almanac in. 2, Moscow, 1990,. 45); August 8 Bureau of the Central Executive Committee has suspended execution of sentence. January 14, 1924 Bureau of the CEC of the USSR was replaced this sentence with imprisonment for 5 years. October 3, 1938 the Supreme Court of the USSR sentenced to death. Rehabilitated in 1989.

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Gendelman Tcherniakov, photo, biography
Gendelman Tcherniakov, photo, biography Gendelman Tcherniakov  barrister, photo, biography
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