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Goloshchekin Philip Isaevich

( The Party leader)

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Biography Goloshchekin Philip Isaevich
photo Goloshchekin Philip Isaevich
Goloshchekin Philip (cf.. name Shai) Isayevich (26 February 1876, Mr.. Captive Vitebsk - October 28, 1941, settlement. Barbosa Kuibyshev region).. From the family contractor. After graduating from dental school, worked as a dental technician. Tsp. RSDLP since 1903, the Bolshevik. Conducted roar. work in St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, Sestroretsk, Moscow, etc.. cities. Member of the Revolution of 1905-1907. In 1906, a member of the PC in 1909, a member of the MK RSDLP. In 1909 he was arrested and exiled to Narymsky Territory, in 1910 ran. In 1912, the 6-th (Prague) conference RSDLP elected a member of the CC and its Russian office. In 1913, again arrested and deported to Turukhansk edge.

After the February Revolution of 1917, the representative of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Petersburg Committee, delegate of the 7 th (April) conference RSDLP (b). In May, NM. Sverdlov, sending Goloshekin to the Urals, reported to the local Bolsheviks: "To you went to the Urals t. Philippe ... Man ... very energetic, with the correct line "(" Lenin's Guard Urals, Sverdlovsk, 1967. with. 196). Member and secretary. Perm. to-ta RSDLP (b), then a member and secretary. Region. to-ta. Affairs. 6 th Party Congress (b) (2 July - 3 August). Was a member of Perm., Then Ekaterinburg. Soviets, a member of the executive committee of the Ural region. Council. Shaped and led by Kp. Guard.

In middle. October. as cases. 2-nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets RNC arrived in Petrograd. He is known in Petrograd. WRC, participated in the October. armament. Restore. At the 2 nd Congress of Soviets elected member of the RNC. VTsIK. Participated in negotiations with the All Vikzhel. Goloshchekin recalled that before his departure to the Urals VI. Lenin focused on delay in convening and subsequent dispersal of inaugural. Coll. (cm. "From February to October, Moscow, 1957,. 112-14). On arrival in Nov.. in Ekaterinburg sought to abolish created here united K-Nar ta. The authorities of the representatives of a number of Socialist. parties. Participated in the elimination of the former local state. structures. Since December. member of Ekaterinburg, to-ta RSDLP (b).

In January 1918 Commissioner of Justice of the Urals, from Feb.. Commissioner Region. military office, member. regional party committee and Region. Council. Oppose the conclusion of the Brest peace, changing the position on this issue at the 7 th Congress of the RCP (b) (March), delegate to-cerned was. Appointed in May, military. Commissioner Ural IN, Goloshchekin formed krasnogv. and krasnoarm, parts and units for combat troops Ataman AI. Dutova, then the rebels Czechs, Whites. However, before. Executive Committee Uralsoveta A.G. Beloborodov played a decisive role in the translation of the royal family from Tobolsk to Ekaterinburg and its subsequent execution. Member of the Civil. War. Then at the party. and owls. work. Arrested Oct. 15, 1939 at the direction L.P. Beria was shot on Oct. 28, 1941 based on the findings, approved by the Deputy. Commissar ext. Affairs and the Prosecutor of the USSR. Rehabilitated in 1961.

Used materials I.F article. Plotnikova in the book.: Politicians Russia 1917. Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 1993

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. "Victim" Stalin
. Philippe Goloshchekin Isaevich (real name - Shai Itsovich-Isakovich) (26.2.1876, Nevel Vitebsk - 18.10.1941, p Barbosa Kuibyshev region), party activist
. Son contractor. Educated in the Vitebsk school (1902) and dental school (1903). Dentist. In 1903 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Conducted party work in different cities, was repeatedly arrested for his revolutionary work. Since 1906 member of the Petersburg Committee, since 1907 the organizers and a member of the Executive Committee of the Petersburg RSDLP. From 1909 he worked in the Moscow Committee RSDLP. In 1909, exiled to Narymsky region, fled to Moscow. In 1912 elected a member of RSDLP. After the new arrest and exile to Tobolsk region in 1913 ran. Again arrested and sent to Turukhansk region where released on February Revolution. Personal friend YA.M. Sverdlov. In 1917, the representative of the Central Committee of the Petrograd Committee RSDLP (b), the secretary of Party Committee of the Perm. Since December. 1917 members Ekaterinburg Committee RSDLP (b), the Commissioner for Military Affairs Council of Yekaterinburg. Formed and commanded the Red Guards. Since January. 1918 Commissioner of Justice of the Urals, from Feb.. Urals regional commissar, a member of the Ural Regional Committee RSDLP (b) and the Regional Council. (May 1918 Commissioner of the Ural Military District. However, before. Uralsovet. A.G. Beloborodov played a decisive role (on the instructions of VI. Lenin and Sverdlov) in the murder of the family of Nicholas II and other members of the imperial family who were on the territory controlled by Uralsovetu. Odnovremennovsent. 1918 - January 1919 the chief political commissar 3rd Army, led the political work not only in military units, but also among the population in areas occupied by the army. One of the organizers of the Red Terror in the Urals, whose victims become not only the supporters of the White armies and just people of the origin. Since December. 1918 Sibbyuro member of the RCP (B.) and the military commissar of the Ural Military District. At the VIII Congress of the RCP (b) belonged to the "Military Opposition", considers t.ch. necessary to preserve the election of officers in the army and denied the need for discipline in the revolutionary army. In April-June 1919 a member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Turkestan army. Since August 1919 before. Chelyabinsk Provincial Revolutionary Committee. In October, 1919 - May 1920 Turkkomissii member of the Central Executive Committee and SNK of the RSFSR. In the 1922-1925 executive committee chairman of Samara and the Samara Provincial Committee of the RCP (b). Since October. 1924 Secretary of the Kazakh Regional Committee of the RCP (b). Conducted the collectivization and dekulakisation in Kazakhstan, which was accompanied by huge losses in 1924 a candidate member in 1927-34 a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). Since 1933 the chief arbiter at SNK. 15/10/1939 Arrested. Shot on the basis of conclusions adopted by the deputy. Commissar of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor of the USSR. In 1961, rehabilitated.

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Goloshchekin Philip Isaevich, photo, biography
Goloshchekin Philip Isaevich, photo, biography Goloshchekin Philip Isaevich  The Party leader, photo, biography
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