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Dekanozov Vladimir

( One of the leaders of the State Security, the Commissioner of the State Security 3rd Rank)

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Biography Dekanozov Vladimir
Dekanozov Vladimir (June 1898, Baku - 23.12.1953, Moscow), one of the leaders of the State Security, the Commissioner of the State Security 3rd Rank (2/12/1938). The son of an employee. He studied at the medical faculties of universities in Saratov and Baku. In 1918, joined the Red Army in May 1920 - in the RCP (B.). In 1918, for underground work in Baku, in 1919, worked in the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, and then to the oil companies. In June 1921 transferred to the bodies authorized by the Cheka of the Anti-Gang Azerbaijan Cheka. Here he became friendly with L.P. Beria, and then continuously used his patronage. From 1921 he held leading positions in Azerbaijan. Georgian and Transcaucasian Cheka. In July-October 1927 Instructor in charge of the CC CP (b) Georgia. On 28.1.1928 beginning. 2-th branch of the Secret Department of the embassy of the OGPU on ZSFSR, beginning with 21.2.1929. Economic Department of the GPU Georgia, since 1931, the embassy of the OGPU and the GPU ZSFSR ZSFSR. From 26/12/1931 Secretary of the CC CP (b) of Georgia on Transport and Supply. From 27.2.1934 to October. 1936 transferred to the post of Head. Department of Soviet trade CC CP (b) Georgia. In August. 1936 Dekanozov was transferred to the CPC, Georgia, where he became People's Commissar of the food industry and 21.3.1937 at the same time more and before. State Planning Commission and deputy. prev SNK Georgia. Was a trusted man of Beria. In 1937-50 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Following the appointment of Beria's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR in November. 1938 caused them to Moscow and appointed beginning 2/12/1938. 3rd (counterintelligence) and 5-th (intelligence) division of the Main Directorate of State Security (GUGB) NKVD, and 17/12/1938 was also Deputy. early. GUGB, the closest assistant. Beria NKVD apparatus for cleaning of nominees NI. Yezhov. directed purges in the army, already weakened by arrests 1937-38 4.5.1939 Dekanozov left the bodies and transferred to deputy. Commissar of the People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, where just change its foreign policy in favor of an alliance with Germany and the escalation plan to capture the Baltic. In 1939 a candidate member in 1941-52 a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). Summer of 1940 aimed to accede to Soviet Lithuania, which has launched a campaign of arrests "anti-Soviet elements". In November. 1940, while remaining vice. Commissar, has been appointed to the crucial post of ambassador to Germany. Not able to assess the situation and remained in the dark about plans for a conquest. Hitler. Stay here until 22/6/1941, when Germany began the war with the USSR. Upon returning to the Soviet Union nevertheless retained his post, and 14.6.1943 received even a rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador. 19/3/1947 Dekanozov finally removed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and appointed Deputy 29/9/1947. early. General Directorate of Soviet property abroad at the Council of Ministers of the USSR. 29.9.1949, he again left out of work and only received a minor post 24/6/1952 member radioveshaniya the Council of Ministers of the USSR. After the death of I.V. Stalin and Beria, the temporary elevation of the post held since 10.4.1953 Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Georgian SSR. After the fall of Beria arrested on 30.6.1953. Special session of the Supreme Judicial Court of the USSR 23/12/1953 sentenced to death. Shot.

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Dekanozov Vladimir, photo, biography
Dekanozov Vladimir, photo, biography Dekanozov Vladimir  One of the leaders of the State Security, the Commissioner of the State Security 3rd Rank, photo, biography
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