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Ezhov Sergey Osipovich

( The Party leader)

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Biography Ezhov Sergey Osipovich
photo Ezhov Sergey Osipovich
Ezhov (cf.. Pham. Tsederbaum) Sergey Osipovich (Aug. 15. 1879, Odessa, - 25 Feb.. 1939, Moscow). From the family servant Eng. Of the Society of shipping and trade, brother YU.O. Martov. He graduated from high school. In 1898 entered the St. Petersburg. un-t, but was soon arrested. In a-d. movement since 1896: Member of. In 1898 one of the hands. Petersburg. "Union's struggle for liberation of the working class". Been working to unite Iskrovites etc.. S. d'. St. Petersburg. Arranges the transport of "Iskra" in Russia. Repeatedly arrested. During the Revolution of 1905-1907 member of the Menshevik press, in 1906 tsp. RSDLP. During the reaction of "liquidator". One of the authors Menshevik. Publication Society. movement in Russia in the early. XX century. "(T. 1-5, P., 1900-14). He worked in the trade unions, bodies of workers insurance, maintaining connection with the not easy. S. d'. org-tion. In 1911-1912 edited a number of Menshevik. Publications. In 1911-1916 served in the hands of St. Petersburg. "Action Team" Mensheviks. During the 1-st world. war "centrist."
After the February. Revolution of 1917 first "centrist", and then the Menshevik Internationalist. Elected member of. Executive Committee of Moscow. Council RD. March 17 meeting of the Mensheviks in Moscow adopted a resolution on the report Ezhova: "... Eng. roar-tion committed vsenar. gust ... The counter-tion continues to face her greatest ills .- Remaining class. autonomy in this case, the roar. construction, the Social Democrats together with the protection of the interests of the working class aims to protect the polit. and social interests, etc.. Dem. population to the extent to which those interests do not conflict with the interests of the working class and the overall economical. and watered. development of the country "(" Forward ", 1917, 18 March).

On April 28. Officer gas. "Power to the People". 30 April obschegor. Conf. Mensheviks was against participation in the coalition. pr-ve. At Vseros. Conf. elected member of the Mensheviks. OK RSDLP (m). May 13 tsp. Bureau OK RSDLP (m). May 26 publ. "Letter to the Editor" gas. "People Power" in to-rum refused to cooperate, tk. Newspaper publishes articles GV. Plekhanov and AP Alexinsky inciting shovinistich. feelings Rus. Word "and" Unity ". Affairs. Kutuzovsky. Party Congress (August), elected member of. RSDLP (o). Among the supporters of Martov said the preservation of a right to criticize the decisions of the Party and its centers, while remaining in one org-tion with defencists ". Member of a fractional Center, Bureau of the Menshevik-Internationalists, in Nov.. signed a "Statement" 11 Menshevik Internationalists - members and candidates of the Party Central Committee criticized the policy of the Party. Hand-va - fluctuations, the transformation in the late recorder of events, involving RSDLP in coalition with the Provisional. pr-tion, adherence to the formal unity of the party ( "Forward". 1917 Nov 19). Affairs. Exceedingly. Party Congress (o) (November-December), elected member of. CC. Since December. Comrade. prev. Vseros. Council workers' co, red. w. Tholos Working Cooperation.

In the book. "Working co-operatives and Socialism" (Moscow, 1918) linked the success of "a social. coup "with the ability of the working class" to take over the superintendence all societies, . x-tion - about-from-tion of all necessary consumer goods and cars, . distribution of products among the population ... "with the preparation of his" self-management, . concerted action of its numerous,
. units (with. 10). Considered COOP. movement of one of the Chapter. Forms preparation of the working class to address these problems. "Worker Cooperative, a worker trade union, working class party - these are the three forces, the continuous and proper development that will lead mankind to socialism. - Workers' cooperatives, united among themselves, are the organization necessary for the triumph of socialism "(ibid.. with. 19).

Principled opponent of immigration, in 1922-23 refused to go abroad. Since 1922 it has repeatedly been subjected to reprisals for alleged anti-owls. activities. 25 Feb.. 1939 Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR sentenced to death and on the same day shot. Fully rehabilitated in accordance with the Decree of the President of the USSR on August 13. 1990.

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Ezhov Sergey Osipovich, photo, biography
Ezhov Sergey Osipovich, photo, biography Ezhov Sergey Osipovich  The Party leader, photo, biography
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