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Zazubrin Vladimir Yakovlevich

( Russian writer)

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Biography Zazubrin Vladimir Yakovlevich
photo Zazubrin Vladimir Yakovlevich
Zazubrin (teeth) Vladimir (1895-1938) - Russian writer. Born in Penza, June 6, 1895 in the family of a railroad employee. The father of the writer Yakov Zubtsov actively participated in the events of the first Russian revolution, and was even expelled in 1907 from Penza in Syzran under strict police surveillance. Therefore, from childhood Zubtsov had a real idea of the revolutionary activity. At the end of 1912, as a student grade Syzran real school, he became the organizer of an illegal student magazine "Echoes". A year later establishes a connection with Syzransky Social Democrats, has become one of the leaders of the local Bolsheviks. In 1915 Zubtsova excluded from the last class of a secondary school and arrested. In late 1916 Syzransky Committee RSDLP (b), alert the frequent arrest of their comrades, sent B. Zubtsova "work" in the secret police in order to prevent further failures. Until March 1917, fulfilling the directive committee, V. Zubtsov served in the Gendarmerie Office. In August 1917 W. Zubtsov enlisted in the army and turns in Pavlovsky cadet school, where is adjacent to the Revolutionary Committee instituted. October events in Petrograd met. Since February 1918 he was again in Syzran. Home rebellion White Czechs and the establishment of power Ufa directory lead him as "a former cadet" in the Orenburg military school, which will soon be evacuated in Irkutsk. In June 1919, at the end of the school Zubkov appointed commander of a platoon of 15 th Mikhailovsky small volunteer regiment, consisting of workers Permian plants. Lieutenant Zubtsov managed to convince the officers and soldiers of his platoon and adjacent to the side of the red. Taking with an artillery gun, they forced their way through the outposts and joined taseevskim guerrillas, with whom Zubov is a city Kansk. In Kansk he is releasing the newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda. It starts with a literary work of Vladimir notch.
From his works in the first place should be called a novel-chronicle 'Two Worlds' (1921) about the defeat of Kolchak. Understanding the tragic brutality of the revolution in the novel 'Sliver' (1923, published 1989). December 6, 1938 the writer was shot. Rehabilitated posthumously.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

During training in Syzran realschule joined RSDLP (b), took an active part in its work. But the tendency to adventurism pushed Zubtsova to cooperate with the secret police and led, eventually, the dissolution of the city party committee.

In 1916, Mr.. for revolutionary propaganda was arrested. During the civil war mobilized Kolchak, in November 1918. defected to the Red Army. One of the founders and leaders of the Union of Writers Simbirsk (1926-28), secretary of the magazine 'Simbirsk lights' (1923-1928). In 1928, invited by M. Gorky to Moscow to work in the State Publishing House and the journal 'collective farmer'.

In. Zazubrin wrote a novel, a chronicle of 'Two Worlds' (1921) about the defeat of Kolchak - memories of events party. Particularly successful in the author crowd scenes, imbued with romantic fervor of the revolutionary struggle. Public value 'two worlds' commended VI. Lenin, AV. Lunacharsky and M. Bitter. Subsequent works - the novel 'Pale truth' and 'Hostel' (both - 1923).

Zazubrin long cherished idea of the epic trilogy about the revival and flowering of culture peoples of Siberia. Part of the trilogy was a novel 'Mountain' (1933), dedicated to the construction of the first agricultural communes. Peru belongs to the writer and screenplay 'Red Gas' (1924), 'Little House on Lake Baikal' (1926), memories of M. Gorky 'Last Days' (1936). In the years of Stalin's personality cult was illegally repressed. He was posthumously rehabilitated.

. Brief biography from the website:

. http://www.lib.syzran.ru/personaliy/pers_Z, I / Zazubrin.htm

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Vladimir Yakovlevich Zazubrin (teeth) was born on June 6 (25 May) 1895 in the settlement Zavoronezh in Tambov (now with
. Zavoronezhskoe Michurinsky region of Tambov region) in a large hard-working family.

His father, Yakov Zubtsova - the roots of the peasant, but he graduated from City College and worked on the railway. Mother-Vera - from working-class family, was engaged in the home, children. Education it was - 3 of primary school.

Soon the family moved to Penza. Of the six children, four died early. Survived Vladimir with her sister Natalia. Here is a gifted boy (in the first nine months of a well-spoken, written four years) graduated from primary school and enrolled in the gymnasium. His study of parents do not worry, but to finish high school he did not have. Father, for taking part in the revolutionary events of 1905, exiled to the city of Syzran on the Volga. In 1907 she moved to him and the whole family. Vladimir enrolled in a real school. He grew, matured. Romantic revolutionary struggle and was fascinated by a young man of seventeen years he became its first thorny path. Together with a friend in the college, they emit an illegal hand-written journal "Echoes". In eighteen - had joined the Bolsheviks Syzran. Helps to publish and distribute leaflets, some of them kept at home.

At the same time, he has an uncontrollable urge to pen ... The first story "Poison Flower" did not miss censorship. And soon the boy expelled from school - "rebel"! Collaborates with the weekly "Dawn Volga". After the defeat of the Bolshevik organization Syzran, and revives her with his friends.

In April 1915 - the first arrest. Prison. Crude camera - a loner. But the news from outside came the, and here, in the dark dungeons. Thus, on the instructions Syzran RSDLP Committee, he introduced in the tsarist secret police. Writes a formal petition and becomes the "agent" gendarmerie offices to find out where the leak is. This is a difficult but very important task was performed. However, the prison greatly undermined his health, Vladimir long been ill, though, and continued underground work.

A year later he became one of the leaders of the local Bolshevik committee. At the beginning of the seventeenth year of the young puffin arrested again. Now the power of the Provisional Government. And in May of that year, once again falls into the torture chamber: for agitation among the workers. Zubtsov appears in Simbirsk provincial prison, which opened the door to freedom after the formidable demands of the workers. The summer of 1917 to mobilize the army and sent to the Pavlovsk Military School in St. Petersburg.

October Revolution, Vladimir Yakovlevich met as their own, a welcome sister ... From November 1917 to February 1918 he was secretary of the State Bank Commissioner. Then again, Volga, Syzran. Were published in local newspapers, working with the Kazan newspaper "The Banner of the Revolution" and begins to write a novel about the Bolsheviks, about the revolutionary underground. But in the spring for him once again come to serious road test.

After the counter-revolutionary rebellion of several thousand Czechoslovak Corps, formed from former prisoners of war, and speeches Whites, the Soviet government from the Volga to the Pacific Ocean has been eliminated. Vladimir Zubtsova, as a former cadet, mobilize the white army and sent to the Orenburg military school, which was evacuated to the Irkutstk. After a ten-month study of Second Lieutenant Zubtsova determine in Omsk, in the district headquarters, and from there to fight guerrillas. So the young officer, a platoon commander of 15 Infantry Volunteer Regiment - Vladimir Yakovlevich Zubtsov - was on the Siberian soil. First, Krasnoyarsk, and then Kansk and Taseevsky front ...

Here, in one of the garrisons, he spends agitation among the soldiers of the former workers from Perm. In October 1919 half-company (two training platoon), led Zubtsova, with weapons in hand breaks through the firing positions and went to taseevskim guerrillas, taking with him a machine gun and ammunition. In Taseyev the headquarters of the rebels and Zubtsov began to work in propaganda department at the Army Military Council of the North-Kan front in the partisan newspaper. He is a frequent speaker at rallies - is a born speaker. As a military specialist teaches courses Red commanders, preparing for a guerrilla army. Also taking part in combat operations against the guerrillas Kolchak and the Czechs

. At the end of 1919, he, . already being in Kansk, . ill with typhus, . and after his recovery worked in the county newspaper of the Revolutionary Committee and ukoma party "Red Star", . while teaching at party schools, . working in the political department of the First Division of the Siberian, . as well as lecturing Kansky teachers and speaking to the Red Army,

In 1920, Vladimir (as he then was only twenty-five years!) Made the most important thing in his life: the Krasnoyarsk on the ground, in the city Kansk, he wrote the novel "Two Worlds". Create an incredible picture of rampant counter-revolution: the Czechs and the massacre of peasants Kolchak. He showed a formidable wave - the uprising of the people against their enemies - the interventionists and the Whites.

At the end of this year Zubtsov was drafted into the Red Army and, as a political worker, sent to the Irkutsk. It was published novel Puarmom-5-5-nd Political Department of the Red Army, where he edited the newspaper "Red arrows". "Two Worlds" - a great epic canvas. This was the first Soviet novel and not casual its author took the pseudonym "Vladimir Zazubrin". Many bloody burrs left on his heart after what he saw and experienced on the terrible roads of the Civil War ... This novel compared with the stuffed shell fired Puarmom-5. The "two worlds" written at the time: "Pages from the novel and the smoke smell blood - the blood has not dried, the smoke still scattered".

In companies, regiments and divisions of the young Red Army, the book was read into holes. Her political workers have adopted. Farmers in remote Siberian villages, know the horrors of Kolchak, read "Two Worlds" at meetings ...

About the novel praised Maxim Gorky. VI. Lenin on the "two worlds" said: "It is a terrible, terrible book, of course, not novel, but good, need a book". The popularity of "Two Worlds" was high: during the life of the author's book published in the light of ten times!

In 1922, Vladimir Zazubrin demobilized from the Red Army and settled in Kansk. It wrote the story "Pale Truth", "Hostel" and the unique product of the revolution, the Chekists - "Sliver", later extending it to novel.

In 1923, the gifted writer sent to Novonikolaevsk (now Novosibirsk), where he labored editor of "Siberian Lights". In addition, Vladimir Yakovlevich was the organizer and leader of the Siberian Union of Writers. He was called "Pestunov Siberian Literature. In this period of his life he really, as a bear cub - a nurse, teaches young writers wisdoms writer's skill. He said: "We need to write simply and wisely". And so he wrote novels, novellas, short stories, essays, satires, articles. During this period he created the story "Black Lightning", Essays "Neezzhenymi roads", "Game on a platter" and others.

Vladimir Zazubrin not only a talented writer, but also a gifted critic and essayist. This was clearly evident under-feuilleton "Literary furs".

In 1928 the writer was arranged this persecution. He dismisses the editor of the Siberian fires and leaders of the Siberian Union of Writers. Expelled from the party. But his spirit was not broken. In the early 30's he created a novel "Mountains" on the dramatic events in the Altai, unfolded in the 20 years - the destruction of the gang, led by the White Guard officer, as well as bear hunting and the "third revolution"-collectivization.

Zazubrin was an avid hunter. Working on a novel five times to gather material to Altai. Participated in the bear hunt, and even personally filled up a huge beast.

Talent notch greatly appreciated Maxim Gorky. Provide him with all the support.

From 1934 to 1936 years Vladimir Yakovlevich works as an editor of literary and artistic division of the capital of "collective farmer". He was a delegate to the First All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers.

Bright star in the Russian literary horizon flashed the name of Vladimir notch - and burned ...

Talents in Russia usually die early: Pushkin, Lermontov, Yesenin ... This is our rock.

In 1937, during Stalin's repressions, Vladimir Yakovlevich and his wife, Barbara Prokopievna were arrested by the NKVD. "Case" barb was totally false. Nevertheless, 27 September 1937 a talented writer, was shot. Were killed and many manuscripts, among them the novel "Sliver".

In 1942, the margin of the Great Patriotic killed the only son of the writer Igor.

Only in the 50 years the name of Vladimir notch was returned to the people.

It has been many decades since the death of a talented writer, but the fires burning them in the novels of "Two Worlds" and "Mountains" - a long time will shine in the darkness ...

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Zazubrin Vladimir Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Zazubrin Vladimir Yakovlevich, photo, biography Zazubrin Vladimir Yakovlevich  Russian writer, photo, biography
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