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Zakovsky Leonid

( One of the leaders of state security. State Security Commissioner of rank 1)

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Biography Zakovsky Leonid
Zakovsky Leonid Mikhailovich (real name - Henry Ernestovich Shtubis) (1894, chateau Rudbarzhi Kurland province - 29.8.1938), one of the leaders of the state security. State Security Commissioner of rank 1 (26.1 1.1935). The son of a forester. He graduated from Grade 2 Libau city college. He worked in the copper-tin shops, in 1912 sailed as cabin boy and a fireman on the line Libau - New York. In 1913 joined RSDLP. Bolshevik. Repeatedly arrested. In 1914, exiled to Olonets province. Since January. 1917, he lived in Petrograd, shied away from mobilization. Active participant events in 1917. Vokt. 1917 with a detachment of sailors participated in the seizure of the telephone exchange (Petrograd). Since the establishment of the Cheka in December. 1917 as first scout, and soon the beginning. Intelligence and commander of the Cheka. In March 1918 the special plenipotentiary of the Presidium of the Cheka in the West, Southern and Eastern Fronts. He headed the group of special purpose, carried out the suppression of uprisings in Astrakhan, Saratov, Kazan and other areas. Later - early. Special Section of the Caspian-Caucasian Front, early. Publicity department of the Moscow Cheka. In 1921-25 before. Podolsky and Odessa provincial offices of the GPU, the GPU authorized Ukraine Moldova. From 6.2.1926 the plenipotentiary representative of the OGPU in Siberia and the beginning. Special Section of the Siberian Military District. In 1928, during his stay I.V. Stalin in Siberia to ensure their safety. On 10.4.1932 the plenipotentiary representative of the OGPU in Belarus and the early. Special Department of the Belarusian Military District. On 15.7.1934 the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. Shortly after the murder of SM. Kirov 3. 10.12.1934 was appointed early. NKVD Administration in Leningrad region. The directive of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) of 9/2/1936 stated that "our objective is the elimination of organs without the rest of the Trotsky-Zinoviev underground". Unfolded in an unprecedented terror, surpassing even "events" G.E. Zinoviev. Only 28 days in January-March 1935 were "removed" from Leningrad II 072 man "former". Under his leadership, make arrests, and then shooting party and economic elite. At the same time has been arrested many more representatives of the "exploiting classes". One of the closest associates NI. Yezhov. For a number of memories, namely 3. belongs to the phrase: "Hit me in the hands of Karl Marx, he would have immediately confessed. that was an agent of Bismarck ". Total is estimated in Leningrad in 1934-38 were shot about 45 thousand people. Speaking 10.6.1937 at the Leningrad Oblast Party Conference, said: "We must destroy the enemy before the end. And we will destroy him ". Since 1937 Member of) Council of the USSR. On 19.1.1938 Deputy. Commissar of Internal Affairs and the beginning. NKVD Moscow region. 17.2.1938 in his office Stamp. Frinovsky poisoned chief of Soviet intelligence AA. Slutsky. 28/3/1938 withdrawn early post. Capital NKVD, and April 16. - From the post of Deputy. Commissar and 4 days later was appointed to a decrease in early. construction of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric NKVD. In this position, he was arrested on 30.4.1938. During the investigation found guilty. that "an agent of Germany and Polish intelligence services, and also served pravotrotskistskuyu organization, but the trial had recanted his testimony. 29/08/1938 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1987, recognized that "the reason for the revision of the criminal case Zakovsky not available.

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Zakovsky Leonid, photo, biography
Zakovsky Leonid, photo, biography Zakovsky Leonid  One of the leaders of state security. State Security Commissioner of rank 1, photo, biography
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